NameLina Hassan

I left Islam about a year ago after being raised very religious & being married to a Muslim man. That ended due to his wanting me to become too subservient and his increasingly extreme and isolating religious beliefs. That put me on a journey where I was looking to find whether I had had the right to refuse his demands from an Islamic perspective because I felt so guilty and like a bad Muslim wife. But anything I found supporting me was not from a reputable source, and all of the reputable sources pointed exactly to my fears. This prompted more exploration of the Qur'an, hadith & history, eventually leading to my apostasy. A large majority of my family is still Muslim & I've not been able to tell them as I'm worried it may impact our relationship. I have not been able to really meet or talk to any other ex Muslims and really would like to feel I have some sort of connection to people who think like me.