CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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Shaun Moorcroft

I wish to offer my support to all the people of the world who choose


I fucking hate Islam. I\'m sick and tired of having to stop what I am

Shahrokh Shaveissi
Saimir Krasniqi

I never knew something like this existed and just found out from a BBC programme


All i gonna say i fucked all religion because its just waste of time and


I allways questioned things about Islam since a child. It lead to huge arguements with

Saman Farmanara
Syed Tabish

I would like CEMB to contact me with my fellow member as we both really

Mohammed omor faruk Siddike

I was born in Bangladesh with fully restricted Islamic environment.now i am ex-muslim seems from

Saman Navid

I am a 19 year old atheist ex-muslim who has been living in the UK

Sam Pounaki
Mejda Mokrane

Hello I don\'t want to be labeled with terrorism when I travel I\'ll never ask

Saif Rahman

I am a 37 year old agnostic humanist born in the UK, and of Indo-Pakistani

Naveed Ahmed
Abdi Ibrahim Saleh

I am an ex-muslim now atheist from an Somali family, I left Islam because of


I am an ex-Muslim who wishes to join your organisation, I have been an ex-Muslim


To: Salima AkhtarMy dear unknown friend, i\'m joining this site to be able to answer

Saffi ex-Salafi

A normal middle class girl from the Home Counties, my mum a nurse my dad

Mehran Torkzadehtabrizi

I was born in an intellectual and well-educated family. As I can remember my mother


My name is Saeid and I am an ex-Muslim and I would like to join


I was born into and subsequently raised in a Muslim family and had remained a

Sad ex-Muslim

I wish to become a member. I have opted to do it through my email


Born and raised muslim, read many translations of the Quran and found it lacking in

Saeed Parto

I want to join CEMB to meet and support others like me who left Islam.

Muhammad bilal Daultana

I am a Pakistani ec muslim atheist and have been living in UK since 5

Ronnie Miah

I am from a Bangladeshi family and grew up in a relatively traditional Muslim household.


I\'m not a Muslim...or \"ex - Muslim\". In fact I wasn\'t raised religious at all.


I\'ve turned atheist after coming from a very conservative muslim family raised in a religous

Richard Johnson

I would like to add my voice to the growing chorus of secularists and humanists,


my name is ahmed i was born in south yeman aden . my family was

Richard Craig

As an atheist I can only admire the internal strength ex-Muslims must have to break


It\'s one thing to be an atheist but another to be an ex-muslim atheist. People

Reza Moradi
Dale Phillip

Like many other apostates, I was once also infected with the Islamic virus. I too


I had a confrontation with family members, as i come from a Bangladeshi background, which


I\'m 16, born in Britain but have strict Pakistani parents. I loved life till I

Reza Jalilivand

If there was a god, there wouldn\'t be so much oppression and cruelty.

Rabia sha

I want to join ex-muslim to meet and support others like me who left Islam.i

Somewhere Nowhere

I\'ve been an ex-Muslim for 3 years now. My open apostasy was a gradual process

Rehan Hussain
A. Z

Living as an atheist in a Muslim community was a daunting prospect when I first

Paulo Lima

Hello everyone, I\'m Paulo and I live in Rio de Janeiro. Due the fact that


Because I believe that the freedom to opt out of religion is as important as


was born and brought up muslim but I dont believe in Islam anymore supporting with


I believe in God but do not follow any religion. My pacifist nature and desire


It\'s been 12 years since I stopped believing in Islam. I\'m of Pakistani origin and


I would love to know more about people who are thinking to leave islam or


i am an ex muslim and want to join your organisation for a social support

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