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  1. muggsy

    , Leeds

    I believe people should have a choice of what to believe although myself don't believe in any god, also Religions have no right to push their view onto others.

    I've been an ex-muslim for about 20 years (hidden for obvious reasons), recently have found this group and would like to be part of so that i can be myself.

  2. Irum

    , East London

    i am an ex muslim and want to join your organisation for a social support and meeting new people of the same mind set.

  3. Somewhere Nowhere

    , London

    I've been an ex-Muslim for 3 years now. My open apostasy was a gradual process that involved an honest critiquing of a religion I once believed to be the word God. I'm now an agnostic atheist, and as happy as I am with my beliefs, the trauma from the psychological indoctrination still affects me. I've been ostracised from my community and my family/relatives. According to people of religion, being a non believer seems to equate to a moralless and untrustworthy character - an irrational assumption that seems to hold strong grounding amongst people of faith.

    I fail to see the benefits of organised religion which are all patricarchial and highly dogmatic. They are nothing but a load of nonsense that only divides people and regresses them from accepting rationality and science.

    The only group able to tackle the prolific Islamisation of the UK are ex-Muslims. Not only have we experienced the religion of Islam first-hand, but we're also able to provide an unbiased criticism of the religion, since we don't have an angenda, nor are our sentiments xenophobic. We are a marginalised minority within a minority and until and unless we publicly push forward our beliefs and experiences - our mistreatment will remain underrated.

  4. Fahad

    , London

    I've turned atheist after coming from a very conservative muslim family raised in a religous way, I want to join ex-muslims because I'm sick and tired of being a hypocrite and I want to be proud atheist.

  5. Muhammad bilal Daultana

    , Surrey

    I am a Pakistani ec muslim atheist and have been living in UK since 5 years.

  6. Envixer

    , Leicester

    Born and raised muslim, read many translations of the Quran and found it lacking in many places.

    I'm surrounded by muslims and can't be myself around them. I can't speak against the religion to anyone.

    I just need some people to talk to.

  7. H45S

    , UK

    Pakistani origins, born and bred in the UK. Brought up in a relatively religious Muslim household with parents who were extremely loving and kind. Started questioning Islam and it's rigid structure a few years ago. Currently see myself as a non-devout, cultural Muslim who is continuing to research the topic.

  8. Omar Shahpo

    , United Kingdom.

    I want to be a member and have my name displayed for two reasons, to show my support for all the Ex-Muslims around the world who are facing the difficult decision of leaving the religion, and to show other Muslims that there are indeed a lot of people leaving the religion, maybe then they'll reconsider their position.

  9. Abdi Ibrahim Saleh

    , London

    I am an ex-muslim now atheist from an Somali family, I left Islam because of the barbaric primitive practices they do which opened my eyes to the true nature of this cult.

    As a kid growing I used to despise Ayaan Hirsi Ali because my mom told me she is a liar and stupid pagan, as I progressed more and more and became more open minded I decided to check information on why islam gets that much hate, the theory of evolution and astronomy.

    I then one day got a big eye opener at an islamic exorcism where they would abuse the "possesed" with whips, sticks and high volume Quran, me and my friends used to sell medicine to the "possessed" for ridiculous prizes.
    Which made me doubt the religion and I felt so bad because what I saw in these peoples eyes was not djinns but severe mental illness, schizophrenia and epilepsy.

  10. Mohammed omor faruk Siddike

    , London

    I was born in Bangladesh with fully restricted Islamic i am ex-muslim seems from end of this last year.also member of ex-muslim.i would like share my fillings and raise my voice against Islamic law in all over the world.Useing This website I can meat new people and new idea where applicable.also I can get knowledge from different people idea.the most thing I can focuse on my blogging or writing where Bangladeshi people affected versions Islamic law....I can work with them who really victim by the friends and family like me and also government politics use the Islamic law...this is my next embition..

  11. Ayesha

    , Manchester

    I allways questioned things about Islam since a child. It lead to huge arguements with my dad. When my parents found out about me leaving islam and having a serious relationship with a non muslim a year ago- it has never been the same. Massive shame as I had a very close relationship with my parents and now I feel alone. For the past year they pretended that they didn't care and didn't bring it up, however thay have been nothing but hostile towards me. Where today I'm even more hurt, my dad said i'm today I'm no longer welcome in the house due to my relationship with my boyfriend, I feel so alone. I give up trying to fight for things to go back to how they were- I've had enough. I'm taking a gap year from studies and getting out the county. Hoping a year break from then will make them realise that I am the same daughter

  12. Saif Ali Raja

    , Glasgow Scotland

    Well I am saif Ali raja.. I am an ex Muslim and an atheist for last 6 years.. I live in Glasgow Scotland .. Basically I from Pakistan .. I left the religion because of his strict restrictions in life.. U can't control ur self .. I follow council of ex Muslims of Britain for long and now I want to join the organisation thanks ..

  13. Smiley

    , India

    I am an girl and belong to a so called moderate muslim family( in fact they are hard core Muslims). I had many questions about Islam and when I came to know the whole truth about this fake religion I decided not to follow this anymore. Now I want to leave my family too I just hate my parents. They want me to get married soon because they think I am a burden for them. Please give me suggestions as to how can I leave my family so that I can live my life peacefully.

  14. Hira

    , Uk

    I was born in pakistan with very strict conservative muslim family.Now i am an exmuslim its over a year ago. I left islam because of its
    -strict religious activities
    -Inequality in women rights
    -Inhuman behaviour
    I don't want to marry but i want to have my family and its not as easy as it looks like by living in pakistan.
    When my parents came to know i am an exmuslim they stop supporting me financially.
    i want to live the life which i want and i am glad to have found this platform where one can discuss about it openly.

  15. Isaac Newton

    , Manchester

    Its ironic how I left Islam in perhaps the most sacred of times where I was hoping it would have the opposite effect. However, after constantly battling with my inner feelings and desires I opened up to myself not only as a sceptic but also as being bisexual. It was a tough decision to make but I finally opened up to myself and it feels a million times better.

    I was a very dedicated and religious Muslim. I offered the compulsory prayers five times a day. I read the Qur'aan and learnt it with tajweed and the english interpretation. Also I studied the history of Islam and did further studies in hadiths, Fiqh, Manners and etiquette to name a few.

    However around the age of 17 I came across Christopher Hitchens, who is now perhaps one of my Heros, who gave me a rather hard time when it came it defending my religion, whilst listening to one of his debates where we usually whipe the floor with his counterpart. I was intrigued by his arguments and I looks further into Islam and things didn't seem to make sense. I got increasingly worried that I will lose perhaps the most important thing to me but after constant research and over time I've been able to open up to myself about it. MrPeaceMeal on YouTube was a great amount of help as I just came out to myself about how I actually feel and how I am going to be opening up to friend but not family members due to our constrained and very weak relationship.

    I would love to join the community because credit to Islam where it is due, it bought together billions of people of different culture and backgrounds together and I'm hoping I'm able to join a great community who will accept me for who I am within and not just a label. On that note I will need to confront my partner as she is looking for a long term commitment but may decide to change her mind if I tell her I am not an agnostic. I'd love to learn how other people of the community may hand such a situation that I am going to face with my girfriend, so the joining the community is going to bring a lot of information that I require.

  16. Without land

    , unknown

    I converted to Islam 15 years ago. My family is Orthodox Christians and I was the only muslim in my family. They could never understand what came over me after learning about my conversion. I just wanted to try something new I guess. Since my conversion my entire life has turned upside down. I lost my identity and happiness. I have become a depressed person I could no longer recognise. throughout these 15 years I was having doubts about islam once in a while but I kept thinking it was the devil whispering into my ears. Now I am in the middle east living with my partner who is so called salafi muslim with extreme views. I have to hide the truth from him and can no longer pretend . I want to get out and go back to Europe. I hate being here. people out there who are in a similar situation please contact me

  17. Shakib Khan

    , London

    It needs no telling that converting or leaving one's own belief that has been rising since we born, is not as easy as it looks like. Undoubtedly, I have been reckoning the same sort of obstacles and social negligence, when I have lost the faith in my own religion as well as all the religions.

    I always had specific feeling for humanity and equality. I never found rationale in many aspects of religions. The entity of God is always been raised as question in my mind.
    I could never be able to find the resolutions for the issues in almost every religion such as;
    - Inequality in woman rights
    - Inhuman activities
    - Irrational facts
    - Negligence in term of critical discussions, modern science and insight of knowledge in various facts of the world
    - Prohibitions and dominative laws created by religious leaders in their own favours
    - pretending as the best religion
    - Division amongst human being
    - Increasing intolerance and internal clashes amongst different religion followers
    - Individual laws those also cause conflicts with general life
    - Confusions in many areas of belief but force to be agreed with
    - Negative and adverse reactions of religious groups towards other religion followers and especially on Atheists.
    - Intolerant, aggressive and blind attitude and sentiments of the believers
    - Terrorism and extremism due to religious faith that making the world without peace

    In addition, I have decided to not believe in God due to having loss of faith for the personal development of knowledge and understanding.

    Being a musician, I have always a cultural and creative mind that leads me in to experiences about many philosophical aspects.
    As an Atheist since three years, I have been experiencing lot of misbehave and negligence from my own family members, dearest friends, nearest neighbours, and fears and threats for not going back to my country due to Extremist groups called ZAMAT-E- ISLAM and SHIBIR.

    As per we all can see the press releases and media coverages about the very recent attacks on the atheist bloggers and secularists in Bangladesh, the current Prime Minister and Home Minister have shown their own restrictedly blind belief on religion rather than allowing the minority for freedom of speech (
    It is a matter of great regret that neither the government nor the general people of Bangladesh do accept open minded people like us other than neglecting by saying 'NASTEEK' means atheist or non-believer.
    In the end of the day, I do respect all the people from all background regardless race, colour, age, religion and custom as well as believe in humanity, equality and peace.

  18. rashad

    I'm a much better person since I left Islam. I realised how backwards nad controlling Islam, and most Muslims are and decided enough was enough. I don't need religion to teach me right from wrong, nor to tell me how to live my life. Yes, my whole family hate me now but its their problem if they think questioning the validity of religion is due to 'Satan' whispering in my ears. Bull****. Satan isn't real
    I still believe in God, though. I just no longer follow Islam, its no different to any other made up religion

  19. Hana Poyant

    , Ipswich, United Kingdom

    Hi, I am a 23 year old gay atheist. I was born into a strict muslim family, where I was also sexually and physically abused in the name of religion.
    I always knew that I was different to that of my family members, I always questioned their actions and was punished for it. I finally escaped the prospect of forced marriage and started living independently whereupon, I was able to abandon this barbaric faith and live independently and openly as an atheist. I now write articles supporting women's rights and against the sharia law for various international journals.

  20. omair

    , Leeds

    Hi, I have for the past year been going through some hardship of trying to understand religion, I am called myself an Omnist which for those who may or I think nobody has come across is a someone who believes in all religions, I know you thinking how? but I have gone from that now to agnostic but like everyone else I want to be found not lost. I am also from Leeds so It would be nice to speak to others in the same circumstances, I am very open minded and can speak about anything.

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