CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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Abdullah Gilani

i was born in Pakistan with very strict Conservative Muslim family, i came here as

United KingdomAbdullah Bin Naseer

Born and raised as muslim until i stated thinking why i'm being forced to pray.

United KingdomAbdullahi Jamal

Hey there, I’m a 21 year old atheist living in London from a Somali background


I would like to join a group of like minded individuals, ever since I could

United KingdomAbdulrahman Khaminkaew
NigeriaAbdulrahman Aliyu

i intend to join, because I am an exmuslims living in northern part of Nigeria.

United KingdomAbdulrahman Khaminkaew

Hi, I'm an ex-muslim/atheist for over 15 years. I've done work in my YouTube channel

NigeriaAbdulrahman Aliyu

i am an ex Muslim, atheist from Nigeria, I have been following up maryam namazie

EthiopiaAbdurahman Seid

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

PakistanAbi (C.A.R.)

I am a 16 year old Pakistani Ex Muslim and I left Islam during the

United KingdomAbid Nazir

I do not believe on religions and want to become a part of community like

United KingdomAbid Hussain

I want a voice which is why I am joining

PakistanAbidkhan Khan

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

PakistanAbidkhan Khan

I am new atheist

Abrar Ahmed
Abu Khazarnaq

It is a testament to Islam\'s folly that I have to hide behind a pseudonym

United KingdomAbu Hanif

I have been questioning the religion and existence of god for a very long time.

United KingdomAbu Sabr

I'm an ex-muslim from Bangladesh. I came to study in London in 2022. I've been

United KingdomAbu Mustafa

hi, I'm abu mustafa. First of I believed in Islam and day by day I

United Kingdomabubaker khaleel

i am abubaker 26 year old guy from pakistan born and raised as a muslim.

Swedenabuzar asadi

Hello i left islam 4 years ago. and i have been an atheist ever since.

AlgeriaAchraf Mohammedi

I believe that humanism is my next direction i can't be without my own freedom

PakistanAdam Khan

I was born in a devout Muslim family belonging to Sunni sect of Islam. I\'m

Adam Williams

I used to be a Muslim, I took my Shahada in 2008 and I truly

MoroccoAdam Mribet

I feel I am spending a life being persecuted. I have never believed in Islam

Adam Sherwood

I just want to be an atheist, free from any religious influence in my government.

SwitzerlandAdel Lefteh

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

IranAdel Askari Moradaali

I am a simple teacher and I have been teaching for almost 10 years ,I

UgandaAdil Bahauddin

There are many people with Islamic background who want to pursue a path of reason

PakistanAdil Ahmed

My both parents died when I was very young. The absence of my parents led

IrelandAdil Den

I am supporting a secular world where people can express their ideas freely and openly.I

Adil J Hussain

I am an Ex-Muslim and I believe that my voice and others alike should be

United KingdomAdnan Ishtiaq

I lost respect for faith and religious belief

United KingdomAdnan Nadeem

I want to change to be part of a organisation of like-minded people who are

United KingdomAdnan Alamri

I'm an asylum seeker in the UK, i escaped from Saudi Arabia the islamic country

United KingdomAdnan Afzal

Brought up as a muslim, however have never really connected with religion. I've been a

United KingdomAdnan Ali

The Concept of Religion is something that was created by humans to control us from


As an ex muslim who had to actually run for my life when I renounced

United KingdomAfnan Gohar

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

United KingdomAfnan Alkhalaf

I am an asylum seeker in the United Kingdom, I was persecuted in my country

SwedenAfsaneh Vahdat
Afshan Malik

I have only just discovered this organisation. I am a professional woman in my 50s.

United Kingdomafsheen shargh

i grew up in a muslim family from whom i was shunned over a decade

United Kingdomafsheen shargh

an atheist from a Muslim background. have dealt with my family vilifying myself and believing


I\'m a 25 years old Iranian student. I decided to comprehend Islam basically. when I


hi I have recently abandoned Islam I am agnostic n looking for people alike


I am an Ex-muslim and strongly denies the unjust and completely stupid injunctions and interpretation

AlgeriaAgellid Yudas

I'm an ex muslim and I was a muazeen, after a lot of researches,asking,thinking freely,reading

JordanAhmad Arouri

I am a former Muslim and now I am an atheist, and I left Islam

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