Hello Everyone! My name is Kush, originally I\'m from India (currently living in the United States), although I\'ve never been a muslim I\'ve always been interested in learning about different religions, philosophies, and belief systems from around the world. I consider myself as a spiritual seeker, someone whose realized he doesnt know. To me, truth cannot be found in a book, you cant learn what it means to be human or about this life from a book, but only through experiencing life itself. I\'ve looked any many different religions including the abrahamic religions including their holy books (torah, bible, quran). I realized religion creates more of division and conflict than anything else. If you just look at our history people have killed, fought, and done the stupidest things in the name of god. Many of these so called religions claim to have a \"Loving\" god. However, if you go against that god he will burn you in the fires of hell...Is that your idea of love? Follow my rules or burn? Thats very conditional, infact I wouldn\'t even call it love. I\'m sure as muslims it must be hard to leave your religion especially because the punishment for apostasy is death in islam. It\'s time we make a shift in humanity, human beings need to realize our unity, this is the only way peace can happen. We must live authentically - that means not live life based on how we were conditioned through religion, culture, family, society, media, etc. but instead use our own intelligence and intuition to look at life. Every human being, no matter where he comes from in the end is seeking to live a happy, fulfilled life. Yes this can be done without any dogmatic, fundamentalist belief system and ideologies. I would like to show my support and be there for anyone seeking comfort that may be going through hard times.