CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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MoroccoZakaria Lahmicha

actually i was a muslim, but now I don\'t believe in that religion anymore.because i

PakistanZaman Falcon

I born in a muslim family and was muslim by birth, but when i started

Zara Shaen

If I had to give one reason as to why I have joined, because I

United KingdomZargham Haider

I have been raised in a strict muslim family of pakistan,but i have always been

United KingdomZargham Haider

I come from a strict muslim family of pakistan,but I always had a rebel inside

United KingdomZargham Haider

I changed when I was in my teen,because I was coming to know more about

SwedenZarif Haydarei

I am an atheist, who has left Islam. I think your work is very important

United Kingdomzayn ali

I am an Ex-Muslim who is looking to join your organisation to offer support and

United Kingdomzaynab ali

I need help, i feel trapped as i told two members of my household i


I was looking forward to the day when such a representation of ex-Muslims in Britain

United KingdomZed_69_420 N

Closeted ex-muslim for the last 3 years and have nobody to talk to. I'm trapped

NetherlandsZedan Hussain
PakistanZee Yasir

I have been studied in a Madrassa, learnt the Quran by heart. Those days were

United KingdomZeeshan Mehmood

i am a gay. And I m spending a confuse life. My confusion is according

Zeeshan Arshed

Born and raised in a Muslim family I\'ve always adhered to what was expected of

EgyptZeinab Ahmed

Im athiest sence 2008 But in 2010 i entered facebook and joind groups and i

FranceZenab Akbaraly

I'm an ex-muslim from Réunion Island which is a part of France. I was part


I dont live in England, but I want to join because I need something like

Zia Zaffar

I am a Pakistani-born ex-Muslim. I became an atheist in my early teens due to

United KingdomZiad Kent

As an ex-Muslim atheist, advocating for secularism and the end of the oppression of non-believers


I\'m an ex-muslim and an atheist.I believe that islam is very far from being a

GermanyZobaen Sondhi
United KingdomZobair Hossain

I am a human rights and Homosexual activist and campaigner. I do not have faith

United KingdomZoey Lucking

I'd like to find people I can relate to who have gone through similar experiences

United KingdomZohra Iqbal

My name is Zohra and my family is of Pakistani/ Turkish heritage. I guess that

United KingdomZoya Nadeem

I'm an ex Muslim from PAkistan and an agnostic . I am here to find


Free your mind. Free your spirit. Break the shackles of religion now

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Please include a statement as to why you want to join and the significance of

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