CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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sudan?????? ??????????

I\'m a teenager and i hope you help me to immigrate from my country i

United KingdomA G

Hi. I'm a secret atheist. Haven't told anyone. I think Islam is backward and violent

United KingdomA Kay

Hey guys. I’m joining as I want to meet like minded people. I’m a mother

United KingdomA Pat

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of


Hi.my name is ....i lived in birmingham for almost 4 years.i was a muslim.when i

A ahmed

I am 28 years old male from pakistan I have very recently Left Islam n

Saudi ArabiaA

I\'m Egyptian working in Saudi Arabia , I have vision about Sharia Law especially it

Saudi ArabiaA M

Actually, skip the religious belief in 2016, completely left religion, and change my life, am

a postate

I enjoy many aspects of Islam, the community script, the brotherhood. Its a great antidote

A. Z

Living as an atheist in a Muslim community was a daunting prospect when I first

United KingdomAaliyah Abubakar

My name is Aaliyah on the 12th of September 2017 at the age of 19,

United KingdomAamer Khan

I left Islam many years ago but due to family and other pressures kept quiet.

IndiaAaqib Hayat

I believe there must be an organisation which needs to gather people from the whole

UkraineAarish Idrees

I am an ex Muslim...its been two years when i left islam ...i need to

USAAaron Burhoe

I am a 19-year-old American atheist and a former Christian. I live in a society

United KingdomAaroon Azim

I am a believer of free dom and have suffered under the damage of islam.

CanadaAasif C

I left Islam almost 2 years ago now, when I was 16. I used to


When a super miraculous is used to explain a miracle, then what explains the miraculous

IranAbas Arya
Abbas Naji

It just doesn\'t make sense to me that there is a god. There are fossils

abd el hafid
IraqAbd alrhuman Thanoon

I want to join because I am an atheist. I want to convey the problems

SomaliaAbdalla Yahye

Hello 👋 I'm Abdalla From Somalia 🇸🇴 this group is important for me and many

EgyptAbdelrahman Saeed

I'm in a fucked up situation! I'm surrounded by very religious muslims that could hurt


I fucking hate Islam. I\'m sick and tired of having to stop what I am

United KingdomAbdi Ahmed

I find Islam to be a satanic evil and uncomfortable religion and I want to

Abdi Ibrahim Saleh

I am an ex-muslim now atheist from an Somali family, I left Islam because of

abdirhaman abdullahi

i left Islam and i am 14 but i need help because there are so

FinlandAbdol Golparian
Sudanabdu elsamad Abdullah

I'm proudly a Sudanese ex-muslim unluckily live in Khartoum crawling with those stupid Muslims. I've

United KingdomAbdul Kadir

A freethinker is one who thinks freely--one who is prepared to consider any possibility, and

United KingdomAbdul Hakeem

I come from a strict muslim family of pakistan,but I always had a rebel inside

United KingdomAbdul Hakeem

I don't fool myself I believe in freedom I believe in logic


Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of


Hi I am ex Muslim I want to join this group

PakistanAbdul Basit

I am an Ex-Muslim(Secret) of Pakistan. In Pakistan I am living like Muslims. I want

Abdul Hye

I am an Ex-Muslim. With all this flag burning and protesting going on I feel

United KingdomAbdul Kadir

This is Abdul Kadir an ex-Muslim want to join the UK’s biggest ex-Muslim organisation. My

United KingdomAbdul Osman

As an ex muslim I am delighted to join your organisation and I hope to

United Kingdomabdul ahad wahedi

as someone who considers himself as a non-believer to Islam, I would like to meet

Syriaabdul Rahman alnafoury

I'm an ex-Muslim I'm atheist now I'm 20 years old i left Islam after i

AfghanistanAbdul wali Zarmalwal

I'm an ex-Muslim from afghanistan, I'm compainig for the rationalism throughout social networks. I& I'

United KingdomAbdulbaset Alsaban

Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

United KingdomAbdulbaset Alsaban
UKAbdulkarim Azizi

Hi, my name is Abdulkarim, 22YO, from SyriaI was studying Clinical laboratory science when I


atheist from 22 years

PakistanAbdullah Haroon

I want to write and show the dark side of the so called religion of


I belong here. I am a Kuwaiti. I am an atheist.

United KingdomAbdullah Ashyh

Hi, I've been an ex-Muslim atheist for roughly a year. I've signed up with another

PakistanAbdullah Chaudhry

I've been an atheist for about a year and a half now.

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