CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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YemenAmran Shaalan

I have a Bachelor Degree in Sciences, majored in Chemistry and I can speak English

YemenJohn Abdallh

I am a person in Yemen who fights the clergy from injustice and oppression in

YemenEmad Alhammadi

Hello there, I'm Emad from Yemen, 23 years old and I'm living in the capital

YemenSaddam Saleh

Islam is an irrational religion that rejects civilization and loves violence. It is a false

VietnamWilliam Heron

I grew up in Northern Ireland surrounded by religious nut jobs who liked to kill.

VietnamWilliam Heron

I grew up in a council estate in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 80s

USAJonathan Ibarra

I believe people ought to have the right to believe or not believe in any


I live in USA; I am originally from the Levant part of the Middle East.

USAMuddy Abbas

I was born in conservatively moderate muslim family (I know its not a word, but

USAShawna Murray

Congratulations on breaking free!!!...i was not indoctrinated with religion as a child but i can


I am an atheist from deep within the so called \"Bible Belt\" of the United


I had the opportunity to read the article about you in The Times March 12,

USSkeptic griggsy
unknownWithout land

I converted to Islam 15 years ago. My family is Orthodox Christians and I was

United States of America ( The Great Satan )Ullu Ka Pattha

I\'m 28, an ex-muslim. I was born into a fairly liberal Pakistani family. Grew up

United States of AmericaMichael Gray

I was born and raised in a catholic family. But I discarded those beliefs as

United StatesMark Cross

First of all. I am not an ex-Muslim - but I am an ex-Mormon, and

United StatesShahir Salyani

I am 50 years old, and live in PA, USA (greater Philadelphia). I left Islam

United StatesNasser Nahid

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

United StatesEhsan Ali

A Pakistani Ex-Muslim who comes from center-right family..

United StatesEhsan Ali

A Pakistani Ex-Muslim who comes from a centre-right family..

United StatesEhsan Ali

A Pakistani Ex-Muslim who comes from a center-right family...

United StatesEhsan Ali
United StatesKhaldoon Alghanimi

Originally from Iraq, born and raised as a Shist Muslim. I entered the "HAWZA" in

United StatesSamuel Eiting

I join as a general resound of ending all violent religion.

United StatesIqbal Nouyed

To get in touch with the ex-muslim community to find a sense of belonging ,

United StatesNaseem Jamali

I am a life-long atheist since I started college in Pakistan. I did not com

United StatesNohad Nassif

Hi, I would love to join, communicate with, and learn from like-minded people.

United StatesNaseem Jamali

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

United KingdomEzatullah Qoriashi

I was born in an extremist Islamist family in my home country. I grew up

United KingdomJagveer Singh Danvinder Mohali

I just don't believe I have a muslim mother and a sikh father and both

United KingdomMaya Amir

I left Islam a while ago and am now an atheist I really like how

United KingdomReena Kirkwood

Hi im a exmuslim in manchester as I feel.left out here not many people like

United KingdomStrengthening Faithlessness

My conscience, sexuality, experiences and disposition is in direct opposition to Islam.

United KingdomHaroon Arshad

I'm an atheist, and ex Muslim. I want people friends to talk to and share

United KingdomLubna Abbasi

I came long time ago but due to life situation could not continue. I need

United KingdomYoussef Bayoumi

I'm an ex-muslim Egyptian. I'm currently studying in Manchester, and would like to meet people

United KingdomHamdi Mohamed

I have finally found the evil in Islam.

United KingdomAfnan Gohar

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

United KingdomLubna Noor

I’m an ex Muslim. I believe in freedom, dignity, human rights, decency, fairness and free

United KingdomMaaria B

I lost my faith around 11 year olds but continued to act as a Muslim

United KingdomAlexander Wilhelm B. Black

Islam is a Religion of Dishonesty, Deception and Neurotic Nonsense. I left it around a

United KingdomAli Muhammad

Hi my name is Muhamnad Ali and I m ex Muslim born in Pakistan and

United Kingdomsteve stratton

I am a 'new atheist'and believe that all religions should be challenged and open to

United KingdomHana Ahmad

Islam is a deeply mysoginist religion and needs to be called out at every opportunity.

United KingdomMaryam Ali

I was raised a Muslim from birth and taught about how Allah would hurt those

United KingdomAsif Bing

Everyone deserves equality and freedom. Exmuslims are subjected to harassment from different communities. I want

United KingdomHouzan Salih

Hello! I am houzan an ex muslim,I'm quite happy to find this community page as

United KingdomYentl Y ALAM

Growing up in the U.k, aged 11, I was incensed that I was told my

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