CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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Indiarangeela rasool

To enlight the lost souls.to save humanity and human civilization from this Pedo cult....

New ZealandAlan

To become enlightened

Irangol pesar

To be contacted with other atheists and agnostics , and know their opinions... I'm so

AlgeriaAhmed BRAHIMI

THISHi everyone, I was born and educated as a Muslim in North Africa. Although, I

United KingdomNoor Ahmed

This organization is important not only to fight injustice and oppression, but also hugely as


This organisation is appealing to be because I was brought up in a very strict

United KingdomSK Benzadid


AfghanistanMohammad Zarif Jamal


UKSonia Wahab

This is Sonia Wahab. The current statement is my testimony that I am now an

United KingdomShams Ahmad

This is Shams From Saudi Arabia, I have raised in extreme Islamic culture, and as


This is probably one of the very few forums which gives voice to many people

United KingdomAbdul Kadir

This is Abdul Kadir an ex-Muslim want to join the UK’s biggest ex-Muslim organisation. My

The NetherlandsRob Lentink

This is a cause I very much support!

United Kingdomyasmin mohamud

This group is important to me due to the support it would give me to

Sami Hamza

This a wonderful resource and community! I would say \'alhamdulillah\' but since I\'m atheist, that

SenegalMansour BAYE

There are so many contradictions in Quran and Islam.I cannot beleive that a God who

UgandaAdil Bahauddin

There are many people with Islamic background who want to pursue a path of reason

IraqAofadia Idan

The world will be safe and wonderful without religion, those religion's destroyed our life, the


The Strict religious activities especially in Saudi Arabia, the environment in which I grew up

United KingdomShehzad Siddiqi

The religion of my family, which they choose to believe in is Islam. I, however


The reason why I choose to leave religion was, because it is too irrelevant in


The reason I wish to the join the council of ex-Muslims is that it\'s about


The organisation will be a place to meet people who had the very same journey


The more I have read and studied about Islam the stronger I have come to

United KingdomEnyetul Huda

The main purpose of todays interest is to become a member of Ex-Muslim society is

United KingdomMahdi Ghaderi

the main purpose of joining this group is to write an article. I have moved

S. Khan

the lucky dogI had a school in Pakistan where Taliban threatened me to shut it

United KingdomFarshid Aryan Khesal

The Islamic regime of my country, Iran, does not recognize people like me who are

AustraliaJohn Regan

The emergence of organisations such as CEMB are vital developments in the struggle against all

NigeriaGazaki Garba

The discrimination and persucation of irreligious people motivated to became member of this great organization,

James Higgs

The culture of Islam is vastly inferior to that of anyone raised unto traditional Western

United KingdomAdnan Ali

The Concept of Religion is something that was created by humans to control us from

AustraliaPeter Sharp

The CEMB stands for freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of belief and freedom


The CEMB manifesto is an excellent document, I wholeheartedly support it. I think it is

United Kingdomraja aamer nazeer

the biggest reason is that i beleive in only humanity and i agree with your

Oliver Dickinson

The aggressive push by Islam is a threat to me, my family, my friends and

iraqmichael ahmed

thanks for you guys as an ex-muslim all I want is my rights in my

United KingdomBE FREE

Thank you for the opportunity to join this group. I left Islam about a year

Al Haq

Surely I am allowed to love the truth.

Christopher Walker

Support your cause and I\'m inspired by your courage. Keep up the good work!

TunisiaMohamed Ezzeddine

Support fellow ex-muslims

United KingdomFaisal Rahim

Struggling with faith since my adolescence and despite not being sent to Friday school or

Moham Engineer

Some years ago I suffered Islam; I was arrested for Blasphemy, then sentenced to death;

NetherlandsMaryam Hussein

So it all started when my bestfriend came out the closet (as an atheist) during

United KingdomSumaiya Khan

So I am an atheist have been for the past 2 years or something crazy

AustraliaCatherine Mancha

So as not to feel alone. I was an only child brought up in an

United KingdomMariam Mohana

Since I decided to leave Islam, I feel isolated a bit. I can't discuss my

Khalid Mohamed

Simply put, I woke up. I come from a strict muslim background. Family originally came

Saudi ArabiaFares Private

Simply because most people around me want to kill me if they knew I am

Hicham Ouallaf

Shortly After i came to England i met lot of good people from different backgrounds

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