NameNeelum Yasmeen

I am Neelum Yasmeen, mainly from Pakistan (KPK). since childhood I was very inquisitive about Allah and his messenger a dig about the facts ,turned me into atheism, in age of 24.

However, disclosure remained pending since the consequences spans from beating to death/death penalty, such as of Mashal khan, Siri Lanka man, and the very latest the man in PTI rally. moreover, Junaid Hafeez who had been sentenced to death by the judge for blasphemy accusation. heart wrenchingly , sweets were shared after the death penalty mandate.

Sadly, I was born in such a state where amendments are never considered where unfair orders are ordered to follow those who appose are most commonly supressed or considered apostate and killed or killed then burnt. For long, observing this all behaviours , carrying out pretentious Islamic practices , hiding my true identify, and seeing the extremists all around me caused me panic attack in 2021 led me to medication and mental disorder for around a year. thankfully, continuous medication cured me to some extent yet on and off, I experience the anxiety sensation whenever I witness anything relevant. I have gone through a lot more than I have mentioned.

further, survival in Pakistan as an ex-Muslim is an every moment challenge. Additionally giving birth to atheists in Pakistan is nothing but simply an injustice to oneself and to the successors. Accordingly since 2014 I was trying so hard to escape from Pakistan but I hardly managed to reach England in 2023.

To sum it up, England gave me the chance to interact with the like minded people. meeting to other ex-Muslims will give me some emotional support which I greatly need at this time. I want to know more and more ex-Muslims and want to be friends with them so I may not feel socially separate or abundant.