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  1. MD. Tipu Sultan

    , London,UK

    I needed a platform where I discuses my issues with Islam and also get to know the thinking of like minded people. It is quite impossible to talk about atheism with my friends because most of them are believer of Islam.

  2. Nuora

    I was bullied and abused in the name of Islam. In Islam women are one class lower as a human being compared to men.

  3. Naveed Naveed

    , north west London

    The reason why I joined CEMB is promote my knowledge of Religion amongst the general Muslim public.
    I was born in a practicing Muslim family in Afghanistan. Migrated to Pakistan at a young age due the religious war going on in our land.
    Grown up with a mind that I always questioned the concept of religion and God however, I was a devoted Muslim until my late teenage years.
    The concept of slave women in Islam was the first question that forced me to pursue my education in Islamic sharia law and that’s where the journey started.
    I started researching about Islam from different sources and there wasn’t a single day without surprises. I came across hundreds of such illogical and inhumane laws in the Quran that led to where I’m today, a proud Atheist.

  4. MD Tipu Sultan

    , London,UK

    As am ex- Muslim I needed a platform where I can share my views and learn.

  5. Disillusioned

    Been a believer all my life until 4 years ago when i attended university as a mature student. Had some enlightening debates while there which led me to research islam and other religions further, in view to strengthen my arguments for god. Turns out after much painstaking research and heartache, i could not reconcile my faith with the 'exemplary' life that muhammad led. one can stay in denial for so long i suppose, the truth will out.

    since then i made the mistake of confessing to my wife as to why i had been taking a certain lackadaisical attitude to namaz and roza.

    As a result of my efforts, i am now single, shunned by almost all my family, still talk to my mum but my two sisters and husbands have decided im too much of a kafir for their liking.

    reckon, it might be good to hang out with like minded peeps if you'll have me.


  6. sajjad haider

    , west drayton

    i convert myself islam to atheism.i would like to become member of ex muslim .
    Best Regards,
    sajjad haider

  7. Anwar

    When I born, they choose may name, my religion and my ethnicity! I was a muslim for long time befor I start to ask (you know asking certain questions is not allowed), where all these beliefs come from and what's the differences. I believe that all the religions are same, they simply makes you slave, slave for something you never meet and no one meet him/her, believing in something with super power (that just watching you and prepare him self to punish you and burn you) is just came when you fell week. I don't believe in God now, but is this easy? of course not, why? because others not accepting you as what you are. they want you to be like them, not just this for not believing in a religion which I did not choose the death penalty is my prize. the worse part is when you can say what in you mind and how you think!! how can I grow my child in this environment!? is this a life we live!?? and its not easy to seek asylum on this base. I hope some one here can help us.

  8. maz

    I would like to talk to people of similar of my mind,as i want to live free.I cant speak to many people that i no longer believe in religion.

  9. Arqam Memon

    , Thornton Heath

    It started out with a few blasphemic cases which arose in Pakistan and got me thinking back in 2012. The more I thought about it the more I believed we are doing something wrong. I used to think to myself about it came to the conclusion that I was not a Muslim as I lacked the conviction of the faith. I felt like I was being overshadowed by something and I couldn't quite understand it at that time. I lacked an identity and confidence to tell my friends and family that I no longer believe in the religion I was brought up in. I am scared to bits when I think about it because I live my family and if they find out I will be lashed at by the very people I deeply care and love the most. My parents are very religious and up to a very dangerous level if I may say so myself. I am scared to tell them and I feel if j do tell them they will disown me which is eating me alive and I have grown restless by the thought of this. I can't sleep, work or concentrate on this very hard reality we call life. Being a non believer of Islam is proving to be tearing me apart because I only keep thinking about my family.

  10. I Ali

    , london

    In Pakistan, I belong to the area where people are striclky following Islam and it is imposed to perform namaz five time a day . To grow beard and so many other thing by force . I want to live a free life . Our area in Pakistan is totally dominated by islamic extremists , every one have to obey their orders . ...

  11. Blue Rabbit

    Educated myself about science and religion. Realised that modern humans have lived for quite some time, however, religion and it's monotheism only started a few thousand years ago. Of course, the sun does not orbit the earth. Neither have 'Adam' or 'Eve' been created in the manner depicted in the Quran. We have evolved gradually over a period of time.

  12. S.Khan

    , London

    the lucky dog
    I had a school in Pakistan where Taliban threatened me to shut it down or they'll blow it and gun me down, they are against the progress and prosperity moreover I have different sexual orientation if they get me they'll stone me to death and decapitate me for being influenced by western lifestyle I saw a video of sent to me by Taliban of decapitation of some men involved in spying that was stomach churning that was a defining moment.

  13. ishtiaq ahmed

    , glasgow

    Hi, came across your organisation through the media and have been a regular visitor to your website. Apart from the informative articles , I keep a close eye on any events in my local area, unfortunately Glasgow isn't a hotbed of people that are willing to think for themselves .

  14. Nourhan Nassar

    I recently came to terms with my beliefs (or lack thereof.) I suddely feel the need to chat with people who can relate.

  15. atif ismail

    I was born in pakistan in a very strict religious family(actually my mothers is very religious, my father was a liberal).

    I'd been questioning allah since I was very young (10-11ish) because of certain incidents happening with me in early childhood.

    my father died when I was 27 (I was in UK at the time). he was my best friend. he was my role model, he introduced me to books, he introduced me to to the art of questioning things. he was my rock. he was the the most kind hearted person I've ever met in my life.

    after my fathers death my mother and her religious believes buried my father in pakistan the same day he died. I begged her to delay the burial for a day or two so that I can say my final goodbyes to my dad. she refused because it is the religious practise(at least in my family) to bury the dead ASAP. the religion(islam) I believed in (although not practised it) deprived me of my right as a son. this incident flipped my whole world. I got very depressed and suicidal.

    I found solace in alcohol and drugs. it took me about 9-10 years to get over this whole incident (I am still not over it, I still cant forgive my self for not being with my father when he was on his death bed).

    My beef was with allah in my childhood, I was questioning some of his qualities, authorities and attributes but on the other hand I was also a believer in him. My fathers death intensified my beef and I included islam in my quarrel.

    I was given a book called "The God Delusion"by Richard Dawkins in 2007-8 by a friend of mine. the more I read the book the more it made sense to me. After I finished the book, I got hold of an English translation of quran. it was the first time I read quran in any other language then arabic. it was the first time I could understand quran. the more I read it the more it become clear to me that how contradictory quran is.

    in one verse quran recognises that jewish and christian gods are indeed allah and true god (quran 29/46) and their books (scriptures) are the same as quran and quran is the continuity of bible and torah (quran 10/37). on the other hand quran says that chritians are unclean and ordered muslim (or muhammad) not to let them in the grand mosque in mecca (quran 9/28) and on one verse quran says jews and christians are disbelievers and charlatans (quran 9/30). on one place quran says the disbelievers are to be beheaded and killed (quran 18/12-14). these are only few examples of the contradictions in quran.

    What was the death knell of the religion for me was the predestination concept in quran. quran tells that every thing is predetermined and whatever happens in this world is predetermined and written in a book with allah (quran 54/49, 57/2, 87/1-3, 14/4, 57/2)). Now if everything is predetermined then what's the point of heaven and hell. is Allah filling hell with whom he has already decided about. He has created beings to fill hell. beings who are in no way responsible for what they are doing because Allah is leading them astray. he is creating beings for the fun of it. And if everything is predetermined and predestined then another name of allah al ghaffar (the forgiver) used in quran many times looses its meaning.

    How can you forgive someone if their fate is predetermined and if they are doing anything thing wrong, they cannot correct themselves because they are destined to to do wrong and even somehow if they correct themselves allah will let them astray; because he allah has made him this way and his name is written in the book for hell.

    It looks like allah is some megalomaniac who loves absolute power, some sadist who is created beings just to burn them in hell and then punish them in this world, so cruel that if someone wants to change their ways and wants to become a god fearing man allah don’t let them do it because that person is destined for hell.

    If he is master of universe and creator of everything then why has he created aids, cancer and all other life threatening illnesses and diseases

    Believers give an answer that it is to test and punish humans. Test for what. What are you testing us for. You have kept a book with you in which you have written and decided the fates for everyone then why test. That is not a fair god. And punishment for what. You are punishing them in hell, you are punishing them in this world. So it means allah has created those people just be punished

    what a sick and sad god he is.

    If you accept this argument of test for one sec then you ask

    OK fine, he is testing humans by sending us aids but what about children contracting these diseases before even being born. What sort of a sadist god is that he is testing unborn children. I will not accept this god as the most merciful and most compassionate.

    OK diseases are for human test and human making then how about natural disasters. That’s not human making. floods, tornados, earthquakes and all natural disasters that’s not human making.

    So if allah or god is the creator of everything and he has created all these natural disasters too. WHY

    why punish people who are already destined to be punished. And if you are punishing bad people how about good people. An earthquake does not differentiate between a good muslim and a bad non muslim. A tsunami wipes out a godly man and an un godly man at the same time. An aids virus cannot differentiate between an non believer and an unborn child.

    These are traits of a god who call itself al basir(the seer of all), al Sami(the hearer of all).

    Was his eyes closed when :

    more than 30 million people(and counting) lost their lives against fighting aids.
    Could he not hear the screams of 100's and 1000's of people when the 2004 tsunami struck the Indian ocean,
    was he not present when over 75000 people lost their life in 2005 Kashmir quake
    about 250000 people lost their lives in famine in Somalia in the early 90s
    what was he doing when millions of jews (who are also his followers as per quran) were murdered in WWII by the hands of Nazis (these are only few I’ve given for example)

    it is a god who is the creator of the wars and famines (the creator of all). It is the god calls himself (the peace or the source of peace) but love human misery. It is a god. It is a god who calls himself “All Able and All Capable”but unable to stop this destruction. It is a god who calls himself “Preventer Of Harm” but enjoys and approve harm himself and creator of harm himself (because he is the creator of all). It is a god that that calls him self al sami (the hearer of all) but keeps his ears covered when a woman is being rape. It is a god who calls himself as shafi (the curer) lets millions and millions of people suffer and die instead of eradicating that disease.

    If that are the qualities of god than I refuse to accept god. I believe in humanity, I believe human evolution has made an ape from Africa to move on from the jungles and start building and living in cites, start to explore and answer questions that no other species before humans have thought of.

    I believe religion was invented to answer the unanswerable question of the time and to keep people under control in the name of a supreme being. Well if you blindly believe in a supreme being then it is a lot easier for others to make you do a lot of things in the name of that supreme being. It is a lot easier to lead and govern people in the name of religion.

    For most of human history God was the best explanation for the existence and nature of the physical universe.

    But during the last few centuries, scientists have developed solutions that are much more logical, more consistent, and better supported by evidence. There is simply no more evidence for Allah or Jehovah than there is for Zeus. Muslims and Christians find no reason to believe that Zeus exists, so they do not believe in him. For the same reason, I do not believe in Allah, Jehovah and Zeus
    We don’t need god or allah or religion to provide us with wrong, contradictory answers. We don’t need god to be a good human being. We can be good and better without the restraints of religion. We will be better off without some god telling us to kill infidels and some pope telling people in Africa not to use condoms because it spread aids. We will be and can b better off with out any weak, dumb, power mad god that enjoy blood and suffering.
    I do not have any animosity with any religion or its practitioners. I am a believer in humanity and if anyone wants and finds solitude in religion, then they are more then welcome to believe in allah, jehovah, god, jesus or brahma etc. but I have had enough with religion and its gods.

  16. N.Kauser

    , Surrey

    Having grown up in a Muslim family religion was obviously the norm but I had never felt the spiritual or emotional connection that seemed to go hand in hand with belief. Losing my faith was a progression that I knew was happening but chose to ignore, as I felt like an outsider surrounded by Muslims.
    As I've come to admit that I'm a atheist (agnostic on some day) I have found the peace that may be similar to those who have found god. It has not only liberated me and allowed me spI ritual freedom it does not conflict with my morals and grounded belief such as feminism, other religions, the afterlife etc.

  17. Tariq Khan

    , Stone, England

    I've been an atheist of Muslim background for around 4 years now, having failed to reconcile the many logical and moral problems I encountered in my religion. I'm joining to express solidarity for other ex-muslims around the UK and abroad.

  18. Mohammad Panav

    , Coventry

    I was brought up in a Muslim family with strict Islamic rules and traditions. I was so into religion myself I know Quran by heart and I was the best student in religious studies at school. I was even nominated to read Quran every morning for the student before the classes start. I moved to India and realized there is more than one religion and obviously there is more than one god. I decided to look at religion from critical point and find the truth about religions and specially Islam. I soon realized that there is no such a thing as one god or one religion. Islam is not the best religion and Prophet Mohammad is not the last prophet. I started to differentiate the natural rules from religious rules. I saw the beauty of the nature and brutality of the religions namely Islam. I decided to work as much hard as I can to share my findings with other religious people and specially Muslims. I will continue my work by joining ex-muslim community in order to learn from their experiences and share mine with them.

  19. Henry Bankes

    , Ilford

    To support the great work that you do. If here is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

  20. Nasir

    , London

    I've always had doubts about Islam and religion as a whole. For a long time didn't say anything to anyone because I felt would be ridiculed and people would say horrible things about me. I grew up in a strict Muslim household with my mother and sisters. My mother is very religious, she would send us to mosque for most of the week. As I grew up I started to open up my mind and discovered people Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Those people have had huge impact on me and views towards religion. Many things have contributed in me leaving Islam like treatment of women, lack of evidence for Allah and all other gods and the errors and contradictions in the Quran. I have known about the CEMB for a long time, but I didn't have urge to join and I really just wanted to keep my secret to myself. I respect and admire what the CEMB are doing and are trying to do.

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