NameIsaac Newton

Its ironic how I left Islam in perhaps the most sacred of times where I was hoping it would have the opposite effect. However, after constantly battling with my inner feelings and desires I opened up to myself not only as a sceptic but also as being bisexual. It was a tough decision to make but I finally opened up to myself and it feels a million times better.

I was a very dedicated and religious Muslim. I offered the compulsory prayers five times a day. I read the Qur\'aan and learnt it with tajweed and the english interpretation. Also I studied the history of Islam and did further studies in hadiths, Fiqh, Manners and etiquette to name a few.

However around the age of 17 I came across Christopher Hitchens, who is now perhaps one of my Heros, who gave me a rather hard time when it came it defending my religion, whilst listening to one of his debates where we usually whipe the floor with his counterpart. I was intrigued by his arguments and I looks further into Islam and things didn\'t seem to make sense. I got increasingly worried that I will lose perhaps the most important thing to me but after constant research and over time I\'ve been able to open up to myself about it. MrPeaceMeal on YouTube was a great amount of help as I just came out to myself about how I actually feel and how I am going to be opening up to friend but not family members due to our constrained and very weak relationship.

I would love to join the community because credit to Islam where it is due, it bought together billions of people of different culture and backgrounds together and I\'m hoping I\'m able to join a great community who will accept me for who I am within and not just a label. On that note I will need to confront my partner as she is looking for a long term commitment but may decide to change her mind if I tell her I am not an agnostic. I\'d love to learn how other people of the community may hand such a situation that I am going to face with my girfriend, so the joining the community is going to bring a lot of information that I require.