Pride in London: Liberation is a Riot!

2023sat01julAll DayPride in London: Liberation is a Riot!(All Day: saturday)

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1 July 2023, Pride in London

On 1 July, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) will be marching at Pride in London to celebrate Liberation as Riot and defend the revolution in Iran that is challenging Islam and Islamism and defending Woman, Life, Freedom, LGBT rights, secularism and more.
On this day, we will also rage against the execution and murder of women, dissenters, LGBT, apostates and blasphemers in countries under Islamic law. Just this year alone, over 300 dissenters have been executed by the regime in Iran, including Youssef Mehrad and Seyed Sadrullah Fazlizare for blasphemy in May.

CEMB will once again be marching in pride this year and our theme for this year will be Liberation Is A Riot!!

The first stonewall was a riot. When nothing else works, it is only through bravery and rebellion, that the oppressive status quo can be changed. If they don’t listen to reason, you rebel. In our walking art piece, our own #RiotOfResistance, we pay homage to the brave gays and lesbians who fought at stonewall and challenge these religious and archaic powers that still keep women, gays, lesbians, blasphemers, refugees and apostates subjugated, kowtowed & tortured.
We celebrate our existence, and those who seek to destroy us are witnessing our resistance. The time is now!

If you would like to join us on 1 July, please note that space is limited, If you haven’t registered to march with us and plan to do so, please let Ali Malik know immediately at so he can reserve a wristband for you and send you further details. The brilliant Victoria Gugenheim will be body and face painting on the day.

Our #LiberationIsARiot!



All Day (Saturday)

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