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  1. Babak Taghizadeh

    , Turkey

    I want to join the CEMB

  2. Hakim Khatib

    , Germany

    I join CEMB because I believe that there are so many different ideologies and faiths in the world and the Muslim-majority world who do not believe in Islam but they do not know that there are many like them. I join so we reach one day a level of normalisation, harmony and recognition among those who chose to live with faith and those who chose to live without.

    I was born in Syria for a Muslim family and by 18 I have eventually become an atheist. However, I believe in people's freedom to believe and to express their ideas. As I advocate the rights of atheist, Christians and other minorities in the Middle East and North Africa, I advocate the rights of Muslims and other minorities in Europe and elsewhere.
    I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science on political instrumentalisation of Islam in the Middle East at the University of Duisburg-Essen and an editor of the Muslims Politics and Culture in the Middle East and North Africa Journal online.

  3. Mehrzad Zahiri

    , Netherlands

    I want to join because i am a ex muslim and i have been an atheist for 7 years, i want the opportunity to speak my mind and unite with people who have the same idea and ideology.

  4. M.R.

    , Canada

    As a student of science, I can't hold on to the dogmatic ideology I was brought up in. I'm twenty six now, but I haven't been a Muslim for almost eight years. I am Canadian of Pakistani (Lahore) origin. My family is all Muslim and all of my childhood friends are Muslims. I obviously love and care for all of them, but I'm so intellectually and emotionally alienated. I haven't told any family member about my views. I don't think that anyone will disown me if I come out, but I'm certain that many people will be shattered and heartbroken. I feel very alone.

  5. Sonj

    Im going through the same experience as you have been. I'm surrounded by people who r all Muslims , with different levels of beliefs, closed & rigid minded women & men, having double standards of morals. I think it would be very helpful to have matchmaking or just friendship site for like minded exmuslim from all over the world so exmuslim don't feel lonely & excluded from society & are able to connect with like minded people so they feel strength of support & there is then collective happiness & harmony for everyone.

  6. B. Z.

    , Los angeles,California. United states

    I am part of EXMNA, and I want to be part of another Ex muslim community.

  7. Geti

    My first problem with Islam is the misogyny. The second is a seemingly uniform code of life for everyone to follow despite their different personalities, backgrounds, life experiences etc. Thirdly, the concept of heaven and hell do not make any sense to me, since right and wrong are so subjective. Also, no one is either "good" or "bad", they're all themselves, or many different versions of themselves throughout their lifespan. I could go on and on. Let me sum it up by saying that it's not for me. If it works for someone, good for them.

  8. Maryam Kazemiaghdam

    , Netherlands

    I have born in Iran (In the capital of political Islam in whole of the world). I as a woman have seen in whole of life a barbaric and extreme discrimination based on the Islamic sharia in my life in Iran. I have suffered physical and mental from the rules of Islam. Now I am not just a non-believer to Islam but also a woman who wants to fights against political Islam and put back this barbaric political and social movement to the grave of history. I want to have a role as a vanguard and to the current renaissance against political Islam.

  9. sara

    , iran

  10. Naveed

    , london

    Born in a practicing muslim family in Afghanistan.I was always open minded about raising logical questions regarding the religion and God.At the age of 18 i started to study the Quran with translation.And it was my good fortune that i decided to study sharia law.By the end of my degree, i was sure that i was in the wrong path.
    Similarities and similar thoughts is the way for happiness and that is the reason why i'm here.

  11. Fadi

    , Middle East

    We are all born wild and free until our families and societies start feeding the slaves inside of us. Some choose to go with the flow and dare not question or argue what they were brought up on, others just can't cope with it the sooner they realise how big of a hindrance it can be, preventing them from living a normal life. I managed to overcome the delusion of Islam (and other religions) when I was 22, and I have since lived a normal happy life with people of the same mindset.

  12. Jawad Iqbal

    , hyderabad sindh pakistan

    Actually, the All Knowing, All powerful, All loving God of your discription is logically impossible. Let's look at this.

    If he allows children to get cancer, and allows tsunamis and hurricanes, to kill thousands. If he allows bad men to rape women. If he even allows evil to exist in the world, then:
    1) he can't be all loving
    2) he can't know about it
    3) he's not powerful enough to stop it.

  13. michael ahmed

    , erbil,iraq

    thanks for you guys as an ex-muslim all I want is my rights in my country I don't have any rights I need your help.

  14. Saeed

    , IRAN

    I used to be a Muslim but I am an Atheist now. I am a biologist

  15. Alaa Abdullah

    , Dmascus, syria

    i was looking for moral support for atheists over the internet and i found this site, and hope to maybe discuss things and maybe have few online friends who share the same mentality...

    i was born to a Muslim family but i have to admit that my parents were not very religious, but i lived in a religious society for years and i doubted every thing, if my memory serves me right, since the age of 17, anyhow, i became an atheist after being influenced by western and some local thinkers like "Firas Al Sawah" and his book "Mind's First Adventure" and started hating Muslims, their beliefs, traditions and simply everything about them, nevertheless, apart from everything, i hated them for a very simple reason, i hated them because they hated life and hated the living, they just live to die and go visit "imagination land"

  16. Qayyum

    , Pakistan

    I'm from Pakistan, an 18-year old, converted infidel. Like everyone in this Islamic republic, I was also born a moslem, particularly in an orthodox family. My father is quite religious and so was I, hardly 4 years ago. I don't know if it were friends from allover the world or what which helped me think rationally and argue, asking WHY for everything which lead me know how islam logically can be proved wrong in many, may aspects or how its Bedouin culture can go against today's modern society. How it promotes 6th century Arab culture, slavery. Another thing, how this religion has actually spread to earth through times, by sword and jihad and not at all by peace which so-called Moslems always claim. There are a few friends, very close and quite liberal with views who do know about me yet they are Moslems, but at least tolerant enough to hear when I call their prophet a pedophile, but they're barely 3, 4 of them. I'm 18 and still live with my family and I hope to flee someday, to somewhere I can openly declare myself infidel like many on here and live liberally according to what I want to.

  17. Munir

    , Pakistan

    I am an ex-Muslim, i live in Pakistan. I want to join this organization because i want to meet people like me, i wan to be with my own kind of people. I don't tell that i am an ex-Muslim because it could be danger for me.

  18. Syed Ahsan Gilani

    , Pakistan

    I was born in a Muslim family.But early in life I lost faith in Islam.
    I give full support to anyone who wishes to renounce their Islamic faith. We must take a stand against the intolerance in Muslim societies against ex-Muslims.

  19. Fauzia ilyas

    , pakistan

    Dear concerns,
    i am fauzia an Ex-Muslim.i left Islam in 2010.
    It has been so exciting for me to join council of ex-muslim.

  20. Mehmet Sahin

    , Switzerland

    I had been a Muslim for 24 years then I've seen the reality and realized how stupid and ignorant I was. Religions fill people hatred against each other and it is also a very easy way for powerful people to control communities. Now I am a scientist and I know one thing. Before everything I have been taught, I am a human being. What makes me human is my free will and ability to think. I cannot accept anything without questioning it. The main rule of religions are : "You cannot question it, that's evil." This is against nature of human being, just simple as that. I am very ashamed of what I was. But now, I feel free as a bird. I have a very clear conscience about being atheist (even this word still makes me startle). I am 100% sure that I am more independent than any religious man even if he possesses half of the world.
    I want to be a member of CEMB because I want to be part of a society which consists of brave people who has found their own way to the truth (or knowing what is wrong).

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