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  1. Henry Page

    , Brighton

    As an ex-Muslim I feel that I should stand with fellow ex-Muslims and be open and honest about my apostasy. I also feel that I should support the CEMB because there are millions of people worldwide that cannot leave Islam through fear of death.

  2. sajjad haider

    , west drayton

    i am ex muslim and i want to receive news letter and emails from you

  3. Ferwah

    I am an ex- Muslim. I always questioned my faith but had to pretend when I was in Pakistan. I renounced islam a few years ago after I came to the UK

  4. Carole

    I come from a moderate Muslim family and never questioned/ thought about religion to much. Recently I am having many questions and doubts. It's a very confusing time for me. I feel very alone in this struggle. I want to join CEMB to meet people who are facing the same struggles in life.

  5. Danial Baharluei

    , nottingham

    Iam an iranian Atheist currently living in uk nottingham
    you guys got my full support!

  6. Mahmood A Siddiqui

    , London

    I have attended meeting on 18 Jan at Kings Cross, so glad to see many people with same thinking and ideology. why no join officially?

  7. Senay Meredowa

    My mum converted to islam and got married to a muslim man. I need out, my whole life is restricted by islam. My parents are the most loving parents in the world but once i tell them I want to leave islam they wont be the same. I want to join because I want to meet similar people in my situation and gain advice.

  8. ashkan goudarzi mohammadi

    , birmingham

    hello everyone,
    as an deist humanist, i would rather call myself more of i do know that we human- being are having capability and acknowledge of universe...not fully but, we are getting is geat to know that we are getting to the point that none of the so called revealed religion are not going. and it is great being part of ( CEMB ) and getting to KNOW ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL AND LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE.

  9. Mona Ali

    , London

    Became an ex-muslim six months ago. It has been a liberating but equally isolating. Would like to discuss and be a part of a like-minded community.

  10. Sina Ahadi Pour

    , Cardifff, Wales, GB

    I very much like to meet like-minded ex-muslims and be able to discuss with them the freedom of being an Atheist.

  11. Esha

    , London

    I was born into a Muslim family and I never questioned the religion until I went to university. Being exposed to people from all different religious and secular backgrounds, I was forced to think about my religion and question it as I never had done.

    After attending many talks, debates and carrying out my own research, it was a frustrating and deeply stressful period but I just could not say that I believed in God.

    It is difficult to meet people from the same background, as leaving Islam has such a taboo attached to it. You can't really talk about these things with family members as I find most people born into Islam just accept it and don't think to question it. If you do, you are seen as bad in some way.

    I want to join CEMB to meet like-minded people who have been through the same thing as me help those who feel the same.

  12. samikhan

    , cardiff

    i want to make new friends with athiests who were muslims.

  13. Fahad

    , London

    I am an atheist (ex-Muslim) who has been active in the Pakistan Atheist and Agnostic Alliance for a number of years. Now I have moved to UK and I'm currently a graduate student here. I am very passionate about the issues related to ex-Muslims and I'm eager to participate in my own way to increase awareness and acceptance of ex-Muslims within Muslim and broader communities. I want to find a community of people who share similar values and I also want to pursue research into our community in order to increase knowledge, acceptance and understanding of the issues, identities, and experiences of ex-Muslims.

  14. melina

    , london

    I am interested in meeting people that have liberated themselves from the chains of Religon.

  15. Shahab Oshaghi

    , London

    As an atheist, I always had so many problems with the conditions of my country that I lived there for over 26 years. I could never go along with the logic of Islam. I always had so many discussions with family or relatives and sometimes with other people in university or my workplace about the concepts that Islam represented them and I believe that the majority of our problems in my country have been rooted from this wrong and absurd concepts and Islamic thought that unfortunately it dominates on everything there. I was trying to find another way to express my method of thinking until I recognised about Council of Ex-Muslim of Britain. I watched almost videos of the Nano GoleSorkh channel on the YouTube and many books and articles about the Athiest, then I decided to make a connection to the Council. I attended the Council's event and I met up its amazing members. When I met them and I was familiar with their thinking, I decided to be more active and I hope I can be a useful member in the progress of the Council.

  16. Ashraf

    , Derby

    I was brought up in a Muslim family with strict Islamic rules and traditions. My fathers family in Pakistan are prominent figures in several major madrassas in Panjab. As an 8 year old child I was so into Islam myself I learnt the Quran by heart without understanding the true meaning.
    I travelled to India after university to attend a wedding of a friend and realized there was more than one religion. I decided to look at Islam and find the truth. Islam not a religion but a cult based are Mohammad who was not the true messenger of God. I started to differentiate the natural rules from religious rules. I saw the beauty of humanity and brutality of the cult namely Islam.
    All muslims need to open their eyes.

  17. AN EX MUSLIM/Farouk

    , Bradford

    I am an agnostic, all my life I believed on a religion which is based on lies. Because the concept of God/Allah is not new in fact Islam is a re enactment of ancient religion of Quraish (the clan of the prophet) who believed on moon god Hubull. The god was represented by a pentacle and half moon. Present day Islam is a re-enactment of the same religion. In fact we as Muslims are actually following idiotic Arabic customs. We are told 7th century mythology in 21st century e.g. there are seven heavens, angels and Armageddon etc. I want to join the organisation to meet like minded people, because I cannot express myself in Bradford a place full of conservatives and idiots. Infact the most Islam inhibits you from integration into the community. By saying Koran has got every thing and we do not need to read any book is the single most idiotic argument given by people. I am also afraid because if you start expressing yourself then people start to give you titles as an apostate or a renegade. It is quite easy to commit a so called blasphemy. I believe that if one can criticise politicians then one has got the right to be critical of religion or religious figures. I know it is a risky route to take but my conscience do not allow me to believe on all this idiotic ideas.

  18. I AM

    , UK

    My own, wonderful human imagination is what creates my reality. An ex Muslim in UK.


    , LONDON

    Having grown up in a Muslim religious orphanage (cose no family) from my early age of 2 years old to 16 years old. was obviously the norm but I had never felt the spiritual or emotional connection that seemed to go hand in hand with belief. because i have seen and victim by religious people in orphanage. they abuse orphan boy by sexual and physically. Losing my faith was a progression that I knew was happening but chose to ignore, as I felt like an outsider surrounded by Muslims. i was grown up from my childhood without no parents and no family. i am not believe any religion...............?

  20. Huda hakeem

    , bournemouth, dorset

    I am an Iraqi, former shia Muslim.
    I was raised in an observing Muslim family in the middle east. After much soul searching I decided I couldn't stomach Islam's views about anything and everything. This journey started 7 years ago and I finally decided I'm an atheist as of 6 months ago.

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