NameNangyaal Khan

My name is Nangyaal Khan (Not my real name). I left islam because it is not a peaceful religion as it was taught to us throughout our childhood in schools, madrassas, at home and at mosques.
In my opinion, Islam is an outdated political ideology which promotes violence against those who doesn't believe in it. Moreover it doesn't give right to women as it give rights to a man and inferiors women. It also doesn't give right to LGBTQ+ community to live life their way, thus it has no place in the modern and civilized societies.
I have been an agnostic for a year and ultimately became an atheist 3 years ago. I have been through physical and mental torture from taliban and Mullahs back at home country because of the criticism over this religion.

It feels great to be a member of CEMB because i found my like minded folks here and got a chance to learn more ideas from them.