CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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United KingdomSulaman Rai

Precisely speaking my journey is that of a muslim born and raised in moderately religious

United KingdomJane Frank

When I was 15 I realised I didn’t believe in God. Growing up in a

United KingdomZed_69_420 N

Closeted ex-muslim for the last 3 years and have nobody to talk to. I'm trapped

United Arab EmiratesYahia Ibrahim

I'm an Ex Muslim and I would like to help others for their rights.

United KingdomJK Hadd

I abandoned Islam because it is a religion of terror, brutality, and persecution. When I

United KingdomMariam Mohana

Since I decided to leave Islam, I feel isolated a bit. I can't discuss my

United KingdomNorah Al Mansour

Hello, I’m an Ex-Muslim asylum seeker from Saudi Arabia. I believe that religions are one

United KingdomDrago H

Ever since I was a child in my home country, Syria, I had strong suspicions

United KingdomMasud Hasan

My name is Masud. Now i’m Ex-Muslims and humanist

AfghanistanMohammad Zarif Jamal


United KingdomPolly Frazer

I was raised with no faith. I was then a teacher in London in mainly

United KingdomBrian Campbell

I'd like to connect with other ex Muslims for support

United KingdomLara Sajajd

Having been born to a Muslim family, I came realise that I was inclined to

United KingdomOn Conquering

I am an atheist. I was an atheist in my childhood and became radicalised in

PakistanAbdullah Haroon

I want to write and show the dark side of the so called religion of

IraqAofadia Idan

The world will be safe and wonderful without religion, those religion's destroyed our life, the

United KingdomAnne G

I am a closeted ex-Muslim that came from Saudi Arabia with a Pakistani background to

PakistanHappy Abdull

I made the decision to leave Islam eight years ago due to its historical association

SomaliaAbdalla Yahye

Hello 👋 I'm Abdalla From Somalia 🇸🇴 this group is important for me and many

United KingdomTousif Razaq

Hi everyone. it’s been two years I have renounced Islam. Blasphemy laws, no equal women

United KingdomMohamed abdo Ali khalil

I'm very glad to find such an organization that has provided an awesome space for

United KingdomMohamed abdo Ali Khalil

I'm very glad to find such an organization that has provided an awesome space for

United KingdomFatimah Johnson

I have roots going back to Aden, South Yemen which was actually a Marxist state

United KingdomSiavash Bahari babadi

Hello I'm siavash I am a refugee who recently arrived in the UK. I was

IrelandMohammed Alruwaili

Hello sir/mam I am an ex-muslim from Saudi Arabia after years of trying to live

United KingdomAsif Bing

Everyone deserves equality and freedom. Exmuslims are subjected to harassment from different communities. I want

United KingdomAlexander Wilhelm B. Black

Islam is a Religion of Dishonesty, Deception and Neurotic Nonsense. I left it around a

United KingdomYoussef Bayoumi

I'm an ex-muslim Egyptian. I'm currently studying in Manchester, and would like to meet people

United KingdomReena Kirkwood

Hi im a exmuslim in manchester as I feel.left out here not many people like

ThailandAhmed Mustafa Kanjoo

I have been helped by CEMB on number of occasions, for my case with UNHCR.

United KingdomSara Alghanim

I’m an ex-Muslim who’s currently seeking asylum in the UK. I stopped believing in Islam

PakistanZaman Falcon

I born in a muslim family and was muslim by birth, but when i started

United KingdomRafiqul Hasan

My name is Rafiqul Hasan and I am from Bangladesh. Although I grew up in

United KingdomMazen Ahmed

I'm Active Egyptian Atheist, I came to UK after my personality was exposed on Social

United KingdomSia Yusuf

I would like to meet similar minded people as I too have stepped out of

United KingdomRafiqul Hasan

I want to join your community because I am an atheist and would like to

United KingdomHazim Saad

I lived in Iraq my childhood, my adolescence and the beginning of my youth, and

TürkiyeMuboriz Muboriz

islam lies

United KingdomMuhammad Tayyab

unfortunately I was born in a muslim family. But im glad and feel good that

United KingdomYusuf Mohamed

I find it amazing what Islam gets away with, but of course when you're in

United KingdomShahd M

I had been raised as a Muslim. I don't know when but I started questioning.

Palestine, State ofBilal Ta

Hello . I am Bilal . An ex-muslim from Palestine. I want to join you

United KingdomSara Sa

I'm an athiest refugee who is new in London and would love to learn more

YemenSaddam Saleh

Islam is an irrational religion that rejects civilization and loves violence. It is a false

SwedenGhorban Ali Hosseini

Hello, I became an atheist six years ago. I left Islam and relied on my

United KingdomAlanoud Alsulaiti

I am an ex-Muslim, was introduced to this organisation by my lawyer Ana Gonzalez.

AustraliaHein Htet Kyaw (Abu Bakr)

I was born into a mixed race and mixed religious family. Now, I'm a radical

PakistanZafar Khan

My name is Zafar Khan I'm sunni Muslim from Pakistan I want to leave Islam

Netherlandspooyan ganji

I declare my disgust with this religion that is full of lies and hatred and

MoroccoMo Agnostic

Greetings! The reason why I'd like to join this platform is that I have recently

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