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  1. Mohammad Panav

    , Coventry

    I was brought up in a Muslim family with strict Islamic rules and traditions. I was so into religion myself I know Quran by heart and I was the best student in religious studies at school. I was even nominated to read Quran every morning for the student before the classes start. I moved to India and realized there is more than one religion and obviously there is more than one god. I decided to look at religion from critical point and find the truth about religions and specially Islam. I soon realized that there is no such a thing as one god or one religion. Islam is not the best religion and Prophet Mohammad is not the last prophet. I started to differentiate the natural rules from religious rules. I saw the beauty of the nature and brutality of the religions namely Islam. I decided to work as much hard as I can to share my findings with other religious people and specially Muslims. I will continue my work by joining ex-muslim community in order to learn from their experiences and share mine with them.

  2. Henry Bankes

    , Ilford

    To support the great work that you do. If here is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Nasir

    , London

    I've always had doubts about Islam and religion as a whole. For a long time didn't say anything to anyone because I felt would be ridiculed and people would say horrible things about me. I grew up in a strict Muslim household with my mother and sisters. My mother is very religious, she would send us to mosque for most of the week. As I grew up I started to open up my mind and discovered people Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Those people have had huge impact on me and views towards religion. Many things have contributed in me leaving Islam like treatment of women, lack of evidence for Allah and all other gods and the errors and contradictions in the Quran. I have known about the CEMB for a long time, but I didn't have urge to join and I really just wanted to keep my secret to myself. I respect and admire what the CEMB are doing and are trying to do.

  4. Altaf Hussain

    , London

    I started questioning religion 4 years back. The process of leaving religion nurtured overtime. after reading dozens of books on the subject, I became convinced that I was no longer a muslim and did not associate myself with it. I am happy now and do not have to worry about heaven or hell. I can live my life to the fullest, do good and live in peace.

  5. Wizard Jenkins

    Hi everyone,

    I'm joining in the hopes of finding like minded people. Losing faith has just been a natural progression in my life as I cannot understand the divide that religions create and I crave a tolerant society. Anyone is welcome to get in touch, if you want to talk about anything, not just your loss of faith.

  6. su

    , london

    I want to be defined by my own thoughts and feelings, not my family's past.

  7. sam

    , london

    Recently my mother found out. Don't know where to turn. Life falling apart.

  8. Alli

    , London

    I had always doubts about the religion but eventually became an atheist in 2012. The practices ,hypocrisy and poisoning of young minds I have observed with in Islam makes me sick and i was even ashamed of labeling myself a human.
    Iam so much happy and relieved now as I treat others as fellow human beings, try to help irrespective of religion, community and race. I owe this to stops from freeminds forum(youtube channel), listening and watching videos ofChristopher kitchens, Stephen Hawkins , Lawrence krauss and I must mention maryam Namazie what a strong beautiful women who stands by her principles of freedom, equality and justice. My relatives have recently abandoned me and have blamed me of polluting/corrupting their children brains, (also threats)even though only thing I stress about is rational thinking, freedom and equality irrespective of race and religion.
    Iam in a stressful period of my life as been in UK for 14 years without any status , iam on the run..
    but iam happy that eventually I have learnt the truth about life, its simplicity and beauty.

  9. David Cruz Anaya

    , LONDON

    My Name is David I was revert to islam 3 years ago... I was practicing islam my name in that time was Adil. After long and tedious research I found things without answare in islam and I choice to refuse as not god exist to me. People who I cosier ate friend or also brothers they refuse me because for they because I sm not muslim anymore "the fundations of our friendship" is gone.

  10. qudsia

    , London

    Hi, I am a 33 years old married women, I born and raised in Muslim Pakistani family in Pakistan and also got married in Pakistani Muslim family, when I was in Pakistan I always took less part in religious activities for which I bear hate and punishment from my parents and other family members, I always felt and understand that my so called religion is totally against humanity and feminism, I have disagreed with statements of Islam for a long time (including homosexuality being a sin and the brutal punishments of Sharia Law), I moved in UK almost 6 years before from Pakistan, I was always freedom lover but there I could not express my views openly because of the fear of blasphemy law which is death penalty in Pakistan. I have 3 and half years old daughter who born here, I want to bring her up here and don't want for her the same life as I lived in Pakistan where women have no rights no freedom of speech and womens are consider as a slave. my husband have same thoughts as I have and he never treated me like other Pakistani Muslim husbands treats their wives, he always respects my thoughts and also not religious as his family who are strict in religious point of view. When I came here I see the equality of human and freedom, I believe in humanity that all human are equal and the only atheist have respect for all other human, recently I found this platform (CEMB) where I can find more people having same thoughts and beliefs as I have and where I can happily and freely share my feelings, and I find no more fear here...

  11. Miriam

    , London

    I'm an Iraqi British citizen from a Muslim family. I have had doubts about Islam for many years and was very conflicted with what I should believe in. It has now been one year since I finally became at peace with myself with the idea of being a non-Muslim atheist. I'm really happy to have found this group as it would be so nice to get to know others in a similar position! It's very difficult to find a like-minded community especially because my family are not aware of my religious status

  12. A ahmed

    , London

    I am 28 years old male from pakistan I have very recently Left Islam n became agnostic I was following Islam blindly as I was born in very strict Muslim family n was taught to believe in Islam when I was naive.. There is discrimination in Quran that my mind never accepted that n violent side of Islam is quite horrific which causes chaos n atrocity among human beings n status of woman is an another issue thsts questionble I recently studied Quran in different interpretations n decided not to follow it anymore.. Religion shouldn't be followed blindly specially Islam cuz it's violence in there. There is no tolerance n freedom of speech which leads Muslims to nowhere

  13. esam

    , d

    Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of the organisation forIam ex muslim from egypt and now in jordan i run away from egypt cause musilm want kill me as islam low say but i live my life as secrert can i ask asylum in any nation where i can live with all my freedom and pray like true christian please for juses help mei have my passport with me that all i can bring it from egypt i can go any where but be in safe
    and i donot know how i get the decomment cause i run away from egypt with just my passport I cannot ask any thing cause muslim will kill me you. Any background information would be useful.

  14. Aftab

    , London

    hi I have recently abandoned Islam I am agnostic n looking for people alike

  15. abdulla

    , London

    atheist from 22 years

  16. Faisal Rehman

    , England

    I am a Pakistani ex Muslim and am now an atheist. I can't put my real name or location within England here for my own safety.

    I always loved science and maths as a child, and it was clear to me that science was the best way to learn about the universe, whereas religion was clearly dogmatic, manmade, and used as a tool to control through fear. People usually believe in religion because it gives then comfort and makes them feel important. People usually believe in God because they feel it gives then a reason to exist. There is no evidence or logical reason to believe in either. Thus, I am an atheist.

    My entire family are highly strict and highly conservative Muslims, to the extent that some of them donated to the Taliban. Straying from the religion was not even an option. Religion was the central, most important thing in my childhood. I lost my faith at the age of 18, but could not tell anyone. However, several years later, my parents found out by accident. The consequences were dreadful. I was disowned, threatened, insulted, and emotionally blackmailed. This happened for several years, at which point I could not take the emotional blackmail anymore, and pretended to revert to Islam. Luckily, my extended family never found out, my parents would have died of shame, but I still live a lie to my parents, and probably always will. My relationship with my parents is now forever broken, and will never be what it was.

    I was born in Pakistan, but have moved to the UK and have luckily managed to obtain British citizenship by living here for long enough. This citizenship has been a life saver for me. I still have fear when entering any Muslim country, as almost all of them carry death by stoning as the punishment for leaving Islam. I fear they may discover that I am an atheist, so I pretend to be muslim when asked. I should not have to do this. I dream of a better world without this.

    I feel safe in the UK and think of it as my true home. I can be myself here, and noone will hurt me. I don't want to live in Pakistan again, where I feared for myself every day. I love the British people for their tolerance. I hope it stays this way.

    If you want to contact me (e.g. if you are in a similar situation and want advice), my username is faisalrehman on the forums here.

  17. kasim

    , liverpool

    I'm an ex Muslim grown up in a very religious family in Afghanistan, I was 14 when I move to UK at the age of 19 I was convinced that there is no God , but I keep all this Secret from my friends and family, but now every one know that I'm a athiest.

  18. Ozzie

    I am an ex muslim atheist and I feel trapped. My entire family are Sunni Muslims and I am not allowed to form my own beliefs or opinions. I am depressed to the point where I am suicidal. I want to enjoy life. But I can't. I need help. I don't know what to do. My family are all islamic bigots. I experienced their hatred for "kuffars" while they live in a secular country. My identity and freedom is denied. Where is my life?

  19. Stephen

    I converted to Islam 4 years ago on an online phenomenon called "Secondlife" I felt Islam's view on monotheism was purer that the faith I followed before Islam, which was Catholicism.

    I always had trouble praying, but I did manage to pray five times a day for a time, fast, and go to mosque. Islam never made me happy in the long run, I've read most of the Quran, but I would never call myself a scholar.

    I found many of the Quran's teachings disagreeable and not becoming of an all powerful merciful God. At this moment and time I see myself more of a deist or agnostic atheist at the moment.

    I like Art, Astronomy, Music, and science.

    I don't hate muslims each to their own.

  20. Haroon NAseh Qureshi

    , Bolton

    I am a Pakistani-born ex-Muslim. I became an atheist about 8 years ago due to the irreconcilable differences between Islam and real world. Until recently I was quite content to keep my views to myself, however, with the recent rise in religious fundamentalism I felt it was time to speak up and make a stand for the freedom of speech and for the freedom of thought. The formation of the Ex-Muslim Council of Britain is very timely and much needed and I fully support the manifesto.

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