Celebrare il dissenso, Nessun Dogma, 9 October 2022

Paolo Ferraini writes: The cover of Nessun Dogma, issue 5 (2022), features Maryam and Ensaf Haidar in one of the most touching moments of the march in support of Salman Rushdie and freedom of speech, within the context of Celebrating Dissent, the greatest international gathering of ex Muslims, held in Koln last August. This particular shot is so emotional because it captures, alongside the sadness of a family’s tragedy – Ensaf is the wife of Raif Badawi, who still can’t leave Saudi Arabia and join is family after serving ten years in prison for a thought crime – all the pride, the resilience, the power, the rage, and the love of a community who refuses to be reduced to silence. My article is already available on the blog (Italian content)

Celebrare il dissenso