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UKBeatrice MManchester

I had never really believed in Islam as I was growing up but had to go through the motions as even when I was young I understood how I could never tell my family. During university I actually started to make an effort to practice (influence of arab muslim friends who showed me the difference between religion and culture), but after some years I realised that a lot of it didn't make sense to me. I 'officially' decided to myself that I was not muslim a few years ago in my late 20s. I would love to get to know like minded people.

UKJohn BlytheBrighton

Hello there,

I am an atheist from a liberal Christian background, but I was drawn to your site after having read The Quran cover to cover. I have written a brief critique of The Quran which you are welcome to read. I am highly supportive of your cause and would like to meet some new people!


UKMomit HasanBarking

My name is M Hasan 29 years old living in London originally come from Bangladesh. I left islam 2012 . My parents 70 years old really worried about me they think I'm on the wrong track, I don't want to heart them but sometimes when I see our relatives come to our home they telling to my parents your son is a atheist he's not part of our society, then they feels guilty now I left home nd living myself working for humanity ,I want relase our society nd community nd world from religious extremists.

UKA PatNorwich

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful.
I have left islam, i would like to be part of a like minded community of people and hopefully meet some new people through this. As i have very recently left islam I would also like some support and guidance through this procedure.

UKMahi BhuiyanLondon

When you find out religious & god is nothing more than a human idea to control and create power through fear or mass murder or slaughtering.
Entire human generation is divided though this idea.Its so funny that still everyone is trying to sell their idea ,like best among others.

UKRaeesa AhmedLondon

Although I have been questioning faith for a long time now, I have recently made the conscious decision to leave islam after being involved in discussions on twitter and finding other ex-muslims through the internet, especially those from the MENA. I would like to be able to join a community of like minded people.

InternationalWilliam HeronVung Tau

I grew up in a council estate in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 80s surrounded by religious nutters. I had some very good friends who became terrorists in their mid to late teens. I believe the monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are inherently evil. I left NI in my early twenties and moved to London and found an escape from the religious insanity of my youth. I realised the England was going down the same road as NI and left after 23 years to live in a country where religion is barely tolerated. I gained the same sense of relief moving to Vietnam as I did when I first moved to London. I have a young son and due to the intollerance religion displays I feel Europe is not a suitable place to bring up children.

UKFatima Bismillah

I am 21 years old and I left Islam when I was 18 years old. I had to leave my family home due to strict and controlling Islamic upbringing. I live alone and felt like there was no-one I could speak to about the problems I am having. So glad I found this place, It's nice to see I can talk to people who are going through similar things.

InternationalYunis Alsaa

iam 29 years old
I have 2 children ..,
Became atheist few months ago
I teach my children islam and quran against my well
No one know about me because my Society
I hope this site is scure

UKLaura W.London

My name is Laura (not using my real name for safety reasons, though on second thoughts I may keep my new name) and I am an ex Muslim woman from Greater Manchester, now living in London after fleeing from persecution, honour violence, gender based violence and domestic abuse carried out by family members, friends, relatives, community members and professional representatives. I am 23 years old and I have been an ex Muslim since I became a young adult.
As someone who has gone through violence after violence, I refuse to live and have a relationship with my abusers, including family members.
My purpose of becoming a member is to have access to attend events organised by the Council.

UKSaira Binns

i am at a crossroads in my life, having been brought up Muslim I'm not sure whether I ever believed.
I think I'm agnostic as it's a safe place for me to be right now....

UKNoreen Akhtar

Ex Muslim want to meet like minds

UKTauqir Aslam

How can any sane individual dedicate his entire life to worshipping an invisible being, which tells him that if his worship is not sincere, he will suffer eternal pain. Is this love? Is this tolerance? Is this compassion?

UKPeshtiwan Ali

I feel isolated and none exists because it seems no body understands me anymore, lose faith is has very significant aspect of my life .. I just want to get in touch with people like minded...

UKMohammad Hassan

I am currently an international student here in the UK. I started questioning my faith at a very early age, most of my question were either ignored or was told that good Muslims dont ask such questions. It took me 5 years and alot of reading to finally understand and leave Islam. My parents are religious and they still dont accept that i have left islam, they sending me religious messages on whatsapp.
For my safety i sometimes i pretend to be a Muslim in-front of my friend or when i am visiting my country.

InternationalSophia Qatar

My name is Sophia (obviously can't use my real name) and I'm an ExMuslim woman from Qatar. I was raised in extremely tribal and traditional muslim family. I am tired of living a double life. i am sick and tried of pretending to be someone i am not. i am tired of being afraid to express myself and reject to dress like a muslim woman (covered in black from head to toe and was forced to wear face veil since i was teen). i am tired of society expecting me to be a devoted Muslim and having to practice Islam in public including fasting 30 days every year in Ramadan as all muslim people must do no matter how strict or not strict they are in following the religion. i have faced severe punishments in the past for trying to question the religion and expressing my doubts in school and between family so i am very scared to even consider coming open and announce that i have never really embraced Islam. i was raised to never question or consider anything else outside the religion to be true. I am very terrified as i have opened up to one of my Muslim friends whom i considered my best friend and whom i thought was liberal enough to know about my "decision to leave the religion" she became very upset and offended and she offended me then shunned me and i told her well since you are behaving this way and treating me this way despite our long friendship then i am glad that i have left this racist religion that makes people turn into racist bigots. i am very scared as i was very heartbroken and offended when i was talking to her so now i am very scared that she might tell someone about me and put my life and freedom in danger so i have cut all communication with her and i became extremely careful to whom i tell or show my true identity no matter how close this person is and how liberated they may seem. i want to be clear that i am very open minded person, yes i was hurt by Islam and my Muslim family in the past but i am not against Muslims or those who choose to follow the religion as long as they are not hating me for my choice to not follow it. i just wish that my country laws can protect people like myself but unfortunately the laws itself is not allowing religious freedom for those who are born as Muslims even though they didn't choose to become Muslims and Qatar is one of the 13 countries in the world that states apostates must be executed. till now we have not heard of any exmuslim in Qatar being executed on the ground of leaving Islam for the same reason exmuslims in Qatar never talk openly inside the country of their beliefs due to the fear of death, punishment and abuse b y family, and prison or at least permanent travel ban for women. i have met online many exmuslims from Qatar who have permanently left the country and are living normal lives in western countries. just because no body is opening up in Qatar about being apostate does not mean we do not exist. it's just that the matter is too serious to express it freely inside the country when there are no laws that protects the apostates and on the contrary, are clearly stating the prohibition of converting to other faiths or leaving the Islamic religion for people who are born Muslims.

UKIfrah Kayse

I've been a non-Muslim for 3 years, and it was a long long process. I spent 2013-14 convinced I was being dragged by Satan and led astray, I was terrified. I have now come to terms with the fact that I don't agree with Islam, and I can't believe in it. I am in a very, very connected Somali community so I've always been scared of being cast out from everything I have ever known. I don't want to betray my family and leave them to suffer the shame, but I don't want to live a lie. I have always been a well-behaved kid, and I was very religious all my life. I never once questioned the Quran, I attended mosque since I could walk and I knew several things by heart. But I was known for asking 'why?' all the time, and my curious self that always questioned everything eventually questioned all I believed in. I can't explain it as anything but it clearing up to me. It all cleared up and I saw the religion for what it really was, and I couldn't grasp this. I have been taught since I was a toddler that I will burn, I will perish if I abandon God, I must fear God, bow down to him- submit to all he says. But there's so much wrong with it, so much that my 13 year old self saw through it all. I cried for days on end. I begged Allah to forgive me, to help me. I asked him to pull Satan away and to stop me being possessed. The confliction ended eventually, and I am now an athiest.

I guess this is where I should talk about my mum. She found out. I still can't believe it. I thought it'd never happen, but it did. It was sometime last week and she woke me up to go to mosque as she's done for years. My siblings woke, but I couldn't. It wasn't fatigue, I'd been feeling this way for months. I hated going. While the teachers preached and I felt like a hypocrite, a liar. I couldn't go, I just couldn't stand it. So I slept, and my siblings went. My mum was very angry, asking what's wrong with me. I started crying, and I had to get it out. "Why should I go? Why should I go if I don't believe in it?'

I said it. And my mum, she didn't cause a fuss, or cry or scream. She came over and hugged me, and said she knew. She had known and noticed for about a year, but she denied it. I asked her in tears why she wasn't telling me I'm wrong, but she said, 'I'm not the typical somali parent, I grew up in a Western society (Finland), I think a bit differently.'
She then burst into tears, and I was so astonished that she was taking it so well, and I did too. She told me what I had suspected, I could not tell a soul. I never wanted to think this, but it's true, it's genuienly true. She said my life would be in danger if I told anyone, and she'd send me to university when I'm 18 (in two years, I'm in Year 12 at the moment). She also said it had to be far so I'd be safe, but not too far. I asked her if she could visit me, or even call, anything. My mum was teary again, and said Allah told her she cannot support me. So, unbelievably, we have a plan now together, but it is so sad. We only have two years left, and she even said we should make the most of it. In that moment, while I was hugging and crying with my mum, I realised that I'd miss her, and my 6 siblings so much. There's no going back, or even considering pretending to be Muslim. In two years, it all changes. I'm scared someone will find out, but I think that's me overworrying. I don't want to leave my family, but I have no choice.

So, why am I here? Well, the last time I was here was 2014, I was lonely and needed alike people to relate to, and I read the forums as a ghost reader. I am now a member, and I hope to take part in the discussions. I am lucky that my mum did not cast me out, and that I have a little time left. It's surreal, still indescribably sad that I may not see my family again, but it's a step forward. I hope I've done the right thing, and I hope I can use this site when I'm alone in two years. I really hope so.

Ifrah, 16 years old

🙂 I need to stay happy, no matter what.

UKHarleen KaurLuton

I am feeling so depressed because my family disowned me for leaving Islam. Joining this community will help me meet people like me and it will help me overcome my depression.

InternationalMuhammad Rehan

I do not believe in any God.

UKMohsen Bahadori birganiLiverpool

rock idols were made with human hands and the gods and religen were born of the human mind. i say man place so high is that need to imaginary creatures in gods name does not havent, for a good life.


I was born in a Muslim family and very religious suburb in Tehran, Iran.
When I was at school and we had to study Quran and subject about Islam every single year even at university which they are compulsory and I had a lots of question in my mind but when start ask question about Islam they said you should have not ask these type of question and I could not search in Internet because government filter them.
One day my brother told me about some books which they criticised Islam, when I started to read them I found answer to most of my question and when I moved to England I could read more and more and even I think I just found my self and I call it new born.

InternationalMohammed Abdou

I just wanna someone to defend me cuz i\'m tortured and i\'ve catcalled many times . I just wanna have my rights as a human .I don\'t wanna feel strange anymore . I wanna feel free to express myselm without any doubts.

UKUnknown name

I am Muslim born and grown in Pakistan . I live in Uk from last 12 years with my family I have 2 children
I was very religion practice in fact my older son goes to Islamic private school. After reading books and watching many debate clips on YouTube now I am very confused I am loosing faith in Islam now I am too scare to let me family knows but my wife is with me she lost the faith too but my other family members in uk and Pakistan I don\'t know what to do
Please help me in this matter


Ex muslim since 14 years old. Now two years later, very proud of myself for it.