NameShabbana K

Hello. I've been meaning to join for years, and now I am. I rejected Islam about 30 years ago but came out to my family about 29/28 years ago. I felt I had to tell my dad, as I'm too honest and I had to let them know, in person as I cannot abide hypocrisy. I immediately left and made my home to thd Isle of Wight ( i was up North at the time). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was assaulted in my own home (which was far from my family), abducted and eventually released as my partner alerted the police. I took an injunction order against all of my immediate family (barring my parents) and so I lost all contact with them for decades. I can't abide Islam. I hate thd fact I could be called 'Islamophobic ' just for criticising scripture, dress, culture, etc,etc but I still do it. Just don't bloody care.