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UKNasir IqbalLondon

It is time for humanity to embrace science, reason explore our vast universe, expand our knowledge and become gods through merging with our technology rather than cling to faith, worship, ignorance and resulting cruelty and misery which have afflicted the species for millennia.

UKJake BrauerTadworth

I would like to join out of solidarity with the ex-Muslim community in the UK. I myself am an ex Christian but was never ostracised or attacked physically or verbally for being an apostate. I am an advocate of democracy and progressive atheism and can offer some of my time to help your cause.

UKmale malebradford

i am a ex muslim and l would like to join a community that represent my thoughts

InternationalSeyed Jamal HosseiniGotenberg

Hello, I am an agnostic and anti-Islam. I want to be active with your group.

Salam man agnostick hastam va hamchenin eslam setiz dost daram dar yek groh faal basham

UKFarshid Aryan KhesalLondon

The Islamic regime of my country, Iran, does not recognize people like me who are atheist and agnostics. They are subject to the death penalty. Atheists, agnostics and secular humanists in Iran are deprived of freedom of speech. They cannot express their beliefs. Doing that, they will be arrested and may be executed for heresy. The constitution and regulations of the Islamic regime of Iran is obviously biased towards Shias. There are no any representatives for atheist, agnostics and secular humanists in the parliament. On top of that, there are not any free and private medium of the mass media. All of them are governmental and under the control of religious regime.
Evolution should not be considered just for the living creatures, but human societies have been evolving during the history. The history can prove that as agricultural revolution, industrial revolution and urbanization have been inevitable phenomena, globalization will occur in a not too far future as well. The more advance in technology, the more facilities for communication, trade and relationship between people, companies and governments across the globe.
Despite the fact that we are living in a culturally and ethnically diverse world, globalization is gradually forming a worldwide melting pot in which people have to live, work and communicate with others from different ethnic and religious backgrounds more than any time before. For such an overwhelming international integration, not only a common language and technologies are necessary, but also a common ethical framework approved by everyone is vital. For achieving that common ethical framework, we need to find some principals that are mutual between all the people around the world, which are humanity and human rights. It is commitment to humanity and human rights that generates an atmosphere of peace and admiration between all the members of our cosmopolitan societies. One of the fundamental necessities of creating and maintaining a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society is establishment of a secular governments.

UKZahid HussainSlough

i m atheist I don't believe on anything I belong to Muslim family background but as I observed Islam stop me to think on wider sense on any matter even any religion do the same and secondly I think Islam is not a complete religion as well. Just a fake face and fear created in the mind of people which I don't believe that is right

UKArman EsfandiariLondon

I am an agnostic-atheist (ex-muslim) British-Iranian dual national. I would like to join the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain because I support the manifesto and I would like to contribute to the efforts of CEMB. I also believe that I am part of an underrepresented minority living in Western Europe who need a strong and clear message.

UKSalwh AhmedBirmingham

I wand to join because I want to meet like minded people and discuss why others left Islam .

InternationalAdil DenDublin

I am supporting a secular world where people can express their ideas freely and openly.I am supporting a world free of myths, but based on scientific truth.I do believe that we are born free and we all have the right to live in a free world.

UKMd MohiuddinLondon

I'm an Ex-Muslim & Humanist, free thinking blogger and feminist too. I'm actively blogging against every social & religious injustice. I believe in humanism and I firmly stand for equal human rights for all. I think all religion are evil & as far my knowledge of Islam I know it's a barbaric and oppressive religion.

InternationalMehedi HasanDhaka

I am Mehedi Hasan. I am Bangladeshi. I am 19 years old. My family is Muslim. But I am Humanist. I Don't Believe any Religion .
So I have face many problem . Islamic terrorist are threatening me with death. So I am not safe in Bangladesh .

UKWafaa Al TameemiHuddersfield

I'm from Iraq I born in a Muslim family but many thing get my attention and after long search and thinking I got one conclusion is that the religions are made by human to control other human.

UKPouyan VistaLondon, ilford

I for combating violence, the defense of freedom and human rights, promotion of atheism, secularism and rationalism to join you

UKBilaal AzlamLondon

Curiousity, mostly. Also wanting to branch out and meet new people, perhaps those whom have a similar mindset.

UKSelene Sinagra

I'm 17 years old, and my whole life, I have lived in a misogynistic and abusive household - all possible due to the teachings of Islam.
By age 10 I knew what I was - an exmuslim.
In a few short months I will be leaving home for good, and I will need all the support I can find. I hope CEMB can help me.

Internationaljoey mosescairo

i saw a documentary movie on youtube for those who was killed for being ex muslims....
there is alot of them in egypt and they are my own friends
even me iam not a muslim any more but for me iam afraid that any one harm my friends
they cant speak in public or tell their family for sure..
i wanna help .

InternationalMaryam HusseinNieuwegein

So it all started when my bestfriend came out the closet (as an atheist) during Ramadan. Me still very religious was overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings. I thought that she was no longer my friend, however I was fine with it a few hours later. I strongly believe in classic liberalism, so she had all the freedom the chose what to believe. Later in the summervacation I started looking up atheist vs muslim videos and they were so interesting. I always had doubts/ questions, but the doubt was increasing because of the videos. I started talking with bff and she was really suprised and we were debating for hours. I came to realisation that I no longer am a muslim and it gave me a relieved feeling. 2 weeks later.. I told my mother and my siblings, my mom teared a little bit She was saying that I am confused, I don't know Islam,It's a phase etc. My brother was my second supporter and my little sister was just dissapointed. Then my dad came from Somalia and after a week I told him everything. He was quiet at first, but then said: You're my daughter I will always love you etc... And I was extremely happy, but then we made some promises which I now regret. I couldn't debate religion in the livingroom or with my siblings, I had to hide all of this, I couldn't go on other people their devices etc... And now in the present things are okay, but when school start I want to take off my hijab and that is a really big step. But idc I'm going to do it!

InternationalAlaa ZorkaneCasablanca

Hello ^_^ !
I am an Ex-Muslim who lives with my parents in Morocco-Casablanca, 17 years old and still in highschool, my parents are hard muslims and i am living hell u_u. I saw the website link on /r/atheism and thought maybe i would join you secretly till i get 18, then i can seek an asylum to UK or to another country if its possible. I just dunno what to do or how to do it ; i escaped the indoctrination 1 year ago when i first watched Cosmos Space time Odyssey and then got further watching Dr.Dawkins videos and more other things ; i got so interested in space and nature and after being a 6 months agnostic i finally reached Atheism. That my little story right there, the reason why i want to join CEMB is because i don't know what to do when i reach 18, its either walking with sheep ( They force me to pray and Muslim praying is so exhausting and time wasting / They also force me to starve in Ramadan ) or escaping. I really want as much information as possible to get ready for my Asylum.
I love you guys <3 Thanks !


My facts detection kit's engine core is logic, and its fuel is arguments and proofs. This is how I ride the waves of life, enjoying every moment of my continuous exploration of the secrets of this enigmatic and mysterious existence. This is how I ward off the probability of sewing reality's thread with needles that move as befits the frailty of my fears and desires. This is how the roosters crow in my world -unconcerned by what I set on my watch- to declare the sunrise with the one and only truth they know; sun rays. This is how I travel through the map of my existence, caring billions of questions, rather than answers; unperturbed by all of the indoctrinated beliefs, for that my life is too precious to be given up for the past of my fathers and ancestors, and every other man. So be my trip without a pre-drawn road.
I am not from any particular place; born in a specific one, yes, but I don't belong to it, for my only true identity is mankind. I am a star stuff and a way for the cosmos to know itself - as the great Carl Sagan once said-. Therefore, I will not let down the universe and I will live as a discoverer of my canvas and its colors, rather than a stupid and degraded consumer of ancient's paintings, even if they were splashed with gold or sacred water. Neither the brilliance of gold excites me nor the sanctity of waters scares me. My legs are not of clay nor roots of trees, thus Earth's land and all the planets attract me to be a traveler whose tools are rationality, logic, arguments, and proofs. With a map comprising the bulk of time and space, I see every person as a human being, with an appreciation for free thinkers who chose to fly, and sympathy for who chose to stay in the land of faith and ignorance, with unceasing wonder about people's different lives, their wars and all that brings them together, their biases and all the fears that hold them back, their traditions and myths and all of their conflicting religions. I have an endless appetite to explore the universe as it is, and to tackle more mysteries. Splashed with all colors, my guitar strings and what I make alone of melodies carry me to the land of my dreams. my playing cards and the art of illusion allow me to reflect reality with special mirrors. While my drawings are my gates to the depths of my own ocean, where the conscious and the unconscious get to meet. This is me, a free bird, a traveler, an explorer and an artist, who wants to contribute to the greatest mission of mankind: Science. Although I am currently in a tomb of reason and a prison of the mind, I am not a prisoner nor a jailer and I will never be.

UKForz KhanLondon

I do not belief in any such a thing as a god or god (s). I was born into a family who followed islam but never believed in creationist teachings. I would be happy to help any person in need of assistance if they are having troubles with their beliefs

UKObadiah HashenUnimportant

I remember reading some of the testament of the members here a few yrs ago when I was still a salafi and thinking "look at these cursed apostates, had they asked allah ya muqalib al qulub thabit qalbi 3ala dinak, they wouldn't be misguided", it really is fascinating to feel the change in emotion from complete hysteria to being rational.

like most others, never did I think the day would come when I would become an atheist.
It really was a difficult pill to swallow to finally realize that quran is just another man made piece of crap and it really can qualify for the worst book ever written, what's even more depressing is how 1.6 billion people cannot separate themselves from it ( 800 million are illiterate).

UKmansoor hussainlondon

I got some thought which has been bothering me from my early youth. whatever i am or we are doing with our religion is right or best for us or mankind. many questions come in my head and i was scared to ask anyone for answer or to discuss. maybe my lack of knowledge of islam is responsible for my trouble with our religion. over the years i tried to learn about religion as much possible. blind faith is not good, and when i look around me all the muslim people's are on blind faith. i havnt done namaz for almost 11years. i got muslim name by birth. i dont practice islam, to me first is human being. religion is created for the betterment of human not vice versa. my faith lies in whatver is good for human kind.
mansoor hussain

InternationalAbdelrahman SaeedCairo

I'm in a fucked up situation! I'm surrounded by very religious muslims that could hurt me if they suspected. My dad already think i left islam somehow & i have to fake prayers to not get caught, so there's no decent life for me here.

InternationalLuqman AdnanDeutschland

I was muslim but now ,i am agnostic . I want know truth and meeting new people, knowledge

UKSarah HoviEdinburgh

Brought up in Muslim faith - still have moderate Muslim friends and family abroad however as ex-Muslim in UK find this subject incredibly taboo. Find it hard to "come out" even to strangers, although still respect people within the religion. Looking to discuss impact of muslim upbringing on identity as an atheist in adulthood.