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  • Random Facts About Yourself
    March 30, 2017
    Quote from: questioner on March 18, 2017, 02:37 PMYeah, it's been a while. I just finished one degree and started another so I've been a little busy. How's everything?Sorry for the late reply darling. Just busy ma...
  • Qur'anic studies today
    March 30, 2017
    Quote from: zeca on August 26, 2016, 09:25 AMThe earliest documentary evidence for the hajj apparently, from the early eighth century.Petra Sijpesteijn - An Early Umayyad Papyrus Invitation for the Ḥajjhttps://www.a...
  • Question to muslims
    March 30, 2017
    Try looking for topics/posts on the matter.
  • Question to muslims
    March 30, 2017
    You are the first to tell me a response like this
  • كنت اعتقد انه على ما يرام ولكن لالالالالا
    March 30, 2017
    ما خطأ عيسى الذي جعله غير مؤهلاً لانقاذ البشرية رغم انه نبي ؟ رائع - ذاكر نايك Dr Zakir Naikحوار عن ضرب المرأة في الاسلام - ذاكر نايك Zakir Naikكثير من المسلمين ...
  • What is your opinion of Loonwatch?
    March 30, 2017
    I just found this blog about Ilisha and her ugly tactics and hypocrisy. This guy seems very reasonable, it's a shame that he appears to have abandoned the bog. I would have offered to make a contribution.
  • Question to muslims
    March 30, 2017
    Quote from: paniss492 on Today at 08:37 AMAll that ISIS says and does is in accordance with the Muslim dogma (Quran and Hadith)What makes you think a majority on this site don't believe that? Of course what...
  • What is your opinion of Loonwatch?
    March 30, 2017
    It's funny how sites like that they can objectively analyze the Jewish Bible aka the Old Testament and not ask for scholars or look for context or translation to explain things, as well as how they can point towards anything related to Israel as suppos...
  • Expanding universe?!
    March 30, 2017
    That is only if you accept Heavens means our current model of the universe rather than a generic "heaven" all sorts of religion invoke which is vague. These type of miracle claims require a context change of "heaven" from a religious one to a scientifi...
  • Love and compassion
    March 30, 2017
    Quote from: akay on March 27, 2017, 01:24 PMIslam came with mercy for all creation through the beauty of the islamic legislation which establishes justice, fairness and advocate, the grounds for security and stability in co...

Attacks on freethinkers and the celebration of apostasy and blasphemy

Dear friend We hope you are well. Increased attacks on Freethinkers On 16 March, ex-Muslim atheist H Farook, a father of two, was hacked to death in India. He was known to our Sri Lanka affiliate organisation and was killed for his views. Several men have been arrested for his murder. In Pakistan, Ayaz Nizami [...]

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Aftab Ahmed must be granted protection in Britain

Aftab at CEMB office in London Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) is concerned to learn that one of its members and activists, Aftab Ahmed (DOB: 20-10-1986; Home Office Reference: A1879243; Tribunal reference: PA/00448/2016), has been refused asylum and protection. As a CEMB activist, Ahmed has been involved in numerous public actions, conferences [...]

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More restrictions at UK universities

The below is a post by Spokesperson Maryam Namazie on restrictions faced when speaking at universities. According to a recent report, more than nine in 10 UK universities are restrictive of free speech. This doesn't surprise me at all. I continue to face restrictions of varying degrees, though this is changing due to the widespread [...]

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Devastating New Evidence on Sharia Courts

Supplementary written evidence submitted by One Law for All RE: New Submission by Maryam Namazie to Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Sharia Councils See Submission on Home Affairs Select Committee Website I am writing to raise serious concerns over the Home Affairs Select Committee hearing on 1 November 2016 at which I gave oral [...]

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Discrimination and violence lie at the heart of Sharia courts

The below was published in The Freethinker. I gave oral evidence at the Home Affairs Select Committee evidence session on Sharia Councils on November 1 on why Sharia courts in Britain are an Islamist project to control women, are discriminatory and should be dismantled. (This was preceded by a written statement.) When questioned by MP [...]

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Defend freedom of conscience and expression

Dear friend We are writing to give you a brief update on our work. Islam's Non Believers If you haven't already seen it, watch Islam's Non Believers, a new documentary by award-winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan. It's a stunning in-depth look into the CEMB and the situation of ex-Muslims in Britain and internationally. See some media [...]

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The Charity Commission should revoke iERA’s charitable status

The Charity Commission has spent three years investigating the Islamic Education and Research Academy, including its financial mismanagement and extremist speakers and partnerships, which were highlighted in the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain's report "Evangelising Hate". The recently published Charity Commission inquiry report confirms CEMB's report by finding that the iERA has indeed been promoting [...]

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In defence of Islam’s Non Believers

We, the undersigned, are appalled at the discrimination, abuse and violence faced by ex-Muslims both in Britain and internationally (as seen in a new film, Islam's Non-Believers). Needless to say, it is not an insult to Islam or any religion, if one becomes an atheist - either in public or private. It is exercising a [...]

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Spokesperson Maryam Namazie wins 2016 International Secularism (Laicite) Prize

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain is pleased to announce that its spokesperson Maryam Namazie was awarded the 2016 International Secularism (Laicite) Prize from the Comité Laïcité République in Paris on 2 November. You can read and see Maryam's acceptance speech below. The French translation, thanks to Marieme Helie Lucas is available here. سخنرانى به زبان [...]

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Blaming the Victims: Islam’s Non Believers

By Marieme Helie Lucas (Algerian sociologist) Reposted from SIAWI Also available in French. For the past three decades, we have been witnessing the implementation in politics of the concept of perversity in psychology. Case study, truly. I first realized that during the ‘dark decade’ in Algeria, which made about 200,000 victims, most of them at [...]

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