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Calling all ex-Muslims in Ireland

emi-logoCalling all ex-Muslims in Ireland! A community and meet-up is being set up. Contact us on: for more information or visit their website. EMI is affiliated to the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.

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International Conference on Freedom of Conscience and Expression in the 21st Century

freedom_of_expressionInternational Conference on Freedom of Conscience and Expression in the 21st Century
Saturday and Sunday 22-23 July 2017
Central London, UK


Join notable free-thinkers from around the world for a weekend of discussions and debates on freedom of conscience and expression in the 21st century at a spectacular venue in central London during 22-23 July 2017.

The exciting two-day conference will be a follow up to the historic 2014 International Conference on the Religious-Right, Secularism and Civil Rights and will discuss censorship and blasphemy laws, freedom of and from religion, apostasy, the limits of religion’s role in society, LGBT and women’s rights, atheism, secular values and more.
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We are Ex-Muslims: We won’t be silenced!

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain is calling on ex-Muslims across the world to send us 15-20 second mobile phone videos of themselves speaking about the dangers they face, their demand to be free to believe in and live as they choose, and any messages to those that wish to silence them.

Particularly for those living in countries where apostasy is considered a prosecutable offence, ex-Muslims can send us messages anonymously, covering their faces and even changing their voices, so as to ensure their safety when the videos are made public.

Join the scream.

#ExMuslimBecause #WeWillNotBeSilenced
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#ExMuslimBecause #INeedYourLove – Flash “Dance” at Kings Cross

On July 5, 2016 a number of ex-Muslims from Bangladesh, Britain, Iran, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan and Syria converged on Kings Cross for a flash “dance” in support of freethinkers and “apostates” across the globe. On their faces and chests, they had written of “Ex-Muslim”, “Kafir”, “Atheist”, “Migrant”, “Refugee”, and “Apostate”.

They danced to Shaggy’s “I Need Your Love”** in support of all those who are isolated, intimidated, harassed, and even killed for leaving Islam or thinking freely.

They also danced in memory of Adel Al-Jaf, a young Iraqi dancer, who was killed the day before in a mass suicide bombing in Iraq with over 200 others. He had to dance in secret; they danced for him and all those who cannot dance, think, live and love in public.
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Algeria: Release Rachid Fodil and H. S. Now

fodilAlgeria Suppressing Free of expression and conscience

On 9 June 2016, the Algerian National Gendarmerie arrested two social media activists, Rachid Fodil, 27 and H. S., 28 in the Algerian Province of M’sila. They have been accused of propagating blasphemous materials and insulting Islam and the Quran on social media. The two were set to stand trial on 22 June in Sidi Aissa but the court session was postponed until an undetermined date.

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Fast-Defiance during Ramadan: A Challenge to the Islamists

ruzeh-xariThe following piece was published in The Freethinker on 21 June 2016.

On June, 24, 2016, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain is calling for a day to defy fasting rules in solidarity with those who face persecution for eating during fasting hours in Ramadan.

We will be having an “eat-in” at various embassies in London, including the Bangladeshi, Egyptian, Iranian, Moroccan, Pakistani and Saudi embassies. We are also calling on people worldwide to upload images of themselves on social media violating fasting rules using the following hashtags:


This type of fast-defiance in public every Ramadan has been spearheaded by the Algerian dejeuners and Mouvement alternatif pour les libertés individuelles in Morocco for some years now.  It’s a challenge to the Islamists and their imposition of religious rules on everyone despite personal preferences.

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Reason Rally 2016: Out, Loud and Proud for Secularism

CkH0XlqWsAASkXfIn the age of ISIS and the retreat of reason, being out, loud and proud for secularism is important. If only to say: We exist and that there are many of us. This – in and of itself – be it in Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia or the US – breaks the fear and despair. It makes us see that we are not alone. It brings hope and with it courage…
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