hi, my name is tabish and i was born and raise in a very strict muslim family. my though about life and religion change when i came to uk and see the freedom of speech and start exploring things which is always in my mind when i was young then i realize that religion is for only dividing human for no reason and taking peace from human life and keep them in stress and tensed life for this world and the world after..... all im asking is if there is any god then why human being is surffering from things like nowadays around us? if the holy books are real then why it sounds like a fairy tale or more like a story books? these all things are fabricated and made to keep all human busy fighting for nothing...... life is like an ice cream enjoy it before it melt down, respect human and they will respect you back cuz every good intentions have same and equal reaction or may be more then you expect, this world made cuz of big bang not cuz of god so stop wasting time in religious things which is full of bull shit