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  1. Tsubasa Hime

    , Toronto, Canada

    Hi, I am a part of EXMNA, Canada. Just wishing to connect with ex muslims from all over the world. I've been an open atheist for about 6 years. My family is quite conservative but they tolerate me as I tolerate them. I want to find more ex muslims and offer a hand of help whenever possible.

  2. mooody


    The Strict religious activities especially in Saudi Arabia, the environment in which I grew up in. Then came Sudan since high school and began to unearth the beginning of the books that gave them to my father wrote Bratrand Ressel including began on the question of universal existence. My father in the family only intellectually liberal because he is a communist background, but his brothers and his family, my mother and her family strict religiously. But this is still under wraps in myself and I am now on the threshold of graduation from university .
    I want to live the life that I want and I'm happy to have found this platform where one can discuss about it publicly.

  3. Maged Saleh

    , Frankfurt, Germany

    My name is Maged Saleh, Egyptian pharmacist, a current PhD student in Germany. I'm an ex-muslim and agnostic since 2011.

    I would like to keep in touch with issues and challenges ex-muslims face everday.

  4. Kush

    Hello Everyone! My name is Kush, originally I'm from India (currently living in the United States), although I've never been a muslim I've always been interested in learning about different religions, philosophies, and belief systems from around the world. I consider myself as a spiritual seeker, someone whose realized he doesnt know. To me, truth cannot be found in a book, you cant learn what it means to be human or about this life from a book, but only through experiencing life itself. I've looked any many different religions including the abrahamic religions including their holy books (torah, bible, quran). I realized religion creates more of division and conflict than anything else. If you just look at our history people have killed, fought, and done the stupidest things in the name of god. Many of these so called religions claim to have a "Loving" god. However, if you go against that god he will burn you in the fires of hell...Is that your idea of love? Follow my rules or burn? Thats very conditional, infact I wouldn't even call it love. I'm sure as muslims it must be hard to leave your religion especially because the punishment for apostasy is death in islam. It's time we make a shift in humanity, human beings need to realize our unity, this is the only way peace can happen. We must live authentically - that means not live life based on how we were conditioned through religion, culture, family, society, media, etc. but instead use our own intelligence and intuition to look at life. Every human being, no matter where he comes from in the end is seeking to live a happy, fulfilled life. Yes this can be done without any dogmatic, fundamentalist belief system and ideologies. I would like to show my support and be there for anyone seeking comfort that may be going through hard times.

  5. Ray Nardi

    , West Java, Indonesia

    I am a 20 year-old student from Bandung, Indonesia. I was born from a muslim family in a country that has a majority of Muslim population. Until I reach 18 years old I began to doubt my religion, the more I learn and discover the more I realise that it doesn't make any sense, that it's not the religion of peace at all, and I have many more reasons.
    At the age of 20, I have lost my faith and I really want to speak out and join a community that enables me to share this. Because in my country, if you're an apostate, especially if you apostate from Islam, it will be likely that you will be socially excluded from the society.

  6. tarik aarbaoui

    , Kasbat Tadla

    I want to find peace

  7. noble

    , bangladesh

    Im muslim by born, but now im believe on atheism. In my country ( bangladesh ) the social and political condition is not supportive about atheism. its a peculiar situation that, any one cant express himself as a atheist. i get tired and tensed about future of my only 2 yrs daughter .

  8. Fitri Fahmi

    , Malaysia

    i am 15 years old and left islam this year without my parent knowledge. i hate the fact that im born into muslim family.i feel like i can't hide my true belief anymore and just wanna come out but i can't because im so scared with their reaction i hope there are teenager that same with me

  9. Navid

    , Pakistan

    I am just depressed from sectarian killing honor killing and such things in islam

  10. Mohammad Naeem

    , Islamabad, Pakistan

    I am Mohammad Naeem from Pakistan. I am a 27 years old boy with two master degrees: one in English Literature and other in Islamic Studies. My deep study of Quran (holy book of Muslims) revealed the facts and eventually I am an ex-Muslim now. But presently I am facing serious security threat and living in a very miserable condition. My parents kicked me out. Can you help me to have a freedom of speech, so that I can express my ideas to be the part of change. I am a motivated humanist and feminist in Pakistan but currently facing a serious type of threat to my life. I will be waiting for your response. Thank you

    Mohammad Naeem

  11. paolo

    , bruxelles Belgium

    Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation for you. Any background information would be useful.
    Dear ex muslims ,
    My name is Paolo and I currently live in Belgium . I was raised as a christian catholic and took all the sacraments . After reading the bible in my teen ages I became an atheist and engaged in informal conversations and debates with followers of all faiths . Especially after the terrorists attacks in Belgium I started reading with the utmost care possible the very sources of islam and found them to be at least as shocking as the sources of christianity . I have the chance to have many muslim friends and I am looking for the best possible way to inform my self and have a critical debate with them on the subject of islam. I also am considering to start a university course of studies on Islam which I regard as a doctrine in sheer conflict with the universal declaration of human rights . I would also like to reach out to ex muslim organizations here in Belgium and support them in any possible non violent and critical way. I thank you in advance for any information you could provide me on the fields I have just mentioned. Keep up with the good work.

  12. Chaimaa

    I grew up constantly questioning religious teachings, but it was more motivated by a desire to understand Islam that I thought was unworthy of all the hate it gets. I worked more towards strengthening my faith, and it is only recently that my state of mind shifted; the more I dived into it, the further I got away from it. My researches made me face all the inconsistencies that religion entrenched in me, and when I widened my perspective and genuinely tried to understand the counter arguments I was presented with, instead of stubbornly avoid them, fearing I'd loose my faith, I eventually reached a point of no return; I realized I wasn't and couldn't be a Muslim anymore
    That being said, I'm moving to Wales next year, and I'm planning to join the CEMB community. I'd be more than happy to meet other ex-Muslims!

  13. Morteza Rajabi

  14. Lawrence Malik.

    , Southampton

    I am from Saudi Arabia (I'm only staying in the UK to study) so I can never talk to anyone -in person- who has the same beliefs as I do.

  15. Farid Ahmad Shiwai Mehraban

    , Kunduz Province, Afghanistan

    I am an Afghan Ex-Muslim and living in the northeast of Afghanistan.

  16. Samira

    , Malta

    i just want to meet and relate with ex Muslims

  17. ZF

    I dont live in England, but I want to join because I need something like an online community. A few of my friends are ex-muslims as well but I want to connect with more people. Also we cant exactly form a community where I live. Our families dont know and it wouldnt be socially acceptable. ( I live in the Middle East). I always found Islam quite difficult to identify with. I tried a lot, but I found the myths ridiculous even from a young age, and as I got older I noticed how problematic the whole religion is. Often in dangerously subtle ways. Im now athiest and very relieved to stop feeling guilty and pressured to believe in Islam.

  18. E.Wit

    , Amsterdam

    Humanist Association Netherlands

  19. Marwan fajat

    , morocco

    i'm a 18 years old atheist, and i'm trying to get out of morocco because it's unsafe and inappropriate place for me.

  20. Chou Le Monde

    I have thought and thought for several months now and have come to the conclusion that adults believe in Santa too, they call him God.

    Closet ex-muslim, scared of coming out because of it may get me killed; Tired of hiding because its killing me each day.

    I want to meet other people that are like me, so I don't feel all alone.

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