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UKNazm MhLondon

was born and raised in a strict muslim family. was taught about islam as religion all my childhood but as i grew old i found myself confused about islam and couldn't embrace islam as a religion. soon after i felt like i don't want to follow it anymore. its good to be s freethinker now and it makes me fell like i'm not restricted by any kind of religious barrier.

UKSajeeb AbedLondon

I was born in Bangladesh with restricted Islamic Muslim family and environment. gradually I realize I am Ex-Muslim, because the reason I left my religion strict religious activities. I always had specific felling for humanity and equality. I never ever found rationale in many aspects of religions. The entity of God is always raised as question in my life. In additional to this, I dont believe in God.

UKMohammad Mahamud SajivLondon

I am an Agnostic originally from Bangladesh, currently living in UK. I was born into a muslim familly where all my friends and family are practicing muslim. I always had a lot of questions about god and religion since my childhood but since i was born in religious family, i was not allow to ask any questions relating to religion. They made me learn how to read Quran in Arabic but with out having to know the meaning of it, and this was the case for most the kids at that time and now. so i brought up as a muslim but not knowing many thing about islam. After my high school i came to uk to attend university and this when i started my research and finally it led me to become an ex-muslim and Agnostic. The main purpose for me to join this community is to get to know like minded people and learn from them and make some friends.

UKIman ramLondon

I joined to this society, because I want to express my thoughts.

UKR RashidLeeds

I'm a 24 year old British Asian Bisexual Ex-Muslim. I used to be very religious as a result of my upbringing by my strict religious mother. I was sent to an Islamic Boarding School (Madrasa) at age 11 where I memorised the Quran and learnt about Islam from scholars. My experience at Madrasa was largely unenjoyable and unpleasant. I later came to resent my religion and my strict parents. Once I left Madrasa at age 16 I started questioning things and would get into a lot of arguments with my parents. For a period I became atheist and hated god, but a few years later returned to Islam after coming across some videos by online Muslim speakers and scholars. Then, in the last year or so, I came across videos by ex-Muslims, such as Introverted Smiles, Jajabor The Nomad, and the Masked Arab. As a result I started questioning things again and now I'm an atheist. My sexuality and bad experiences have led me to reject ideas of god and religion, but more importantly, Islam does not make any sense. Ultimately I feel rationality, and not emotion, is the key instigator in my breaking free from the shackles of dogmatic ideology.

I wish to join the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain as I would like to connect with other ex-Muslims. As such I'd love to be notified of any upcoming events. Thanks for everything you're doing!!

InternationalAzadeh MojaveriGermany

In Islam, the youth are flogged and hung and women are stoned; there are a hundred days of mourning every year; happiness is prohibited, beauty is prohibited. Love is forbidden. Logic is banned as is living a normal life and and and. Any reasonable person will keep away from this terrible belief. I announce loud and proud that I am not a Muslim anymore.

وقتی در اسلام جوانان را شلاق می‌زنند ،اعدام میکنند، زنان را سنگسار می‌کنند ، ۱۰۰ روز عزاداری است ، شادی حرام است ، زیبایی حرام است ، عشق حرام است،حرف حساب زدن حرام است، زندگی کردن حرام است و و و... هر آدم عاقلی از چنین چیز هولناکی گریز می‌کند ، با شهامت اعلام میکنم که من "از اسلام روی برگرداندم"

UKAmina HaajiLondon

I decided to join this community and officially become a member because there is no one else I can relate to in real life due to who I am. I have one cousin who's very close to me that has also left Islam which is great. However, I'd really like to meet new people who share similar views and opinions to me as I haven't gotten the opportunity to do that on a larger scale. I do feel alone sometimes and it is great to finally discover a community that will understand me.

I want to hear about everybody's background, stories, experiences, growth, struggles, and successes. Not quite sure about what else to write... I'm not very good at this haha.

UKnurun nabilondon

our life very short so in this life enjoy...

InternationalAlhasan FatoumArnhem

I'm a 20 years old Photographer from Syria, emigrated to the Netherlands, I've became an atheist after reading books in Syria and about the universe theories, i studied electric engineering assistance in Syria but didn't finish because i had to flee the country, right now i work with many different dutch organisation

UKfleur JBirmingham

Hi, I am already a member of MECA and I would like to meet more people who are ex-muslims. I have met Imtiaz, Aaliyah and Maryam Namazie (my name is Foz...)

UKmuhammad shahidlondon

I does not believe on Islam or on any religion because the religions are made by humans as a product to sell and make money.and I have detailed practical study and experience on I am agnostic and I am a gay,I have life threats in pakistan,and I have very limited social circle of my friends so I want to join this group for some of these reasons.

UKNikasha K

To get support from other ex-Muslims who've been through this and feel like I'm not alone

UKI want to Break freeNottingham

Hi it's been years I have been wanting to be truly free. Just deciding to break free was liberating in itself. Still years of institutionalism and a devout family does make it difficult to move on. I am not sure if I can truly move in this lifetime. I am afraid I might always remain hidden.

. I want to meet some like minded people. Sit down, talk and rationalise all of this for real.i want to be part of a group because I don't want to feel lonely anymore.

UKAbdul HakeemLondon

I don't fool myself
I believe in freedom
I believe in logic

UKSajeeb AbedLondon

I’m 31. I have been an ex-muslim now for approximately few months. I’ve always known that Islam was not for me not even any other religion. It is relatively unheard of for Bangladeshi living in Britain to have no religion. I was brought up religious, but I found no faith sometimes, I never prayed as I’m not in one of those religious families. Everyone in my family acts muslim but I feel that someone in my family has to be open with their views, and I want that someone to be me.

UKSophia Sadiq

I would like to join as I am struggling with my faith and have been doing so since I was 13. I am now 17 and I can't believe no matter what I try. I don't come from a completely strict background, especially on my dad's side of the family (they would drink alcohol and the women wouldn't cover) but as the years have gone by they've changed and become more religious. I want to be able to live freely but I know in order for me to finally be happy and free would mean being disowned and maybe even emotionally or physically abused.

UKAtal SalarBedford

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful.

UKBeatrice MManchester

I had never really believed in Islam as I was growing up but had to go through the motions as even when I was young I understood how I could never tell my family. During university I actually started to make an effort to practice (influence of arab muslim friends who showed me the difference between religion and culture), but after some years I realised that a lot of it didn't make sense to me. I 'officially' decided to myself that I was not muslim a few years ago in my late 20s. I would love to get to know like minded people.

UKJohn BlytheBrighton

Hello there,

I am an atheist from a liberal Christian background, but I was drawn to your site after having read The Quran cover to cover. I have written a brief critique of The Quran which you are welcome to read. I am highly supportive of your cause and would like to meet some new people!


UKMomit HasanBarking

My name is M Hasan 29 years old living in London originally come from Bangladesh. I left islam 2012 . My parents 70 years old really worried about me they think I'm on the wrong track, I don't want to heart them but sometimes when I see our relatives come to our home they telling to my parents your son is a atheist he's not part of our society, then they feels guilty now I left home nd living myself working for humanity ,I want relase our society nd community nd world from religious extremists.

UKA PatNorwich

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful.
I have left islam, i would like to be part of a like minded community of people and hopefully meet some new people through this. As i have very recently left islam I would also like some support and guidance through this procedure.

UKMahi BhuiyanLondon

When you find out religious & god is nothing more than a human idea to control and create power through fear or mass murder or slaughtering.
Entire human generation is divided though this idea.Its so funny that still everyone is trying to sell their idea ,like best among others.

UKRaeesa AhmedLondon

Although I have been questioning faith for a long time now, I have recently made the conscious decision to leave islam after being involved in discussions on twitter and finding other ex-muslims through the internet, especially those from the MENA. I would like to be able to join a community of like minded people.

InternationalWilliam HeronVung Tau

I grew up in a council estate in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 80s surrounded by religious nutters. I had some very good friends who became terrorists in their mid to late teens. I believe the monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are inherently evil. I left NI in my early twenties and moved to London and found an escape from the religious insanity of my youth. I realised the England was going down the same road as NI and left after 23 years to live in a country where religion is barely tolerated. I gained the same sense of relief moving to Vietnam as I did when I first moved to London. I have a young son and due to the intollerance religion displays I feel Europe is not a suitable place to bring up children.

UKFatima Bismillah

I am 21 years old and I left Islam when I was 18 years old. I had to leave my family home due to strict and controlling Islamic upbringing. I live alone and felt like there was no-one I could speak to about the problems I am having. So glad I found this place, It's nice to see I can talk to people who are going through similar things.