CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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Mehran Sharmini

Ending religious tyranny and obscurantism in the world today is an urgent task, if we

Mehryar Latif Shoushtary
Mehdi Tahriri Masooleh

I have fought against the Islamic regime of Iran and will keep fighting to ensure

Mat Hunt

I wholeheartedly give my support to this very worthy cause.

UKMohammad Aghdam

I do not believe in God and in my opinion anything that cannot be found

Mohammad Kuhsar Asadi
Moham Engineer

Some years ago I suffered Islam; I was arrested for Blasphemy, then sentenced to death;


Islam gets children to believe in it by scaring them. When you tell a little

Mike Maybury

I am horrified that those who want to leave Islam are threatened with death in

Nima Kisomi

On the list of UK members. He is one of our initial members - wpi

Nima Jam

It just doesn\'t make sense to me that there is a god, prophet, religion,heaven... They

Nasir Lahori

I\'m a 34 year old second generation British Pakistani. I lost faith in Islam around

Namdar Mohammadi
Mustafa Noor

I am 21 years old and I am the son of Muslim migrants, I have

Muriel Selltman

CEMB is at the forefront of today\'s struggle for individual freedom and against all those

Mukto Mona

I want to promote freethought in all communities esp. Muslim communities. I feel that Muslim

Muhammad Younas

People r super power; they have right to decide about the future of human life.

Mohsin Khalid
Mohsen Abdini
Noshina Fawad

I grew up in a household where my father was an atheist and my mother,

Nina Tejani

A Wrong Turning Stick to the Straight and Narrow Chanted the Congregation. Don\'t even look

Poone Ravi
Peyman Satari

As a teacher I encounter young Asian people every day who are far removed from

Patty Debonitas
Parsa Karimi

I am happy I can publicly renounce Islam. I despise its violations of innumerable rights


I would like to join as I think there is a lot of work to

Omaar Khayaam

I was born into a Sunni Muslim family in a northern city in the UK.

Oliver Dickinson

The aggressive push by Islam is a threat to me, my family, my friends and

Richard Craig

As an atheist I can only admire the internal strength ex-Muslims must have to break

Reza Moradi
Reza Jalilivand

If there was a god, there wouldn\'t be so much oppression and cruelty.

Rehan Hussain

Because I believe that the freedom to opt out of religion is as important as


It\'s been 12 years since I stopped believing in Islam. I\'m of Pakistani origin and


I would like to join as an ex-Muslim, having been born into it without a


I was raised in a Christian fundamentalist household to treat others not of my persuasion

Sad ex-Muslim

I wish to become a member. I have opted to do it through my email

Saeed Parto
Ronnie Miah

I am from a Bangladeshi family and grew up in a relatively traditional Muslim household.

Richard Johnson

I would like to add my voice to the growing chorus of secularists and humanists,

Siamak Amjadi
Shiva Mahbobi
Shaun Moorcroft

I wish to offer my support to all the people of the world who choose

Shahrokh Shaveissi
Saimir Krasniqi

I never knew something like this existed and just found out from a BBC programme

Saman Farmanara
Saman Navid
Sam Pounaki
Saif Rahman

I am a 37 year old agnostic humanist born in the UK, and of Indo-Pakistani

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