NameYsabel Jehan Howard

I reject cultural relativism and uphold unconditional freedom of expression
(and the rest of the manifesto). Consequently I\'ve had a somewhat
interesting time. I trod on the toes of a high-level Catholic dinosaur and
suffered for it. I was defending Rushdie at the time. The whole thing
finally went to the Minister and (I guess) because of the affiliations of
the Blairs it was all pushed under the carpet. The fact that my ancestors
were socialists and atheists back into the C19th before there was a Labour
Party might have come into it: I do not think I was wanted in ever-so
religious New Labour. The whole business of the religious assuming and
exercising power over those who incur their displeasure is abominable with
no place in C21st Britain. It angers me that people who make a simple
decision to change their views have to be cautious about saying so. I think
we have to band together and as a feminist and a female with Marxist roots I
tend to identify with Maryam!