I would like to join as I think there is a lot of work to be done to prevent the religious from imposing on the liberties and freedoms of the non religious. As an ex Muslim who was raised in a Muslim community I understand a little too well how judgemental, condemning and hateful the religious community can be. Not only do they maintain their prejudices but preach that they have God\'s endorsement. I have become convinced of the falsehood of religion through reading about the topic from different perspectives. The work of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins was particularly enlightening. That\'s not to say I was indoctrinated (in the same way as I was with Islam as a child) but rather I took many years to reflect and debate and wrestle with different ideas. My own personal experience has highlighted to me how judgemental, condemning and hateful the religious can be. That\'s not to say all Muslims or theists for that matter are that way inclined but religion doesn\'t recommend or advise, it dictates and threatens great punishment for non submission. And many of its dictations are simply put, barbaric. Having escaped this tyrannical doctrine I want to now help support others who may be in a similar situation and to promote an alternative viewpoint. Based on empathy, compassion and human kindness and to demonstrate that atheism and nihilism are not one and the same.