CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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IraqJoe Man

I am Ex muslim from iraq, i need help to left iraq and i hope

United KingdomKhaled Hammad

I came out of Islam about 20 years ago after 8 years of struggling. I

United KingdomMuhammad shahbaz Javed

i was born in a muslim family .my family is very restric about religion.at the

BulgariaAni M.

Hello, I am iraqi atheist Ex-Muslim guy, even though I live and work in Bulgaria,

United KingdomSarah Alamri

Hello I’m sara I am looking forward to joining you. I am an atheist and

United KingdomShaheeb Gaffoor

Hi , I am Shaheeb Gaffoor, 32, from colombo Srilanka, last month I came to

United KingdomNangyaal Khan

Hello! My name is Nangyaal Khan (Not my real name). I left islam because it

United KingdomShams Ahmad

This is Shams From Saudi Arabia, I have raised in extreme Islamic culture, and as

SwedenYahya Rahimi

hi my name is Yahya Rahimi .I am 24 years old and live in Sweden

United KingdomM M

I had been part of Shia Islam my father was killed for his belief by

SwedenAlireza Qanbari

Hello, my name is Ali reza ، And I am from Afghanistan .I became an

SwedenReza Ahmadi

Hello, my name is Reza Ahmadi . I am from Afghanistan , And now I

United KingdomKaleem Ullah

I am Kaleem ullah from Pakistan I am an ex Muslim, I left Islam in

United KingdomNini Evans

I have been looking for a community like this where I can feel a sense


I am writing to express my sincere interest in joining the Council of Ex-Muslims of

United KingdomNorah Almansour

I’m Norah, I’m from Saudi Arabia and I’m an asylum seeker in the UK. l

United KingdomSayeed Abdullah

I’m an ex Muslim from Bangladesh. Have been living in the UK for many years.

United KingdomHasan Motam

I have recently decided that Islam is most definitely a myth, an invention of men

United KingdomAsh Musa

I want to join CEMB as you firstly helped me break away from my faith

United KingdomMahin Memon

Hi, first of allI’m very happy to found a community for people like me (Ex-Muslims),

AfghanistanSayed Ex-muslim

I am an atheist (non-religious) Afghan and I am currently living in a secret place

AfghanistanSayed Ex-muslim

I am An atheist (non-religious) Afghan and I am currently living in a secret place

United KingdomAhsan Hussain

My friends are members from long time with this council and they advise me to

YemenAmran Shaalan

I have a Bachelor Degree in Sciences, majored in Chemistry and I can speak English

United KingdomHaseeb Tariq

Hi my name is haseeb and I am an ex Muslim leaving Islam feels like

United KingdomRafi Reza

I'm an ex Muslim from Bangladesh who was raised in Saudi Arabia. In both of

United KingdomLina Hassan

I left Islam about a year ago after being raised very religious & being married

United KingdomRaheel Ali

Hi I am Raheel I just left my religion there to more about that.

United KingdomQaaf Lira

I want my info to be kept confidential. I have been living in closets for

EgyptWaseem Hussein

I am an 18 year old who still lives with his family that are still

FranceMD Yeasir Arafat

I,m ex Muslim an Atheist. I'm From Bangladesh. I am a secular online activist and

United KingdomBareya Khan

I grew up a very devout Ahmadi Muslim from a Pakistani background. My whole life

United KingdomHaseeb Tariq

I live as Muslim in Pakistan and the way the fight with each other for

United Kingdomlayla ali

I was raised to fear god. it was only once i started to listen to

Palestine, State ofSiwar Apo

Hi, I have been agnostic for 3 years now, and I am glad to see


I want to join with you to spread knowledge, refute religious myths, and keep up

IraqQueen Inanna

I've experienced Islamic abuse multiple times since I was a child, and now, after searching

United KingdomUmer Yousaf

It's been a long journey in search of the ultimate Truth based on Love. It

United KingdomSK Benzadid


United KingdomMeriem B

I grew up in Algeria, a majority Muslim country, within a moderate Muslim family. In

United KingdomTahir Ahmed

I believe that Islam limits the expression of one's self and does not allow them

United KingdomSulaman Rai

Precisely speaking my journey is that of a muslim born and raised in moderately religious

United KingdomJane Frank

When I was 15 I realised I didn’t believe in God. Growing up in a

United KingdomZed_69_420 N

Closeted ex-muslim for the last 3 years and have nobody to talk to. I'm trapped

United Arab EmiratesYahia Ibrahim

I'm an Ex Muslim and I would like to help others for their rights.

United KingdomJK Hadd

I abandoned Islam because it is a religion of terror, brutality, and persecution. When I

United KingdomMariam Mohana

Since I decided to leave Islam, I feel isolated a bit. I can't discuss my

United KingdomNorah Al Mansour

Hello, I’m an Ex-Muslim asylum seeker from Saudi Arabia. I believe that religions are one

United KingdomDrago H

Ever since I was a child in my home country, Syria, I had strong suspicions

United KingdomMasud Hasan

My name is Masud. Now i’m Ex-Muslims and humanist

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