NameZara Shaen

If I had to give one reason as to why I have joined, because I want to make a change. I feel Muslim women, not necessarily in Islam, more by culture, are heavily oppressed. We are called whores if we wear low cut tops and short skirts, and if a man leaves his wife for us, we are the ones who are condemned. I find it disgusting how we are encouraged to marry and have children, as if that\'s our only purpose in life, and how we are taught to cook and clean to impress the mother in law is despicable. If we are to have a child out of wedlock, then we are automatically rushed into a wedding faster than you can say \"Jack Robinson\". Have women really got no identity in the Muslim community? Do we really have such little value? I want the human rights across the world to improve for Muslim women, and I want the attitudes of Muslim men in the west, the idea that we are voiceless objects, to change. I also feel that we as ex-Muslims are seen as stupid and moronic if we part from Islam, as if that\'s our only identity, and we are, most of the time, seen as mental defects by our families. I think it\'s wrong to be born into a religion, as I was born into Islam. It was Maryam Namazie\'s speech about the organisation that made me want to join. I could fully relate to the ideas of the council and I want to join. - This one.