CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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United KingdomMuhammad Mustafa

I m an ex-muslim and I have a huge risk of getting persecuted in my

United KingdomMd Abdul Alim

I born in a Muslim family in Bangladesh, after bing adult i read lots of

United Kingdomghous khan

My name is [Your Name], and I am writing to express my interest in joining

United KingdomReggie Mucky

I became an ex muslim in 2018 and I have been watching the community (including

United KingdomDerya Kirdag

I was brough up in a muslim family in London and always assumed it to

United KingdomJasmine Hoque

I would like to receive support through my transition and not feel alone as a

United KingdomAmani Al-Oraibi

Im culturally muslim as I was born in a muslim country. my family are very

United KingdomAdnan Ali

The Concept of Religion is something that was created by humans to control us from

United KingdomRaheel Ali

Left my religion Islam last year need to meet other x muslims

United KingdomRaheel Ali

Left my previous religion which was Islam so want to join this group want to

United KingdomImmy Immy

I live in the UK and I come from a Pakistani household, I left Islam


Hello respected, sir or madam, my name is huzaifa.i,m 22 year old. I'm from Pakistan

United KingdomTony S

After realising that something within Islam doesn’t seem right a few years ago, I have

United KingdomTanjimul Islam Nabil

Hey, I am a Bangladeshi social media activist. Currently living in UK. I have been

FranceHasan Nazmul

Hello, my i's Hasan Nazmul. I'm From Bangladesh I'm Ex Muslim and atheist.

United KingdomAsh Zaman

I was raised as a muslim in the United Kingdom. I had islam forced upon

PakistanOvais Shaikh

Hello! I'm ovais 27 years old male work in a private company I'm grown up

United KingdomMD SHAIDUL ALAM Tanim

I didn’t like islam from my past. It's like a cage. People have to maintain

SwedenZarif Haydarei

I am an atheist, who has left Islam. I think your work is very important

United KingdomYasmine H

I've been a closeted ex-Muslim for nearly a decade now, and it would be great

United KingdomSun Flower

I seek to make amends for the person I was through all the years of

United KingdomMuhammad Ahsan Zia

Hi, I am Ahsan Zia, from Pakistan moved here in UK this year I am



United KingdomREDWAN AHMED

As a Bengali former Muslim I have been alienated by my family because of my

United KingdomHasnat Sadiq Hasnat

i want to join and meet like minded people and share my experiences and get

United KingdomTahir Hussain


United KingdomBENGAL AROZ

I was a staunch Muslim once, but when I dug deeper into the religion, I

United KingdomNeelum Yasmeen

I am Neelum Yasmeen, mainly from Pakistan (KPK). since childhood I was very inquisitive about

United KingdomBE FREE

Thank you for the opportunity to join this group. I left Islam about a year

United KingdomAlexander Kahn

Been ‘closeted’ for a few years now. It would be nice to speak with like-minded

United KingdomUmayr Tariq

I am an ex-Muslim atheist from Pakistan currently residing in London. I do not consider

FranceMaiwand Surya

I'm an atheist I want to join this organization for a free world without religious

IndiaSimra Khan

I come from a very religious and orthodox but supportive towards my career ;family.since my

Lebanonmhmmad Zgien

I want to join you to find solutions to my situation because I am an

SwedenHamid Ahmadi

Hello, my name is Hamid Ahmadi. I was born on 06/12/1999 in Afghanistan and when

MoroccoCloseted Apostate

I want to join a community that I actually share the same values with and

United KingdomS S

Hi, I'm from London and want to join CEMB. Since I was a child, I

EgyptAhmed Alasttal

I want to join the Council of Ex-Muslims because I believe in the importance of

United KingdomLamah Al Saif

I found this website after coming across Maryam Namazie books and her Instagram account. I

United KingdomShabbana K

Hello. I've been meaning to join for years, and now I am. I rejected Islam

United KingdomUsama Saleem

I am from Pakistan and right now I am in UK. I was born in


Originally a Bangladeshi. Now lisbon Portugal It is a Muslim country. Two years ago my

United KingdomAstrid Davenport

I was raised in a Muslim family, and since I can remember Islam has been

Saudi ArabiaKhaled Aloofey

Hi, I'm Khaled Aloofey ‘Alofi’. I’m from Medinah, Saudi Arabia- the 2nd holiest site in

BangladeshRejaul Karim

Religion is a poison, especially Islam. Islam is anti culture. It is violent. It has

SwedenHamid Ahmadi

Hello, my name is Hamid Ahmadi from Afghanistan ، And now I am a refugee

United KingdomAmir Ghorbani

I grew up in Iran ,and like many, was forced to adhere to restrict religious

United KingdomBENGAL AROZ

I wanted to be an Islamic Apologist, thankfully that path led me to an Agnostic.

YemenJohn Abdallh

I am a person in Yemen who fights the clergy from injustice and oppression in

PakistanZafar Khan

My name is Zafar Khan I'm pashtun Muslim from Pakistan I want to leave Islam

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