NameSun Flower

I seek to make amends for the person I was through all the years of misguided conviction and unwavering faith under a false god. For all the suffering I have caused others through the words and actions I commited when I was ignorant and lost. And I hope to guide others out of the faith that left no room for kindness nor empathy nor love, so that they may avoid making the mistakes that I had made with my blind hatred and closed heart.
Because now after all these years, after the veil lifted and I became free, I can hope. The hope that my people may one day reject the false light of the cold moon and return to the warm embrace of the sun. For our freedom from the cruelty of war and death that is imposed on us not only by others but by ourselves unto ourselves throughout all these years. For us to be the beautiful, expressive and loving people we could always be, with the gentle eyes, soft voices and kind hearts I know that we all possess.

I will make amends for my mistakes, starting here, by searching for others like me.