I was raised in a strict Muslim household and started to question the religion once I started secondary school. By year 8 I knew that this wasn\'t for me and that I couldn\'t continue living by the rules set out for me. However I also knew that there was nothing I could do at that time. I had no money and no where else to live.

8 years later and I\'m still in the same position. Although I have a job, I don\'t have enough to move out. So I\'m stuck living in this horrible house.

I cam NEVER tell my parents about my situation, EVER. I know for a fact they will either kill me or send me to a city in Africa (even though I am British).

I can\'t bear praying and fasting anymore, I don\'t know how others do it.

I know that I will never live the life I want and that kills me. But I think what would get me through all this is to talk to others, who are in the same situation I am in.