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  1. Syed Ahsan Gilani

    , Pakistan

    I was born in a Muslim family.But early in life I lost faith in Islam.
    I give full support to anyone who wishes to renounce their Islamic faith. We must take a stand against the intolerance in Muslim societies against ex-Muslims.

  2. Fauzia ilyas

    , pakistan

    Dear concerns,
    i am fauzia an Ex-Muslim.i left Islam in 2010.
    It has been so exciting for me to join council of ex-muslim.

  3. Mehmet Sahin

    , Switzerland

    I had been a Muslim for 24 years then I've seen the reality and realized how stupid and ignorant I was. Religions fill people hatred against each other and it is also a very easy way for powerful people to control communities. Now I am a scientist and I know one thing. Before everything I have been taught, I am a human being. What makes me human is my free will and ability to think. I cannot accept anything without questioning it. The main rule of religions are : "You cannot question it, that's evil." This is against nature of human being, just simple as that. I am very ashamed of what I was. But now, I feel free as a bird. I have a very clear conscience about being atheist (even this word still makes me startle). I am 100% sure that I am more independent than any religious man even if he possesses half of the world.
    I want to be a member of CEMB because I want to be part of a society which consists of brave people who has found their own way to the truth (or knowing what is wrong).

  4. Umar Bashir

    , Germany

    I am an ex muslim and i left islam almost 3 years ago.
    In my past life i was not so religious as most of muslims are but i did believe on Fucking Allah and muhammad&Co
    I am a German Citizen and live in Dusseldorf.
    Umar Bashir

  5. anonymous

    , canada toronto

    I converted to islam because I fell in love with a muslim girl. She asked me to convert I was always hesistant cause I was not weak minded and I felt that I didnt want to change to give muslims satisfaction that im giving up my old lifestyle to become one of them.

    My girlfriends parents pushed her to make me convert so I did to be with her. And I hated it.

    Why did I have to change when she doesnt have to change for me. The ideology of islam always made me so angry. The religion and the muslims are full of contradictions they dont know what they want. And they try to make me become like them. I have alot to dispute but overall for me; the theories and methods just seemed too old fashioned for me.

    I decided that I no longer wantdd to be muslim and my girlfriends family got super upset. My familys muslim friends wanted to make an example out of me. The young muslims youth wanted to attack and beat me up for leaving islam. Which gave me even more anger towards islam.

    Since then I have went back to my normal life, the girl still occasionaly talks to me without asking me to convert anymore.

    Ever since then I always felt that I needed to tell other people about my incident with islam.

    Dont convert for anyone. Dont get brainwashed. If you do choose to convert do it for yourself. Not for others or love ones.... especially girls.... muslim men will 100% ask you to convert, which means they dont love u the way u are.

  6. R. M. W. A.

    , Braunschweig

    I grew up in a very Islamic environment. I always thought Islam was the right religion; I prayed, fasted and tried to do everything which Islam propagates to do.
    But once i traveled abroad, and my non Muslims friends started bombarding me with questions about Islam, its contradictions and dark age laws, all my Islamic beliefs came down after some serious scrutiny on my own about Islam. I was told that practicing Islam leads to harmony in a society. If that is the case then why are Muslims killing others all around the world, and disrupting peace? Quran and Hadiths are full of contradictions. You can find all kinds of verses and Hadiths to back up your any-kind-of ideology.
    Questioning Islam and leaving it, was Initially immensely painful as i had always felt strongly about those beliefs. But now I believe in my own principles and brotherly love for everyone regardless of race, caste, sect, and religion. I do not think there is someone up there, who wants you to wage wars against 'infidels', and then would reward you with 72 virgins to have long sex with them.
    I want to join this group for support and encouragement as i find it hard to fight for my life all alone as an apostate.


    I am also an ex muslim and I feels that I do not belong to any where so that after joining these peopleI I will feel like I have my race.

  8. yazan

    , Jordan-Amman

    hello every one am so glad that i could find people who i can share and talk with , back here in jordan you cant just say what ever you want or what i not believe and what they believe , i cant make a full conversation with a friend because the religion hints are always their even if it was a small conversation they will say some thing about religion, some of people who i know noticed that am avoiding this kind of subjects and start to ask questions already and my only answer was i dont know , yet the hardest part is on the way ... am trying to stay positive much i could , but its hard thou since i burly have any friends who i can share or just be happy to talk with ,the feeling of being save and life are rare to feel ,,, in islamic if some one don't believe the muslims are allowed to cut his/her throat or to be shot , i had this threat before when i was in iraq on 2008 with the USA military as translator on my way back to jordan some people saw me and start to call me names as betrayer and other names and that some day they going to find me and give what i deserve like they said ,so far i keep it low and am avoiding almost every thing , the thing that am start to be tired of all what they saying and what they are doing for people , and to let bad things going middle east is a very hot area and i mean by that that jehadist and salafe Muslims are threatening jordan and any one can watch what they are saying to jordan and the threatening messages they send by different media sides , i know many of ex-muslims share the same feeling of fear in middle east , and we cant do anything about it too, which makes our life's more harder than ever , CEMB am very thankful i found this website to share what i want... even so there is a lot to say , but its good and gives a cozy feeling i hadn't felt long time ago.

  9. كافروف لادينوفيتش

    , khartoum -sudan

    I'm a teenager and i hope you help me to immigrate from my country i want to build my future in country where the society would respect my opinions and beliefs where i can live the life in the way i want

  10. Mahfuzur Rahman

    , Dhaka

    I want to join to help in the fight against ignorance, intolerance and fascism, to help create a new social system of scientism, liberalism and progressivism.

  11. krongchai praponpoj

    , Thailand.

    I used to study in Singapore for four years and started dating one Malay muslim. I was buddhist who believed in Hindu gods and totally kept in the dark about Islam. When I met her parents, they told me, Islam is very stricted, you may have to consider to convert for me to have full trust on you. I replied, I know Islam only by their surface,I dont mind to have your daughter teach me.
    She started preaching me about islam, show me a copy of Quran and the tradition of it. I would not say I was fully converted to islam but rather I was learning it.
    My girlfriend suddenly ask me, you may have to consider converting to Islam as soon as possible. I gather all the information I have learned for a year and realised it was really similar to communism where people who has power can force anyone to do whatever they want. I soon told her about my realisation and she went blood boiled. I started to point out things and how life is already beautiful in the way nature and evolution has became. How hell is fear and heaven is greed. People who worked sweats and tears will have whatever the poors prayed for. Why do you want to collect points (sin/good deeds) for a future reward (heaven) before the promotion ends (judgement day) when you can just work hard for that reward.
    After a year, I lost faith in my Hindu god and she lost her faith in her Allah but we strongly believe in karmar. The best punishment is what goes around comes around. Whatever you did to people, people will do it on you and you will feel the pain as much as you did to them.

  12. Ahmed Talal

    , Lahore, Pakistan

    I was born in Pakistan and lived in Pakistan till I was 18. At the age of 18 I moved to United Kingdom to study at university. Having been surrounded by people with absolute faith till 18 I hadn't given much thought to why I believed in what I believed in, I sort of believed in it and practiced it cause I guess thats what I was told and I didn't know any better.

    Moving to England however changed everything. I lived in England for the past 6 years and have recently moved back to Pakistan (hoping its only short term). I met people who thought differently and believed in being rational and questioned things that deserved a bit of questioning. So it took me a while and I started reading and questioning and now here I am an Atheist and if I were in any other country I would shout from the roof tops.

    One of the main reasons I am joining this group is that I am sort of stuck in Pakistan for the time being. I live with my family who are extremely religious. I can not express myself around anyone here and in a way sometimes feel quite alone. No one really knows that I am not a muslim as I fear for all the repercussions one of which is death and a very sad but true reality. Of course I have friends who are in England, my girl friend who lives there and in essence I do have a support group but none of whom have gone through what I am at this moment. Hence I wanted to connect with people who might be going through something similar.

    Also I am sure there are very interesting things discussed on this forum and my thirst for knowledge especially scientific in nature has become somewhat unquenchable since my "conversion" (after all I wasn't asked what I am when I was born).

    So Hi

  13. Rosanne Mcmartin

    , Australia

    I sort of cling to a truth that we all eventuated from the same point somewhere in time.....therefore we are all family of sorts.......and am interested in joining this group to help anyway I can and at the same time learn from others......

  14. Zahid Ali

    , Lahore, Pakistan

    I was a power muslim before. But after a deep research i left Islam...

    I just want to join this. Thanks

  15. Matsade

    , West Midlands

    I was born Moslem in a Persian family. My family is not strict Moslem and in fact like most iranian families just are Moslem cos their patent were. However they haven't changed their religion and they don't have too much problem with Islam.
    I have started to study about religions and especially Islam when I had about 18 y.o. And now I'm in my 34th year of my life. In result of my studies I chose to be an atheist and I have lots of problem with all religions especially Islam as it's absolutely against humanity.

  16. Saif

    , Amman, Jordan.

    I might be useful to others that are suffering from their families or community by being atheists or agnostics or if I got into trouble because of that I might find someone that I could lean on.

  17. Qamar Rajpoot

    , Sweden

    Want to matter & exist to speak out , which i have always have had in my life

  18. Scott

    , Bavaria (Ex-Pat) and London

    I have never been a believer, so I never had to "come out." All of you here, and others like you around the world, have won my respect. I am glad to consider myself among friends. Nice to meet you all.

    "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful."

    "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish."

    “The only position that leaves me with no cognitive dissonance is atheism. It is not a creed. Death is certain, replacing both the siren-song of Paradise and the dread of Hell. Life on this earth, with all its mystery and beauty and pain, is then to be lived far more intensely: we stumble and get up, we are sad, confident, insecure, feel loneliness and joy and love. There is nothing more; but I want nothing more.”
    ― Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Infidel

  19. aurobindo pattanaik

    , cuttack odisha india

    indian national. i am an atheist. Brought up by hindu parents.

  20. mendatu

    , Indonesia

    I'm from Indonesia, an education-activist that promote literacy among Indonesian kids. Grown-up in moslem-moderate family, I've become non-believer many years ago. It's truly hard to join social-encounter effectively since religion is main-part in our social-life. I feel alone. CEMB give me a hint that i m not alone..

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