Hello respected, sir or madam, my name is huzaifa.i,m 22 year old. I'm from Pakistan and i,m facing islamic torture since i was born. I live in an Islamic country, but I don't want to be a Muslim. I have no choice but to claim to be a Muslim: If I leave Islam, they will execute me according to Muslim law.Where can I go to have a peaceful, life? Can I get asylum in any countries?My father divorced to my mother after 28 years of marriage. I can't meet my mom and my sister. Because i don't home , money .now me and my sister my mother we are not together .in my childhood my father sent me islamic bording school . They people punish me very badly . I was just 10 year old . Islamic teachers tourcher to me . Punish me with electricity wire water pipe they tie my mouth and beat me like animals. They rape with childrens. I feel ashamed to telling you .😭Please help us. I,m mentally depressed. I dont wanna live this islamic flithy country. life is like hell here. My life is very hard here . Islamic law is more cruel than hell. These people are very cruel here. 🥹 i want freedom from this islamic Oucopatin. i wanna start my new happy life with my family . I come here with lot of hope. Please do something for me.i will be thankful to you.