NameShaheeb Gaffoor

Hi , I am Shaheeb Gaffoor, 32, from colombo Srilanka, last month I came to UK , and now living near Heathrow airport, London, with my wife who is still a Muslim, but not practicing islam much, she knows I m an exmuslim and she is ok, but her family i m pretention like a Muslim guy, and she is working here as care taker, and have 3 years skilled labor Visa, we are planning to study work and settle here.
Short description about myself, I was born and raised in a Muslim family, with 8 siblings, but I left Islam 9 years ago in 2014 together with my two younger sisters, all others are still Muslim and few of them are bit radical Muslim or having very conservative thoughts. Me and younger sisters faced lots of verbal and physical abuse from them , we even made police complaints to control or warm them. I joined council of exmuslim of Srilanka in 2017 and still a member of that, maintaining very low profile,
After I got married my wife had a chance to work in UK so I moved here as her dependant, my 2 younger sister are stuck in Srilanka and facing lots of issues, I will try my Best to take them out of Srilanka once we are settled
And Here I would like to meet exmuslim who are in UK, to make connections and talk. Like I didn't in Srilanka.
If you needed any further verification please feel Free to contact me via mail or calls.
Hope my application will be accepted and I can join your council ASAP.

Thank you
Shaheeb Gaffoor