NameR. M. W. A.

I grew up in a very Islamic environment. I always thought Islam was the right religion; I prayed, fasted and tried to do everything which Islam propagates to do.
But once i traveled abroad, and my non Muslims friends started bombarding me with questions about Islam, its contradictions and dark age laws, all my Islamic beliefs came down after some serious scrutiny on my own about Islam. I was told that practicing Islam leads to harmony in a society. If that is the case then why are Muslims killing others all around the world, and disrupting peace? Quran and Hadiths are full of contradictions. You can find all kinds of verses and Hadiths to back up your any-kind-of ideology.
Questioning Islam and leaving it, was Initially immensely painful as i had always felt strongly about those beliefs. But now I believe in my own principles and brotherly love for everyone regardless of race, caste, sect, and religion. I do not think there is someone up there, who wants you to wage wars against \'infidels\', and then would reward you with 72 virgins to have long sex with them.
I want to join this group for support and encouragement as i find it hard to fight for my life all alone as an apostate.