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  • To live as a Muslim or not
    June 22, 2017
    Honestly, dude. The world is not just full of loads of people who love you and understand you. It’s not just full of hot and wild women who are just jumping at the chance to throw themselves onto you every other second. And it’s certainly not full of p...
  • To live as a Muslim or not
    June 22, 2017
    You live your life basically the way you like it as it is. You don't have to pretend in front of yout wife. Overall, you have a good life. You are part of your children's lives and can be a positive influence for them to be more critical and open minde...
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    QuoteQuote from: Qtian says  on Today at 03:01 PMLol wth Quote from: Philowolf  teaches on Today at 03:32 PMOh I said people could call me Wolfy in my introduction[/quo...
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    Quote from: Qtian on Today at 03:01 PMLol wth Oh I said people could call me Wolfy in my introduction
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    Quote from:  Yeez yeezing awayHi Philo.. Hi wolfy .... Lol wth
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    Quote from: Philowolf on Today at 02:31 PM watched this video ............Hi Philo.. Hi wolfy .... that is good link  I say people should watch that video and more at https://...
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    I'm the same with No Smoking signs. I see them as aesthetic nuisances.
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    Quote from: Qtian on Today at 02:53 PMAh, ok. If i try I could write the op better but can't be asked
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    Ah, ok.
  • Crime and Punishment
    June 22, 2017
    Quote from: Qtian on Today at 02:43 PMNo offence intended as I'm genuinely curious, why is your ability to spell so shit? Iam a bit dislecsic and iam trying to write alot in a short way
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UKSalwh AhmedBirmingham

I wand to join because I want to meet like minded people and discuss why others left Islam .

InternationalAdil DenDublin

I am supporting a secular world where people can express their ideas freely and openly.I am supporting a world free of myths, but based on scientific truth.I do believe that we are born free and we all have the right to live in a free world.

UKMd MohiuddinLondon

I'm an Ex-Muslim & Humanist, free thinking blogger and feminist too. I'm actively blogging against every social & religious injustice. I believe in humanism and I firmly stand for equal human rights for all. I think all religion are evil & as far my knowledge of Islam I know it's a barbaric and oppressive religion.

InternationalMehedi HasanDhaka

I am Mehedi Hasan. I am Bangladeshi. I am 19 years old. My family is Muslim. But I am Humanist. I Don't Believe any Religion .
So I have face many problem . Islamic terrorist are threatening me with death. So I am not safe in Bangladesh .

UKWafaa Al TameemiHuddersfield

I'm from Iraq I born in a Muslim family but many thing get my attention and after long search and thinking I got one conclusion is that the religions are made by human to control other human.

UKPouyan VistaLondon, ilford

I for combating violence, the defense of freedom and human rights, promotion of atheism, secularism and rationalism to join you

UKBilaal AzlamLondon

Curiousity, mostly. Also wanting to branch out and meet new people, perhaps those whom have a similar mindset.

Internationaljoey mosescairo

i saw a documentary movie on youtube for those who was killed for being ex muslims....
there is alot of them in egypt and they are my own friends
even me iam not a muslim any more but for me iam afraid that any one harm my friends
they cant speak in public or tell their family for sure..
i wanna help .

InternationalMaryam HusseinNieuwegein

So it all started when my bestfriend came out the closet (as an atheist) during Ramadan. Me still very religious was overwhelmed with all kinds of feelings. I thought that she was no longer my friend, however I was fine with it a few hours later. I strongly believe in classic liberalism, so she had all the freedom the chose what to believe. Later in the summervacation I started looking up atheist vs muslim videos and they were so interesting. I always had doubts/ questions, but the doubt was increasing because of the videos. I started talking with bff and she was really suprised and we were debating for hours. I came to realisation that I no longer am a muslim and it gave me a relieved feeling. 2 weeks later.. I told my mother and my siblings, my mom teared a little bit She was saying that I am confused, I don't know Islam,It's a phase etc. My brother was my second supporter and my little sister was just dissapointed. Then my dad came from Somalia and after a week I told him everything. He was quiet at first, but then said: You're my daughter I will always love you etc... And I was extremely happy, but then we made some promises which I now regret. I couldn't debate religion in the livingroom or with my siblings, I had to hide all of this, I couldn't go on other people their devices etc... And now in the present things are okay, but when school start I want to take off my hijab and that is a really big step. But idc I'm going to do it!

InternationalAlaa ZorkaneCasablanca

Hello ^_^ !
I am an Ex-Muslim who lives with my parents in Morocco-Casablanca, 17 years old and still in highschool, my parents are hard muslims and i am living hell u_u. I saw the website link on /r/atheism and thought maybe i would join you secretly till i get 18, then i can seek an asylum to UK or to another country if its possible. I just dunno what to do or how to do it ; i escaped the indoctrination 1 year ago when i first watched Cosmos Space time Odyssey and then got further watching Dr.Dawkins videos and more other things ; i got so interested in space and nature and after being a 6 months agnostic i finally reached Atheism. That my little story right there, the reason why i want to join CEMB is because i don't know what to do when i reach 18, its either walking with sheep ( They force me to pray and Muslim praying is so exhausting and time wasting / They also force me to starve in Ramadan ) or escaping. I really want as much information as possible to get ready for my Asylum.
I love you guys <3 Thanks !


My facts detection kit's engine core is logic, and its fuel is arguments and proofs. This is how I ride the waves of life, enjoying every moment of my continuous exploration of the secrets of this enigmatic and mysterious existence. This is how I ward off the probability of sewing reality's thread with needles that move as befits the frailty of my fears and desires. This is how the roosters crow in my world -unconcerned by what I set on my watch- to declare the sunrise with the one and only truth they know; sun rays. This is how I travel through the map of my existence, caring billions of questions, rather than answers; unperturbed by all of the indoctrinated beliefs, for that my life is too precious to be given up for the past of my fathers and ancestors, and every other man. So be my trip without a pre-drawn road.
I am not from any particular place; born in a specific one, yes, but I don't belong to it, for my only true identity is mankind. I am a star stuff and a way for the cosmos to know itself - as the great Carl Sagan once said-. Therefore, I will not let down the universe and I will live as a discoverer of my canvas and its colors, rather than a stupid and degraded consumer of ancient's paintings, even if they were splashed with gold or sacred water. Neither the brilliance of gold excites me nor the sanctity of waters scares me. My legs are not of clay nor roots of trees, thus Earth's land and all the planets attract me to be a traveler whose tools are rationality, logic, arguments, and proofs. With a map comprising the bulk of time and space, I see every person as a human being, with an appreciation for free thinkers who chose to fly, and sympathy for who chose to stay in the land of faith and ignorance, with unceasing wonder about people's different lives, their wars and all that brings them together, their biases and all the fears that hold them back, their traditions and myths and all of their conflicting religions. I have an endless appetite to explore the universe as it is, and to tackle more mysteries. Splashed with all colors, my guitar strings and what I make alone of melodies carry me to the land of my dreams. my playing cards and the art of illusion allow me to reflect reality with special mirrors. While my drawings are my gates to the depths of my own ocean, where the conscious and the unconscious get to meet. This is me, a free bird, a traveler, an explorer and an artist, who wants to contribute to the greatest mission of mankind: Science. Although I am currently in a tomb of reason and a prison of the mind, I am not a prisoner nor a jailer and I will never be.

UKForz KhanLondon

I do not belief in any such a thing as a god or god (s). I was born into a family who followed islam but never believed in creationist teachings. I would be happy to help any person in need of assistance if they are having troubles with their beliefs

UKObadiah HashenUnimportant

I remember reading some of the testament of the members here a few yrs ago when I was still a salafi and thinking "look at these cursed apostates, had they asked allah ya muqalib al qulub thabit qalbi 3ala dinak, they wouldn't be misguided", it really is fascinating to feel the change in emotion from complete hysteria to being rational.

like most others, never did I think the day would come when I would become an atheist.
It really was a difficult pill to swallow to finally realize that quran is just another man made piece of crap and it really can qualify for the worst book ever written, what's even more depressing is how 1.6 billion people cannot separate themselves from it ( 800 million are illiterate).

UKmansoor hussainlondon

I got some thought which has been bothering me from my early youth. whatever i am or we are doing with our religion is right or best for us or mankind. many questions come in my head and i was scared to ask anyone for answer or to discuss. maybe my lack of knowledge of islam is responsible for my trouble with our religion. over the years i tried to learn about religion as much possible. blind faith is not good, and when i look around me all the muslim people's are on blind faith. i havnt done namaz for almost 11years. i got muslim name by birth. i dont practice islam, to me first is human being. religion is created for the betterment of human not vice versa. my faith lies in whatver is good for human kind.
mansoor hussain

InternationalAbdelrahman SaeedCairo

I'm in a fucked up situation! I'm surrounded by very religious muslims that could hurt me if they suspected. My dad already think i left islam somehow & i have to fake prayers to not get caught, so there's no decent life for me here.

InternationalLuqman AdnanDeutschland

I was muslim but now ,i am agnostic . I want know truth and meeting new people, knowledge

UKSarah HoviEdinburgh

Brought up in Muslim faith - still have moderate Muslim friends and family abroad however as ex-Muslim in UK find this subject incredibly taboo. Find it hard to "come out" even to strangers, although still respect people within the religion. Looking to discuss impact of muslim upbringing on identity as an atheist in adulthood.

UKIman Ramshekan

I had never really believed in Islam as I was growing up but had to go through the motions as even when I was young I understood how I could never tell my family. During university I actually started to make an effort to practice (influence of arab muslim friends who showed me the difference between religion and culture), but after some years I realised that a lot of it didn't make sense to me. I 'officially' decided to myself that I was not muslim a few years ago in my late 20s. I would love to get to know like minded people.

UKAl AminLondon

I am an Atheist.Nothing made me lose faith in an instant. It was a slow process of one realization after another, one fallacy after another, one absurdity after another (these are all based on my experience and perspective, of course). I eventually could not hold on any longer and had to let it go. Then life started to become fuller, more enjoyable, and enlightening. I felt freer and more capable of making a positive impact on the world around me.
I ended up starting down that path because I was told by my parents (who are very much faithful) were going to hell because of my disbelieve.
I came to realize that the only reason we “lived for god” was to avoid an eternity in hell. I realized I was a hostage, forced to live a life I did not choose and that I did not want. I searched for answers, which came quite easily. Now I have a bit of peace knowing that there isn’t anyone telling me to love him “or else”.I am proud of myself for being what or who really I am.I always find the necessity to have a platform for people like me.Which is CEMB. I appreciate their great work towards peoples fundamental rights.

Internationalmoroccan exmuslimMarrakech

Hey i'm 15 years old i am from morocco i left my relegion islam this year because i am humain and islam is against the humain. now some friends know reject islam but my family no if they know they will disowend me and they will remove me in the house .
Sorry if this article contains a Grammatical and spelling mistakes because i dont speak english very well but i am learning to get a visa and get away from this contry

thank you for reading this


Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful. HI, I am an ex-Muslim I was a religious person in my previous life. I used to go to the mosque and I did other religious activity on regular basis but one day suddenly it was about 8 months ago from today's date I realised that I don’t have any religious faith left in my heart because of so many questions and I didn't get any solution for that what I did in my past life I didn't get any benefited from it but also day by day my life getting miserable ! After that, I stopped doing all my religious activity my mind don't let me do that I don't know why and I didn’t feel any guilt or something close to it.

why don't I have any beliefs in my religion ?
All my life I prayed to god for anything or for everything I wanted to have but I remember not a single prayer was answered! Mostly every time I pray to god for entire humanity to bring the peace in this world but still I can see the situation getting worst day by day.

I lost my faith in God because I never have what I wanted but instead I understand one thing that if someone worked hard for what he looking for there is maximum possibility to get, it means if I work hard I will achieve my goal which is also mentioned in your religious book also mentioned other religious books. That means work hard to get the success. So why should I waste my time to pray ? but if someone doesn't work hard and pray to God all day in order to achieve his goal will not be successful.

I think belief in God is just an emotional anomaly which is used by people in order to achieve something maybe not easily possible or very hard to get in real life or which is out of their reach and they are not easily capable of achieving it by themselves so they turn to god and pray for that thing. Also, people show their feeling or expression of reverence and adoration to God and share very personal matter and get relaxed.

when I work hard for something I achieve it but when I pray to god to achieve that goal it never happens until I worked for that it means there is no existence of god in the world. Also, I have lot's of a question in my mind and after thinking those I realised there is no god in the world If there wouldn’t be evil things happening in the world. So many innocents peoples died every single day including children's. This world full of injustices and discriminations where is the God ? Who created the entire solar system, Millions of Galaxies and Billions and Billions of planets can't he control a small planet like our earth ? if the god truly exists there He could bring peace in this world and he wouldn't let this happen in people's life.

Now I believe religion doesn't mean doing the religious activity all the time it has become a part of the culture. I know so many Christian people who don't pray at all or didn't go to church for pray but they celebrate Christmas's in every year. Same as Muslim's many people don't perform Salah (praying 5 times a day) but 1 day in a year they celebrate Eid festival. Hindus are same also that's why I don't like to condemn against religion am I right ?

According to me "The people who become an Atheist or doesn't believe in god they are intelligent and extraordinary good human being they should explain other people by using scientific theory and be gentle.

Now I'm facing the problem my life going through the depression I can not disclose it to anyone that I become an atheist if someone knows about it my life will be in real danger especially for our Muslim community or I might have to separate from my family, Friends, Community ! But my family member is already suspecting me because of my appearance about Islam and I'm not doing any religious activity. But I have to explain them they are just wasting their important times by worshiping god and I will do this. Maybe one day my relative, or friends will become my serious enemies.

I want to join your organisation or can I ? Please suggest me and give me some advice about your organisation many thanks for reading.
Look forward to your quick reply.

UKmuhammad yousaflondon

I am free mind person I left my religion because of leaving restrictions now I want to meet same mind people and free life.
I want to join this group.
I am free mind person I left my religion because of leaving restrictions now I want to meet same mind people and free life.
I want to join this group.
I am free mind person I left my religion because of leaving restrictions now I want to meet same mind people and free life.
I want to join this group.

UKNadeem JanSouthampton

I'm human not Muslim. I don't believe more in god. God has no lessons and god don't exist in my opinion. If god is great universal then how great god and all humans need to understand this.

InternationalAbas AryaTehran
UKS A Faruq AhmedLondon

Life is good without god. this is always i have been told myself but couldn't speak up because of being born and raised in a strict muslim family. but after leaving islam i fell like i'm a free bird now like i could go anywhere like same as i could think whatever i like as a freethinker.