NameLamah Al Saif

I found this website after coming across Maryam Namazie books and her Instagram account. I was extremely happy to find such a group. I came from Saudi Arabia and seeked asylum two years ago in the uk fleeing my extremest Shia family prosecution after leaving Islam in 2021.
I came on my own, confident of my decision and I got the right to remain. However, very often I felt lonely and misunderstood by many people assuming that I am still a Muslim because of my name or the fact I came from a country that has the most sacred place and the birth of Islam. Others were mad that I was born in a sacred place and chose to “rebel” and become and atheist.
I stopped telling people where I’m from and felt the need to still be closeted even here in the uk. I’m so happy I found this website and I wish to join to feel a sense of community that I never truly felt. A place where I can be myself and feel librated. Also, I have just started writing what I hope to be my first book and memoir about all the horror and trauma I’ve experienced being born and raised in an extremest Shia group with both my parents being huge influencers, writers, event organizers and popular religious leaders in my town.
Looking forward to be a part of this libration movement and to feel belonged and help women like me who fled or trying to flee.
Thank you