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  1. Harleen Kaur

    , Luton

    I am feeling so depressed because my family disowned me for leaving Islam. Joining this community will help me meet people like me and it will help me overcome my depression.

  2. Mohsen Bahadori birgani

    , Liverpool

    rock idols were made with human hands and the gods and religen were born of the human mind. i say man place so high is that need to imaginary creatures in gods name does not havent, for a good life.

  3. hoshang

    , manchester

    I was born in a Muslim family and very religious suburb in Tehran, Iran.
    When I was at school and we had to study Quran and subject about Islam every single year even at university which they are compulsory and I had a lots of question in my mind but when start ask question about Islam they said you should have not ask these type of question and I could not search in Internet because government filter them.
    One day my brother told me about some books which they criticised Islam, when I started to read them I found answer to most of my question and when I moved to England I could read more and more and even I think I just found my self and I call it new born.

  4. Unknown name

    , Nottingham

    I am Muslim born and grown in Pakistan . I live in Uk from last 12 years with my family I have 2 children
    I was very religion practice in fact my older son goes to Islamic private school. After reading books and watching many debate clips on YouTube now I am very confused I am loosing faith in Islam now I am too scare to let me family knows but my wife is with me she lost the faith too but my other family members in uk and Pakistan I don't know what to do
    Please help me in this matter

  5. Ayesha

    Ex muslim since 14 years old. Now two years later, very proud of myself for it.

  6. SunnyBee

    , Coventry

    As an ex-muslim since I was 17 years old (now 35) it is very isolating and difficult. I am really proud and greatful for the great work of the CEMB. after years of feeling like the only ex-muslim around it is really reassuring to be able to work with like minded people.

    I look forward to getting involved

  7. TM

    , england

    I was born as a Muslim, plus I was raised by strict muslim family.. luckily I came to the UK to study, since I was young I had lots of questions about my faith and why our religion is not fair specially with Women, freedom of thoughts and why our faith allow us to kill others simply because they are not muslim, and why there are lots of different religions.because of there is one God why there are different religions and why they all allow them self to kill the others just because they have different relieves also every religion claims that they are only the one will go to heaven but the rest of the world will go to hell, so which realign is the right one at the end I came with a conclusion that all realign were mad from people who wants to control the others.

  8. GreenQueen

    , London

    I'm beginning to realise a lot of things about Islam and I was hoping to meet with ex muslims oh and I'm still haven't really told anyone including family

  9. Soheil vahdatpanah

    , Stockton on tees

  10. S D F

    , UK

    I was born as a muslim, not by choice, but growing up I demanded logical and reasonable explanation to our existence and the existence of the universe, religions did not explain but science did answer some and some needs more work to be done in order to answer more questions, to not understand some matters at the moment doesn't mean we won't at some point as we learn new facts everyday, this is more fascinating than reading old books written by humans and talking about fairy tails, demanding to either accept those claims or face punishment, words that forces people to believe and not use their brains, words that is trying to force you to believe that thinking is wrong. I am an theist for 8 years now and being an atheist enabled me to understand and learn more about reality and accept it as it is.


    , LONDON

    Council of Ex Muslims Britain suits me very much. as myself born Muslim & raised as a Muslim too. but after studying comparative religion & research last 7-8 years i finally got to a point,where I renounced my religion & i do not have faith in any god or gods whatsoever. i want to share my opinion in this platform with the people who has same view as mine.

  12. Md.Mohiuddin

    , London

    I have studied last 5 years about different non-faith forums & councils.But i did not get any better suited council for me than council of Ex Muslims Britain. As myself has been a born & raised Muslim. After studying all these facts & matter about religion i came to a point where i see no religion make complete sense with their guidance.Therefore,I renounced my religion of Islam with the best of my knowledge & conscience.And through the Council of ex Muslims Britain i can share my views throughout the world & to create public awareness that without we can live in even better place.

  13. ahmed

    , london

    Hi I hope you all doing great , am 31 years old from Somalia lived more than half of my life am a proud father happily married life is good, but there is always something missing whenever I looked at my beautiful children's future how they going see the world it self what kind people are they going to associated with but the truth I just need them to be free from beliefs free from every being them them selves see the beauty of life not being scared for hell fire as my parents always asked me when are you going to send your children to the madrasa jusy ignore them and is killing inside out they doesn't know am agnostic I have never been a faith person even my child Hood super natural doesn't make sense to me I always used get scared whenever time I hear life will be endless infinity don't know I think I supposed to be like it but never happened , above all my social life is very limited I do pretend am good Muslim though I don't prey or fast couldn't pretend that, I can speak my mind I don't argue either will be great if I were able to have life without that environment for a second and be ma self that seems my last wish

  14. Said Mohamed

    , Bristol

    I'm an ex Muslim who is now an atheist. I decided to join this organisation because I believe it will provide me with social support that a closeted individual like me otherwise wouldn't receive.

  15. Yassin

    , London

    The organisation will be a place to meet people who had the very same journey as i have which will give me much social support especially that I feel that i am isolated amongst my community.

  16. amir

    , London

    i am an ex muslim i was born in pakistan but now i am in london and i am seeking support,

  17. Bengal Moe

    , Birmingham

    Well, I'm 22, been apostised over 6 years ago. Ever since, I've felt isolated, I literally can't make friends with anyone Asian. I am open with my apostasy, but, I don't ever talk about Islam and am always myself. I've been disowned by family from the very beginning of my apostasy, solely due to the reason that I refused to pray. As I got older, I began looking further into the doctrine, realising how much I disagree with it.

    However, I identify myself as a deist. I do believe in some sort of creator. But feel, religions are all corrupt! Especially Islam with its Sahih haddiths and the Quran, which contradict. It is a very insecure doctrine, so much for allegedly, being the "truth".

    Also, I've noticed, the more religious a person is, the more logically deficient they're in mind.

  18. amir

    , london

  19. Muhammad

    , United Kingdom

    My name is Muhammad and like to be called by my middle name. I am pharmacist by profession and travelled to UK from Afghanistan. I consider my self an Atheist and have never practised Islam since I moved away from my family. When I was child my I was raised in a Muslim family and after studying science and coming across people with different religion in my high school I start raising questions about religion and thats when I realised there is nothing more than a science which can describe the origin of human race. Being from Afghanistan it is not easy for me to change my first name as there is recorded cases where people like me were stones to death and body burned in public i.e Farkhunda by raising questions about religion.

    Currently I am looking for an Atheist society or group to join and express my opinion.

  20. sumaira Naeem

    , walthamstow london

    I am an ex muslim and want join your organization for social support and meeting with new people of the Sam mind set.

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