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  • Tommy Robinson is a reformed character, honest
    June 24, 2017
    Anyone know if what he said about the Birmingham mosque is legit?
  • To live as a Muslim or not
    June 24, 2017
    Been reading the thread intently. One question.So for you folks who got married. Just why though? Obviously question is for those who were consenting parties.
  • Taqqiyya
    June 24, 2017
    Quite seriously this is not the first time there was a foreign influence on Islamic trends. It's not surprising.
  • New Don in the SandLand or Saudi Arabia .
    June 24, 2017
    Your thread titles crack me up, yeezevee 
  • 13 killed in suicide attack on Quetta's Gulistan road
    June 24, 2017
    Poor souls, that's a lot of death that even someone following the news regularly may never hear about. Sadly, we live in a world where some lives don't matter.RIP everyone who lost their lives, I hope that the nightmare of those being frequently attac...
  • Taqqiyya
    June 24, 2017
    The far-right are now creating their own Islamic rulings, I see. Maybe they're right and we were all part of this taqiyyah global conspiracy without even realising it. I wonder what sort of genius it took to uncover this carefully hidden truth that eve...
  • Taqqiyya
    June 23, 2017
    Never heard the term taqqiyya before 2010.But I was brought up in a family where all kinds of islamic ideas were taught. Even shia ones. It was simpler times, all you had to do to be muslim was keep to the 5 pillars. However, the local mosques and pre...
  • Tommy Robinson is a reformed character, honest
    June 23, 2017
    A friend of mine posted this status on FBQuoteAppearance of extremist hate preacher Tommy Robinson on Good Morning Britain is an absolute disgrace.Giving a platform to a man who has routinely demonised, dehumanised and vilified Muslims for goodness...
  • To live as a Muslim or not
    June 23, 2017
    I cant be sure if kids did trigger my apostacy however my doubts started  about 6 months after becoming a father.It was the sun setting in the spring line that did it. I had heard that stuff when I was younger but it never registered with me, but this...
  • Random Islamic History Posts
    June 23, 2017
    Sarah Bowen Savant on Ibn Qutaybah
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InternationalMd. AsadujjamanDhaka

I like to love, Peace, Spirituality, Humanity. I do not need Islam anymore.

InternationalHesham AttiehDubai

This is Hesham, i already replied back to you by email, and also i registered in the forum and waiting for the approval, now i wanna register in the membership also


Well, since my childhood I had lots of question regarding Allah, Muhammad and Qaran. The more I explore, I came to know that Islam is nothing but poorly copied from Judaism & Christianity. Then I denied to follow islam and become an Atheist.
Where is Allah? he never helped me. If I need to achieve everything by myself by hard work then what I will do with him? Why should I pray just to waste my time? There is no Allah, no haven or hell. Mr. Muhammad created islam and his holy book, just to brainwash his followers to control the city of Macca. He started the game of islam which is still on. As a modern human being, I have rejected all the ideas of religion. I only believe in humanity and want to lead my life as a good human beings.

InternationalKnowBeforeBelieve NKIndia

I was brought up in a muslim houselhold by parents who were what some people would consider "liberal muslims".

Over the years.....I have completely dettached myself as an person from Islam and consider myself agnostic,however, like a lot of them out there,I am yet to "come out of the closet" ?

InternationalAulia SASemarang

Indonesia secularism is in the edge of extinction. The radical and fundamentalist muslim just won the Jakarta election. In 2019 it's possible they'll win the presidential election and my life as an ex muslim atheist would be in a real danger.
I come here honestly to seek possible helps from fellow ex muslim atheist.

UKMahmud MohammadiLinköping

Jag heter Mahmud.
Jag kommer från Afghanistan.
Jag bor i Linköping, Sverige.

UKPhilosophical Wolf

I am an closet apostate and want to be apart of a community with like minded indaviduals.

UKMuhammad ZuberiLeeds

I have been questioning my faith for a number of years. I suppose by questioning I mean trying to find reasons to hold on to something. One doesn’t simply walk away from 28 years of belief. Alas it seems that there was very little to hold on to. I was born in Pakistan and although I didn’t come from an ultra-conservative Muslim family, religion played a very important part in our lives. It’s that tradition and a sense of belonging that I’ve tried to hold on to. Knowing that once I leave even if I don’t tell anyone, I will never truly belong to it.
My love of science is the reason why I questioned Islam. The religion hides under an intricate veil of self-justification. Although aspects of it have helped to champion scientific and mathematical research, I believe it has been held back in favour of religious theology. How can a religion move forward when it is so afraid of being critiqued? When it calls for people who question or leave it to be killed.
The hardest part is that although I am no longer sitting on the fence about where my belief lies, I know that I cannot truly come out as an Atheist because of my loved ones. The notion that my wife and parents believe that when we die, we will meet in heaven. Who am I to rob them of a thought that may bring them peace one day? It’s a lie, but a white lie and one that I will probably live for the rest of my life.
I just hope that my daughter doesn’t have the same feelings if she questions Islam. That somehow she is stronger, that she may be able to detach herself from the prison of religion. I hope she is able to live her life free from the weight of it. I will help her as she grows older to embrace that, but I will never enforce my belief on her. Even if it is a secret between father and daughter. Regardless of what she decides, I will love her always. If she does come out, I hope that she has more courage about it than her dad.
My reason to join is so we can understand just how many of us are out there. Ex Muslims who want to live in a world free of retaliation and contempt. I feel alone, and it’s good to know that I am not the only one who has chosen to walk away. It’s a platform for people like me who are absolute in their belief but I suppose for me, I am not yet strong enough to let anyone know. Contradictory, that maybe so.


I was born in a muslim family but i lost my faith because i have a lots of confusion about islam and i really heat extremism of religion i am dreaming a world is free from relagion but humanity

UKJames McQuillanSwindon

I have been a western Atheist for over a decade now. As a Journalist of 1 year and direct witness to the theocracy of Islam in Saudi Arabia, a keen reader of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Christopher Hitchens among many others. I find I must use my curiosity, writing and debating skills for a cause like this. I am compelled to give a platform to this very at risk population; so under-represented and so under attack.

UKGerion CasselLondon

I want to find out the truth for myself or at the very least come to some type of conclusion. I have been Muslim my entire life and have studied what I could of Islamic doctrine and theology as well as Sufism. I've realised this is unsatisfactory to me and seek more knowledge and understanding through rational, logical, philosophical and scientific debate.

UKChristian ColeLondon

Having been brought up and educated as a Catholic I renounced my faith 10 years ago and since I have been a strong advocate for secularism and open debate within religious groups about the belief systems entrenched in those communities.

I believe that in the UK we have allowed fear of intolerance and fear of offending people to override our duty to protect and offer equal rights to all citizens, no matter the religion or ideology of their home community. Not just in the British Muslim community, but in fact in all religious communities in the UK, entrenched belief systems are not challenged thoroughly enough and as a result people suffer injustices and in many cases abuse that otherwise would not be tolerated outside of a religious setting.

I strongly support the idea of giving a stronger voice moderate British Muslims and having a more open dialogue about religious ideology and why it can be harmful to a cohesive and secular society.

UKFardin ESFANDIARINewcastle Upon Tyne

To whom it may concern,

I am a first generation immigrant from the Islamic Republic of Iran. I was raised secular at home but attended school where Shia Islam was the enforced ideology, I consider my knowledge of that particular part of the islamic world as interesting and hope to implement it in the effort to spread the ideas that are integral to western civilisation. Freedom of speech, expression and the criticism of ideas are some of the cornerstones of my private study of philosophy and I aim to help anyone I can in finding freedom from religious oppression. I study Physics at university and aim to become an academic.

With gratitude,

InternationalMohammed MahmoodSimferopol ,crimea

gain more knowledge ,know other atheists are exist,i loved the video you did guys on YouTube (exposure-islams non-belivers) ,that's why I'm here .

InternationalDhia Houaidihamam lif

i want to join this community seeking refuge from the moral offence i face in this muslim country i've been born in , am even hiding the fact that i became agnostic from my family and dear ones being afraid that this would further destroy my life . i began asking questions about the charia of islam and searching for truth 3 years ago and i did became agnostic concluding that islam is not the answer to this universe and non of the religions are even close to be so .

UKMuhammed AlamLondon

Recently I knew about this organization. I am an ex-Muslim, came from Bangladesh.

UKsajjad haiderlondon

I am a ex muslim and convert to humanist. I am a author of Why I Left Islam. I want to help every person who having harder time from religious fanatics.

UKParinaz Jamshidi

I was born and raised in the UK and am of Iranian background. The first memory I have of Islam was when I was in primary school and our teachers asked everyone what their religion was (I don't remember why). I didn't know what religion was at that time so my teacher told me to go home and ask my parents then tell her tomorrow. My mother seemed suspicious and even told me that I could be any religion I wanted to but because all of my friends and classmates religion, I wanted one too so I could fit in. It was then that I was labelled as a muslim and one of the disappointments at that time was that noone would give me Haribos anymore. I didn't care much about my religion for many years but when I started secondary school, my best friend was a muslim and a very happy one at that. She always spoke so well and Islam sounded very special and unique so I looked into it and decided to officially become a muslim. Of course I am completely certain that the only reason I decided to do so was because when I searched Islam online, there were only praises and everything was positive. Muslims are very good at hiding the bad aspects of Islam and muslim apologists are even more excellent at sugar coating Islam. After the initial excitement simmered down, I was more rational. For a period of about 5 years I frequently came across something (for example a hadith or one of Islam's teachings) which horrified me but every single time, I would restrain myself and tell myself that it was just the devil whispering in my ear and putting sinful thoughts into my head. Looking back, I cannot believe how brainwashed I had been and don't know why and how I would allow myself to believe such violent teachings but I was so dedicated and loyal that I did so. Just to point something out, I am very intelligent. I go to one of the top schools in my city. I am naturally a curious thinker. But my point is that even though I am clever and think for myself, Islam is very good at manipulation. After all, reading is, simply put, a form of brainwashing. Eventually I passed my limit of how many disgusting teaching, hatred, bigotry and contradictions I could take that I left. (ISIS was also a big part because they are just following the teachings of the Quran but still it is insisted that Islam is a peaceful religion). I think you do not need to be a genius to leave Islam, you simply need to have courage. Especially because there is a death penalty for those who leave.

InternationalMUHAMMAD REHANKoror

I left Islam in 1992 and become Atheists with my whole family my mother ,wife , 3 daughter , 1 son .
Islam is not a Religion but this is group of Gangster people.
This is not Religion its a cult of Death. I believed that Islam is a major threat to the contemporary human being long life. I try to tell my community and relatives if you want Peace in Pakistan and whole universe please leave this fighter Religion.
Mostly I criticised the infamous “blasphemy” laws of Pakistan openly.
This appears to have attracted some local attention. One night on 31 December 2016 a
number of clerics and neighbours turned up at my house in Tajpura, Lahore, protesting what they took to be an insult to religion. Clerics looking my family and me for killing due to Apostasy of Islam.I have been forced to leave the country out
of fear for my life. I also maintains a Facebook page under the pseudonym “Michael Smith” which has been running since January 2017.

UKNasir IqbalLondon

It is time for humanity to embrace science, reason explore our vast universe, expand our knowledge and become gods through merging with our technology rather than cling to faith, worship, ignorance and resulting cruelty and misery which have afflicted the species for millennia.

UKJake BrauerTadworth

I would like to join out of solidarity with the ex-Muslim community in the UK. I myself am an ex Christian but was never ostracised or attacked physically or verbally for being an apostate. I am an advocate of democracy and progressive atheism and can offer some of my time to help your cause.

UKmale malebradford

i am a ex muslim and l would like to join a community that represent my thoughts

InternationalSeyed Jamal HosseiniGotenberg

Hello, I am an agnostic and anti-Islam. I want to be active with your group.

Salam man agnostick hastam va hamchenin eslam setiz dost daram dar yek groh faal basham

UKFarshid Aryan KhesalLondon

The Islamic regime of my country, Iran, does not recognize people like me who are atheist and agnostics. They are subject to the death penalty. Atheists, agnostics and secular humanists in Iran are deprived of freedom of speech. They cannot express their beliefs. Doing that, they will be arrested and may be executed for heresy. The constitution and regulations of the Islamic regime of Iran is obviously biased towards Shias. There are no any representatives for atheist, agnostics and secular humanists in the parliament. On top of that, there are not any free and private medium of the mass media. All of them are governmental and under the control of religious regime.
Evolution should not be considered just for the living creatures, but human societies have been evolving during the history. The history can prove that as agricultural revolution, industrial revolution and urbanization have been inevitable phenomena, globalization will occur in a not too far future as well. The more advance in technology, the more facilities for communication, trade and relationship between people, companies and governments across the globe.
Despite the fact that we are living in a culturally and ethnically diverse world, globalization is gradually forming a worldwide melting pot in which people have to live, work and communicate with others from different ethnic and religious backgrounds more than any time before. For such an overwhelming international integration, not only a common language and technologies are necessary, but also a common ethical framework approved by everyone is vital. For achieving that common ethical framework, we need to find some principals that are mutual between all the people around the world, which are humanity and human rights. It is commitment to humanity and human rights that generates an atmosphere of peace and admiration between all the members of our cosmopolitan societies. One of the fundamental necessities of creating and maintaining a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society is establishment of a secular governments.

UKZahid HussainSlough

i m atheist I don't believe on anything I belong to Muslim family background but as I observed Islam stop me to think on wider sense on any matter even any religion do the same and secondly I think Islam is not a complete religion as well. Just a fake face and fear created in the mind of people which I don't believe that is right