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  • monogamy
    May 25, 2017
    Quote from: toor on Today at 05:53 PMwe play only call of duty in my house if that helpsIs that a secrate way of saying you guys are monogomous?
  • monogamy
    May 25, 2017
    we play only call of duty in my house if that helps
  • Attack at Manchester Arena
    May 25, 2017 Jihadist Explains Why Ariana G...
  • monogamy
    May 25, 2017
    Quote from: asbie on Today at 04:42 PMEvery relationship has power dynamics. Even those in an "equal" relationship have some spheres in which they are more or less powerful. The only way you can effectively predict p...
  • monogamy
    May 25, 2017
    Every relationship has power dynamics. Even those in an "equal" relationship have some spheres in which they are more or less powerful. The only way you can effectively predict power dynamics is through an assessment of both parties before entering int...
  • Insest Mark Dice
    May 25, 2017
    Yeah, more or less. We agree that it is an issue that's morally ambiguous, a very tricky grey zone, when it comes to how to handle the issue. It is nonetheless a practice we ought to get rid of. So if I was a dictator who didn't give a shit about anyt...
  • monogamy
    May 25, 2017
    Also i thinkthe second videos is for couple that are equal in power for the most part (yes one will be more dominate than the other)
  • monogamy
    May 25, 2017
    Quote from: asbie on Today at 03:40 PMDude, that second video bothered me.It ain't got shit to do with that distance and closeness stuff, it's about power. The powerful in a relationship can and will do what they wa...
  • monogamy
    May 25, 2017
    Dude, that second video bothered me.It ain't got shit to do with that distance and closeness stuff, it's about power. The powerful in a relationship can and will do what they want, and make up whatever excuses afterward. Whether it's being abusive, ly...
  • Insest Mark Dice
    May 25, 2017
    Quote from: Cornflower on Today at 05:35 AMActually that's both true and untrue. Yes. For one person to have offspring with their first cousin, the genetical implications aren't "bad". However, we can't deny the fact...
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UKObadiah HashenUnimportant

I remember reading some of the testament of the members here a few yrs ago when I was still a salafi and thinking "look at these cursed apostates, had they asked allah ya muqalib al qulub thabit qalbi 3ala dinak, they wouldn't be misguided", it really is fascinating to feel the change in emotion from complete hysteria to being rational.

like most others, never did I think the day would come when I would become an atheist.
It really was a difficult pill to swallow to finally realize that quran is just another man made piece of crap and it really can qualify for the worst book ever written, what's even more depressing is how 1.6 billion people cannot separate themselves from it ( 800 million are illiterate).

UKmansoor hussainlondon

I got some thought which has been bothering me from my early youth. whatever i am or we are doing with our religion is right or best for us or mankind. many questions come in my head and i was scared to ask anyone for answer or to discuss. maybe my lack of knowledge of islam is responsible for my trouble with our religion. over the years i tried to learn about religion as much possible. blind faith is not good, and when i look around me all the muslim people's are on blind faith. i havnt done namaz for almost 11years. i got muslim name by birth. i dont practice islam, to me first is human being. religion is created for the betterment of human not vice versa. my faith lies in whatver is good for human kind.
mansoor hussain

InternationalAbdelrahman SaeedCairo

I'm in a fucked up situation! I'm surrounded by very religious muslims that could hurt me if they suspected. My dad already think i left islam somehow & i have to fake prayers to not get caught, so there's no decent life for me here.

InternationalLuqman AdnanDeutschland

I was muslim but now ,i am agnostic . I want know truth and meeting new people, knowledge

UKSarah HoviEdinburgh

Brought up in Muslim faith - still have moderate Muslim friends and family abroad however as ex-Muslim in UK find this subject incredibly taboo. Find it hard to "come out" even to strangers, although still respect people within the religion. Looking to discuss impact of muslim upbringing on identity as an atheist in adulthood.

UKIman Ramshekan

I had never really believed in Islam as I was growing up but had to go through the motions as even when I was young I understood how I could never tell my family. During university I actually started to make an effort to practice (influence of arab muslim friends who showed me the difference between religion and culture), but after some years I realised that a lot of it didn't make sense to me. I 'officially' decided to myself that I was not muslim a few years ago in my late 20s. I would love to get to know like minded people.

UKAl AminLondon

I am an Atheist.Nothing made me lose faith in an instant. It was a slow process of one realization after another, one fallacy after another, one absurdity after another (these are all based on my experience and perspective, of course). I eventually could not hold on any longer and had to let it go. Then life started to become fuller, more enjoyable, and enlightening. I felt freer and more capable of making a positive impact on the world around me.
I ended up starting down that path because I was told by my parents (who are very much faithful) were going to hell because of my disbelieve.
I came to realize that the only reason we “lived for god” was to avoid an eternity in hell. I realized I was a hostage, forced to live a life I did not choose and that I did not want. I searched for answers, which came quite easily. Now I have a bit of peace knowing that there isn’t anyone telling me to love him “or else”.I am proud of myself for being what or who really I am.I always find the necessity to have a platform for people like me.Which is CEMB. I appreciate their great work towards peoples fundamental rights.

Internationalmoroccan exmuslimMarrakech

Hey i'm 15 years old i am from morocco i left my relegion islam this year because i am humain and islam is against the humain. now some friends know reject islam but my family no if they know they will disowend me and they will remove me in the house .
Sorry if this article contains a Grammatical and spelling mistakes because i dont speak english very well but i am learning to get a visa and get away from this contry

thank you for reading this


Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful. HI, I am an ex-Muslim I was a religious person in my previous life. I used to go to the mosque and I did other religious activity on regular basis but one day suddenly it was about 8 months ago from today's date I realised that I don’t have any religious faith left in my heart because of so many questions and I didn't get any solution for that what I did in my past life I didn't get any benefited from it but also day by day my life getting miserable ! After that, I stopped doing all my religious activity my mind don't let me do that I don't know why and I didn’t feel any guilt or something close to it.

why don't I have any beliefs in my religion ?
All my life I prayed to god for anything or for everything I wanted to have but I remember not a single prayer was answered! Mostly every time I pray to god for entire humanity to bring the peace in this world but still I can see the situation getting worst day by day.

I lost my faith in God because I never have what I wanted but instead I understand one thing that if someone worked hard for what he looking for there is maximum possibility to get, it means if I work hard I will achieve my goal which is also mentioned in your religious book also mentioned other religious books. That means work hard to get the success. So why should I waste my time to pray ? but if someone doesn't work hard and pray to God all day in order to achieve his goal will not be successful.

I think belief in God is just an emotional anomaly which is used by people in order to achieve something maybe not easily possible or very hard to get in real life or which is out of their reach and they are not easily capable of achieving it by themselves so they turn to god and pray for that thing. Also, people show their feeling or expression of reverence and adoration to God and share very personal matter and get relaxed.

when I work hard for something I achieve it but when I pray to god to achieve that goal it never happens until I worked for that it means there is no existence of god in the world. Also, I have lot's of a question in my mind and after thinking those I realised there is no god in the world If there wouldn’t be evil things happening in the world. So many innocents peoples died every single day including children's. This world full of injustices and discriminations where is the God ? Who created the entire solar system, Millions of Galaxies and Billions and Billions of planets can't he control a small planet like our earth ? if the god truly exists there He could bring peace in this world and he wouldn't let this happen in people's life.

Now I believe religion doesn't mean doing the religious activity all the time it has become a part of the culture. I know so many Christian people who don't pray at all or didn't go to church for pray but they celebrate Christmas's in every year. Same as Muslim's many people don't perform Salah (praying 5 times a day) but 1 day in a year they celebrate Eid festival. Hindus are same also that's why I don't like to condemn against religion am I right ?

According to me "The people who become an Atheist or doesn't believe in god they are intelligent and extraordinary good human being they should explain other people by using scientific theory and be gentle.

Now I'm facing the problem my life going through the depression I can not disclose it to anyone that I become an atheist if someone knows about it my life will be in real danger especially for our Muslim community or I might have to separate from my family, Friends, Community ! But my family member is already suspecting me because of my appearance about Islam and I'm not doing any religious activity. But I have to explain them they are just wasting their important times by worshiping god and I will do this. Maybe one day my relative, or friends will become my serious enemies.

I want to join your organisation or can I ? Please suggest me and give me some advice about your organisation many thanks for reading.
Look forward to your quick reply.

UKmuhammad yousaflondon

I am free mind person I left my religion because of leaving restrictions now I want to meet same mind people and free life.
I want to join this group.
I am free mind person I left my religion because of leaving restrictions now I want to meet same mind people and free life.
I want to join this group.
I am free mind person I left my religion because of leaving restrictions now I want to meet same mind people and free life.
I want to join this group.

UKNadeem JanSouthampton

I'm human not Muslim. I don't believe more in god. God has no lessons and god don't exist in my opinion. If god is great universal then how great god and all humans need to understand this.

InternationalAbas AryaTehran
UKS A Faruq AhmedLondon

Life is good without god. this is always i have been told myself but couldn't speak up because of being born and raised in a strict muslim family. but after leaving islam i fell like i'm a free bird now like i could go anywhere like same as i could think whatever i like as a freethinker.

UKNazm MhLondon

was born and raised in a strict muslim family. was taught about islam as religion all my childhood but as i grew old i found myself confused about islam and couldn't embrace islam as a religion. soon after i felt like i don't want to follow it anymore. its good to be s freethinker now and it makes me fell like i'm not restricted by any kind of religious barrier.

UKSajeeb AbedLondon

I was born in Bangladesh with restricted Islamic Muslim family and environment. gradually I realize I am Ex-Muslim, because the reason I left my religion strict religious activities. I always had specific felling for humanity and equality. I never ever found rationale in many aspects of religions. The entity of God is always raised as question in my life. In additional to this, I dont believe in God.

UKMohammad Mahamud SajivLondon

I am an Agnostic originally from Bangladesh, currently living in UK. I was born into a muslim familly where all my friends and family are practicing muslim. I always had a lot of questions about god and religion since my childhood but since i was born in religious family, i was not allow to ask any questions relating to religion. They made me learn how to read Quran in Arabic but with out having to know the meaning of it, and this was the case for most the kids at that time and now. so i brought up as a muslim but not knowing many thing about islam. After my high school i came to uk to attend university and this when i started my research and finally it led me to become an ex-muslim and Agnostic. The main purpose for me to join this community is to get to know like minded people and learn from them and make some friends.

UKIman ramLondon

I joined to this society, because I want to express my thoughts.

UKR RashidLeeds

I'm a 24 year old British Asian Bisexual Ex-Muslim. I used to be very religious as a result of my upbringing by my strict religious mother. I was sent to an Islamic Boarding School (Madrasa) at age 11 where I memorised the Quran and learnt about Islam from scholars. My experience at Madrasa was largely unenjoyable and unpleasant. I later came to resent my religion and my strict parents. Once I left Madrasa at age 16 I started questioning things and would get into a lot of arguments with my parents. For a period I became atheist and hated god, but a few years later returned to Islam after coming across some videos by online Muslim speakers and scholars. Then, in the last year or so, I came across videos by ex-Muslims, such as Introverted Smiles, Jajabor The Nomad, and the Masked Arab. As a result I started questioning things again and now I'm an atheist. My sexuality and bad experiences have led me to reject ideas of god and religion, but more importantly, Islam does not make any sense. Ultimately I feel rationality, and not emotion, is the key instigator in my breaking free from the shackles of dogmatic ideology.

I wish to join the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain as I would like to connect with other ex-Muslims. As such I'd love to be notified of any upcoming events. Thanks for everything you're doing!!

InternationalAzadeh MojaveriGermany

In Islam, the youth are flogged and hung and women are stoned; there are a hundred days of mourning every year; happiness is prohibited, beauty is prohibited. Love is forbidden. Logic is banned as is living a normal life and and and. Any reasonable person will keep away from this terrible belief. I announce loud and proud that I am not a Muslim anymore.

وقتی در اسلام جوانان را شلاق می‌زنند ،اعدام میکنند، زنان را سنگسار می‌کنند ، ۱۰۰ روز عزاداری است ، شادی حرام است ، زیبایی حرام است ، عشق حرام است،حرف حساب زدن حرام است، زندگی کردن حرام است و و و... هر آدم عاقلی از چنین چیز هولناکی گریز می‌کند ، با شهامت اعلام میکنم که من "از اسلام روی برگرداندم"

UKAmina HaajiLondon

I decided to join this community and officially become a member because there is no one else I can relate to in real life due to who I am. I have one cousin who's very close to me that has also left Islam which is great. However, I'd really like to meet new people who share similar views and opinions to me as I haven't gotten the opportunity to do that on a larger scale. I do feel alone sometimes and it is great to finally discover a community that will understand me.

I want to hear about everybody's background, stories, experiences, growth, struggles, and successes. Not quite sure about what else to write... I'm not very good at this haha.

UKnurun nabilondon

our life very short so in this life enjoy...

InternationalAlhasan FatoumArnhem

I'm a 20 years old Photographer from Syria, emigrated to the Netherlands, I've became an atheist after reading books in Syria and about the universe theories, i studied electric engineering assistance in Syria but didn't finish because i had to flee the country, right now i work with many different dutch organisation

UKfleur JBirmingham

Hi, I am already a member of MECA and I would like to meet more people who are ex-muslims. I have met Imtiaz, Aaliyah and Maryam Namazie (my name is Foz...)

UKmuhammad shahidlondon

I does not believe on Islam or on any religion because the religions are made by humans as a product to sell and make money.and I have detailed practical study and experience on I am agnostic and I am a gay,I have life threats in pakistan,and I have very limited social circle of my friends so I want to join this group for some of these reasons.

UKNikasha K

To get support from other ex-Muslims who've been through this and feel like I'm not alone