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  1. sumaira Naeem

    , walthamstow london

    I am an ex muslim and want join your organization for social support and meeting with new people of the Sam mind set.


    , uk

    I was born in a limited community and everything was based on islamic laws.i had to obey these laws because If I didnt do that my life would be in danger.
    The matter of the fact is that ,you cannot find a positive thing about islam. All it talks is about killing innocent people as they are not muslim,inequality of men and women,difficult practices which you must do and list goes on. Ive been an ex-muslim for about 10 years (hidden for obvious reasons), recently have found this group and would like to be part of so that i can be myself. this will give me the chance to not only read many more ex-Muslims stories, but interact with them and share my view too.

  3. Faisal Bashir

    , Ilford

    Dear sirs! to me religion doesn't make any sense. After going through all the myths I had been living with, sound insane. Its long time I have started considering if there is any God thingy in place or if God really exists, was he so mental to ask humans to discriminate others on the basis of their beliefs? I haven't discussed with my family members and its right inside me. I do not know how will they react as I came from an intolerant society. I came across few posts on facebook whom I can consider voicing my desires. I looked into the internet and found a link to your website. I am very scared. I don't know what to do?

  4. Anonymous F

    , England

    For a long time I have felt isolated by my thoughts towards Islam, and truly felt like I was the only person experiencing this. For a long time I was scared to admit it, but after doing hours of research , and stumbling upon many ex-Muslims stories about why they have left Islam, I feel more confident, no longer alone and relieved there is people like me.
    Being part of this will give me the chance to not only read many more ex-Muslims stories, but interact with them and share my view too.

  5. muggsy

    , Leeds

    I believe people should have a choice of what to believe although myself don't believe in any god, also Religions have no right to push their view onto others.

    I've been an ex-muslim for about 20 years (hidden for obvious reasons), recently have found this group and would like to be part of so that i can be myself.

  6. Irum

    , East London

    i am an ex muslim and want to join your organisation for a social support and meeting new people of the same mind set.

  7. KC

    I believe in God but do not follow any religion. My pacifist nature and desire to do no harm to any living creature are enough for me. I would like to join CEMB due to my background, as I would like to talk to other people with similar views and exchange ideas.

    I am female and grew up in England in what was essentially a secular family of mixed white/E and SE Asian heritage. We were Muslim in name only. I never learned Arabic, the Quran, how to pray, or fasted. However, as a teenager, some of my siblings became interested in Islam and they attempted to influence me into it.

    Gradually I was being told by my siblings (never my parents) that I must fast or I would be committing sin. I had to learn to pray. I had to read the Quran (or at least an English translation of it). I tried all of those things a few times, but my heart was never in it. Being constantly tired during fasting while having to go to work, waking up at 3 a.m. to eat - all of it struck me as absurd. It was a joyless existence. There were so many petty rules and regulations. Life as a Muslim was one of constant micromanagement.

    The thing that truly prevented me from ever embracing Islam (as I can't say I ever joined it in the first place) is its treatment of women. Women are chattel, essentially. And I find the concept of a headscarf repugnant. In brief, it condones and perpetuates rape culture. In Islam, men are nothing more than wild beasts who can be inflamed by a strand of hair, apparently. This does a great disservice to all the civilised men in the world, who I am certain far outnumber the backward ones.

    Briefly, the Islamic view of heaven and hell also strikes me as unappealing. My idea of heaven would be reuniting with my mother and all my cats. Yet Islam promises a heaven that is basically just a realm full of debauchery - sex, sex and more sex. This is the reward for living a holy, pious life on earth. Really?! And hell is everlasting torment, which I cannot accept that a merciful God would choose to inflict on His creation.

  8. Somewhere Nowhere

    , London

    I've been an ex-Muslim for 3 years now. My open apostasy was a gradual process that involved an honest critiquing of a religion I once believed to be the word God. I'm now an agnostic atheist, and as happy as I am with my beliefs, the trauma from the psychological indoctrination still affects me. I've been ostracised from my community and my family/relatives. According to people of religion, being a non believer seems to equate to a moralless and untrustworthy character - an irrational assumption that seems to hold strong grounding amongst people of faith.

    I fail to see the benefits of organised religion which are all patricarchial and highly dogmatic. They are nothing but a load of nonsense that only divides people and regresses them from accepting rationality and science.

    The only group able to tackle the prolific Islamisation of the UK are ex-Muslims. Not only have we experienced the religion of Islam first-hand, but we're also able to provide an unbiased criticism of the religion, since we don't have an angenda, nor are our sentiments xenophobic. We are a marginalised minority within a minority and until and unless we publicly push forward our beliefs and experiences - our mistreatment will remain underrated.

  9. Ang

    , Surrey

    I'm 16, born in Britain but have strict Pakistani parents. I loved life till I reached around 12 years old and everything changed. I was always brought as a Muslim since birth and do love the religion still. However I do not believe in my parents cultural rules and teachings. I feel trapped and cannot escape. It is taught as if I should be ashamed for being a woman and ashamed for everything I need. I should hide tampons, hide my underwear and hide my body only because my dad says so and my mum only listens to him. I want to embrace the fact that I am a woman. I want to be able to wear as I please and talk to who I please. I'm not allowed out much at all and the rules for clothing I have are crazy, which is why I hate summer. Short sleeves are not permitted apparently. Everything must cover my body apparently. I don't have any free time because I should be cleaning, cooking or praying in my dads opinion. My mum says nothing to my dads rules and I hate it. I have no one to talk to which is why I want to join this. I want to speak to people in the same situation as me. The only thing keeping me alive is the thought of university in 2 years. I'm trapped.

  10. Fahad

    , London

    I've turned atheist after coming from a very conservative muslim family raised in a religous way, I want to join ex-muslims because I'm sick and tired of being a hypocrite and I want to be proud atheist.

  11. Muhammad bilal Daultana

    , Surrey

    I am a Pakistani ec muslim atheist and have been living in UK since 5 years.

  12. Envixer

    , Leicester

    Born and raised muslim, read many translations of the Quran and found it lacking in many places.

    I'm surrounded by muslims and can't be myself around them. I can't speak against the religion to anyone.

    I just need some people to talk to.

  13. H45S

    , UK

    Pakistani origins, born and bred in the UK. Brought up in a relatively religious Muslim household with parents who were extremely loving and kind. Started questioning Islam and it's rigid structure a few years ago. Currently see myself as a non-devout, cultural Muslim who is continuing to research the topic.

  14. Omar Shahpo

    , United Kingdom.

    I want to be a member and have my name displayed for two reasons, to show my support for all the Ex-Muslims around the world who are facing the difficult decision of leaving the religion, and to show other Muslims that there are indeed a lot of people leaving the religion, maybe then they'll reconsider their position.

  15. Abdi Ibrahim Saleh

    , London

    I am an ex-muslim now atheist from an Somali family, I left Islam because of the barbaric primitive practices they do which opened my eyes to the true nature of this cult.

    As a kid growing I used to despise Ayaan Hirsi Ali because my mom told me she is a liar and stupid pagan, as I progressed more and more and became more open minded I decided to check information on why islam gets that much hate, the theory of evolution and astronomy.

    I then one day got a big eye opener at an islamic exorcism where they would abuse the "possesed" with whips, sticks and high volume Quran, me and my friends used to sell medicine to the "possessed" for ridiculous prizes.
    Which made me doubt the religion and I felt so bad because what I saw in these peoples eyes was not djinns but severe mental illness, schizophrenia and epilepsy.

  16. Mohammed omor faruk Siddike

    , London

    I was born in Bangladesh with fully restricted Islamic i am ex-muslim seems from end of this last year.also member of ex-muslim.i would like share my fillings and raise my voice against Islamic law in all over the world.Useing This website I can meat new people and new idea where applicable.also I can get knowledge from different people idea.the most thing I can focuse on my blogging or writing where Bangladeshi people affected versions Islamic law....I can work with them who really victim by the friends and family like me and also government politics use the Islamic law...this is my next embition..

  17. Ayesha

    , Manchester

    I allways questioned things about Islam since a child. It lead to huge arguements with my dad. When my parents found out about me leaving islam and having a serious relationship with a non muslim a year ago- it has never been the same. Massive shame as I had a very close relationship with my parents and now I feel alone. For the past year they pretended that they didn't care and didn't bring it up, however thay have been nothing but hostile towards me. Where today I'm even more hurt, my dad said i'm today I'm no longer welcome in the house due to my relationship with my boyfriend, I feel so alone. I give up trying to fight for things to go back to how they were- I've had enough. I'm taking a gap year from studies and getting out the county. Hoping a year break from then will make them realise that I am the same daughter

  18. Saif Ali Raja

    , Glasgow Scotland

    Well I am saif Ali raja.. I am an ex Muslim and an atheist for last 6 years.. I live in Glasgow Scotland .. Basically I from Pakistan .. I left the religion because of his strict restrictions in life.. U can't control ur self .. I follow council of ex Muslims of Britain for long and now I want to join the organisation thanks ..

  19. Smiley

    , India

    I am an girl and belong to a so called moderate muslim family( in fact they are hard core Muslims). I had many questions about Islam and when I came to know the whole truth about this fake religion I decided not to follow this anymore. Now I want to leave my family too I just hate my parents. They want me to get married soon because they think I am a burden for them. Please give me suggestions as to how can I leave my family so that I can live my life peacefully.

  20. Hira

    , Uk

    I was born in pakistan with very strict conservative muslim family.Now i am an exmuslim its over a year ago. I left islam because of its
    -strict religious activities
    -Inequality in women rights
    -Inhuman behaviour
    I don't want to marry but i want to have my family and its not as easy as it looks like by living in pakistan.
    When my parents came to know i am an exmuslim they stop supporting me financially.
    i want to live the life which i want and i am glad to have found this platform where one can discuss about it openly.

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