NameShakib Khan

It needs no telling that converting or leaving one\'s own belief that has been rising since we born, is not as easy as it looks like. Undoubtedly, I have been reckoning the same sort of obstacles and social negligence, when I have lost the faith in my own religion as well as all the religions.

I always had specific feeling for humanity and equality. I never found rationale in many aspects of religions. The entity of God is always been raised as question in my mind.
I could never be able to find the resolutions for the issues in almost every religion such as;
- Inequality in woman rights
- Inhuman activities
- Irrational facts
- Negligence in term of critical discussions, modern science and insight of knowledge in various facts of the world
- Prohibitions and dominative laws created by religious leaders in their own favours
- pretending as the best religion
- Division amongst human being
- Increasing intolerance and internal clashes amongst different religion followers
- Individual laws those also cause conflicts with general life
- Confusions in many areas of belief but force to be agreed with
- Negative and adverse reactions of religious groups towards other religion followers and especially on Atheists.
- Intolerant, aggressive and blind attitude and sentiments of the believers
- Terrorism and extremism due to religious faith that making the world without peace

In addition, I have decided to not believe in God due to having loss of faith for the personal development of knowledge and understanding.

Being a musician, I have always a cultural and creative mind that leads me in to experiences about many philosophical aspects.
As an Atheist since three years, I have been experiencing lot of misbehave and negligence from my own family members, dearest friends, nearest neighbours, and fears and threats for not going back to my country due to Extremist groups called ZAMAT-E- ISLAM and SHIBIR.

As per we all can see the press releases and media coverages about the very recent attacks on the atheist bloggers and secularists in Bangladesh, the current Prime Minister and Home Minister have shown their own restrictedly blind belief on religion rather than allowing the minority for freedom of speech (
It is a matter of great regret that neither the government nor the general people of Bangladesh do accept open minded people like us other than neglecting by saying \'NASTEEK\' means atheist or non-believer.
In the end of the day, I do respect all the people from all background regardless race, colour, age, religion and custom as well as believe in humanity, equality and peace.