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  1. Mehran Torkzadehtabrizi

    , London

    I was born in an intellectual and well-educated family. As I can remember my mother always fasting and tries to pray on-time three times a day, but my father was an architect. My Father was somehow more spiritual. Therefore, it gives me this opportunity to be a free thinker in first hand. But I have to say that some of my relatives are still very religious, despite the fact that all my uncles, aunts and cousins have university degrees. One of my uncles has stopped talking to me, because I said I do not believe in God and I have abandoned Islam.

    It has been so exciting for me to join council of ex-muslim. I have found many intellectual friends in the council. It is so great to be part of a group of atheists who publicly have bravely abandoned their religion particularly Islam.

  2. Naveed Ahmed

    , london

  3. F.H

    , London

    I am a 19 year old atheist ex-muslim who has been living in the UK for the last 5 years. I was originally born to two British born and bred Pakistani Muslims who decided in the mid to early 90s to move to the Middle East for job prospects and to raise me and my four siblings as Muslims. I went to numerous British Muslim schools there where i felt the full brunt of Muslim authoritarianism and indoctrination. Those 14 years of my life were riddled with abusive scholars (when i questioned their rationality), racist and homophobic Muslims, ludicrous and totalitarian laws and religious brainwashing.

    Although it wasn't till around the age of 17 when i openly accepted to myself that i was part of a fanatic and illogical creed, deep down I don't think i ever really believed in Islam. And I suspect that most Muslims born in to the religion don't either, when they give it enough though. I would spend prayer times listening to the filth the Imams preached and wondering whether i was crazy for failing to see the "beauty" and "wisdom" in it. Still i persisted in my state of forced ignorance.

    I was overjoyed when i left the Middle East, but at the time i couldn't understand why i felt that way. Now i can fully appreciate and accept why. Moving here was a great relief from the School system in particular. However, as i was living in a very Muslim part of London and still attached to the same devout family i was still unable to escape it completely. I got good enough grades to get into a decent enough university outside of London so my parents would allow me to live out. And the last year has been wonderful, and the freedom I feel is immense (although i am back home for summer). I don't intend on revealing the truth to my family mainly as i am sure it would break their hearts and obviously the more extreme repercussions that most Muslim apostates face, that i fear my family would not hesitate to apply. Still, I am happy i found Reason despite my despondency for the implications.

  4. Syed Tabish

    , London

    I would like CEMB to contact me with my fellow member as we both really need CEMB to come and help us out.... Thanks

  5. tabish

    , London

    All i gonna say i fucked all religion because its just waste of time and divide human being from others and all man made......... so why should i believe in those stories which sounds like fairy tales...... BULL SHIT come guys open your eyes cuz there is no such GOD things and there is no GOD and dont waste your time and power in those things....... GOD DONT EXIST..............

  6. abdi

    , Manchester

    I fucking hate Islam. I'm sick and tired of having to stop what I am doing to pray the 'five daily prayers'. How they treat women is disgusting as well. I was also forced to learn the koran at an early age. Although I never actually finished it, I feel as if I have wasted an enormous amount of time memorizing false literature. We are now in the month of ramadan, the so called 'blessed month'. I pretend I fast because of fear of either being disowned, killed and much more ruthless things islam brings. I try to sneakily eat food when I'm alone and it's working so far. I come from a strict muslim somali family. I am the oldest child, 15 years old. Just two weeks ago two muslim twin girls aged 16 fled to syria to become martys. I just don't understand how they can throw their life away like that. I have never met any ex muslims before so I'm hoping I will with CEMB

  7. shantanu adib

    , barking, Essex

    I would like to support ex-muslims around the world.

  8. tabish

    , london

    hi, my name is tabish and i was born and raise in a very strict muslim family. my though about life and religion change when i came to uk and see the freedom of speech and start exploring things which is always in my mind when i was young then i realize that religion is for only dividing human for no reason and taking peace from human life and keep them in stress and tensed life for this world and the world after..... all im asking is if there is any god then why human being is surffering from things like nowadays around us? if the holy books are real then why it sounds like a fairy tale or more like a story books? these all things are fabricated and made to keep all human busy fighting for nothing...... life is like an ice cream enjoy it before it melt down, respect human and they will respect you back cuz every good intentions have same and equal reaction or may be more then you expect, this world made cuz of big bang not cuz of god so stop wasting time in religious things which is full of bull shit

  9. The freethinker

    , Southeast

    Being born in a country where the majority of the population are Muslim, I have witnessed some of the worst human nastiness which were committed in the name of religion and the criminals were branded Heroes in the name of religion. Religion tells stories which had never happened and ask the followers not to question but obey. All religions are unscientific and based on stories, produced and publicised by the manipulative men and consumed by the hypnotized masses.
    It is a great discovery to actually see a platform like CEMB where the non-believers and ex-believers and freethinkers can share their life stories and personal observations.
    Thank you for being a mouthpiece against religious oppression.

  10. Ferris Bueller

    , North of England

    I was brought up in a devoutly religious Iraqi family where prayer, Quran recitations and overall religiousness was drilled into every child since birth. I myself was very religious (or tried to be), up until the beginning of last June.

    However I always used to struggle with doing my prayers on time, and my mother used to scream and shout at me whenever I did it late. I eventually realised that I wasn't praying for myself, I was praying because my mother wanted me to!

    The relationship I had with my parents was almost non-existent, because in their eyes I was always sinning- not praying on time, not reading enough Quran, wearing jeans instead of long, baggy, hijab-approved clothing. The house was (and is) full of constant shouting, arguing, and even violence, because of this brainwashing religion my parents have.

    I stopped praying altogether, then decided to do my own research into Islam and its teachings. I found a lot of it so illogical, and realised the only reason I followed it in the first place was because my parents brainwashed me. I did it for their approval, more than anything else.

    I am now agnostic, and at least on spiritual matters, i am finally beginning to find inner peace after years of emotional and psychological abuse.

    It comforts me to find that I am not alone, with the discovery of CEMB.

  11. Kerri Moore

    I became a convert when I was 16 or 17 I believe. My Muslim friends had made it seem so peaceful. I felt like this was the religion of peace and that was concurrent with science. I was given a lot of convincing material. I wore the veil, prayed salad and fasted during Ramadan. However, I started to doubt Islam when I came across violent Hadiths. I looked for contradictions in the Hadith and in the Quran - I found far too many. The sexual violence horrified me but I could not accept the lies rooted within the religion. Islam is incompatible with science: physics and biology, and most of all: human decency.

  12. Arshad

    , Wembley

    I am family is Muslim.My origin is Pakistan.i live in London. i feel It is very beautiful thing that if we can realise we are wrong and try to improve over self I though these all religion are myths we should come out from these and understand about reality what is over place in cosmos.

  13. Jaafar

    , London

    I want to play an active part in the kick-back against theocracy of all forms, particularily, Islamist Fascism.

  14. Laylah

    I hope to find like minded people here, and help out with the cause in any way that I can do.

  15. Nell

    I was not brought up with any faith but because of my Islamic name, have been subject to stereotyping. Of late, I've felt increasingly worried about the polarisation of society.

    The change in my home city of Birmingham in terms of people choosing to become more 'religious' has led me to consider moving out of the city. Frankly, I'm dismayed by how things are moving; in particular in terms of women, many of whom seem brainwashed and can't seem to see their own oppression.

    I personally know very little about the Islamic faith or culture and I'd like to inhabit a space where this is acceptable for a person of Pakistani origin.

  16. Dave Howitt

    , Norwich

    I'm an ex-Christian and a pretty militant atheist and feel that a united atheist front is needed to remove the divisions of religion that are just another boundary to peace.

  17. Omar Rashid

  18. Masum Patwary

    , London

    I have wasted half my life in the wrong restrictions of this evil religion. I am very angry against this religion and I will do everything to make people understand the bad side of Islam.

  19. Sohail

    , London

    I have just left Islam, a religion I was brought up in since childhood. My parents are from an ultra-conservative background. I am now an agnostic. I would like to join this group in order to network with others like me and to access support.

  20. jasmin

    , east Midlands

    I would liie to join as I am am ex Muslim. Born in to a Muslim family...tried believing... Tried becoming relegious amd even practiced it for a few yrs to help me stay in touch with my spiritual side. However the more I learnt...the more I questioned...I didnt agree with many of the rules for what is permissable or not.....I didnt believe any of the storys from the quran were true and as an individual who doesnt like to live a lie I came to decide im not Muslim n that I wouldnt pretend either. A lot of people who have been through the same process may have also been throught this too but I tend to get a lot of negativity from muslims that know im no longer Muslim! Its like to speak to people who have had similar journeys and connect with others to hear their experiences. Im not following a particular relegion at the moment. I would say im probably agnostic. I dont no weather there is a god or not but I definately believe that if there is a god he doesnt belong to a particular relegion and would not want to seperate humanity in the way most relegions do.

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