CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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Farzad Golpayegani
asim khan
NetherlandsZedan Hussain
PakistanFaran J
reza mohseny
SyriaSundos Mohammad Jasim
USSkeptic griggsy
egyptrami shimi
NorwaySaber Rahimi
The NetherlandsReza Azmoodeh
Arif Ahmed
EgyptRamez Cairo
DenmarkMurad Sheikhi
GermanyMina Ahadi
GermanyMehri Majidi
SwedenMahin Alipour
UKSofia Iqbal
Morteza Rajabi

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IranFarzad Hosseini

?\"It is gonna be the time for God of Religions to be judged because of

Saudi Arabiaahmed alshhrani


EgyptMohamed Ali

"Nothing!" is the worst -but truest- answer .

Nina Tejani

A Wrong Turning Stick to the Straight and Narrow Chanted the Congregation. Don\'t even look

United KingdomAleem Yawar

18 year old ex muslim university student in the UK. Would love to meet like

TurkeyMohammed Elsayed

1st step to freedom, left islam & traying to leave the islamic world...

United KingdomKhaled Saker

20 year old ex Muslim

United KingdomSalim Fake

22 y/o ex-Muslim looking to hear the stories of others

United KingdomDaria Jaan

26-year-old British Pakistani. I considered myself a non-practicing Muslim up until last year. I started

BangladeshRowshan Alam

A born and pure Muslim when finds out his faith upon his religion is totally

United KingdomAbdul Kadir

A freethinker is one who thinks freely--one who is prepared to consider any possibility, and

United KingdomTanzeel Rehman

A muslim born Pakistani but had always been curious about religious teachings since a very

Saffi ex-Salafi

A normal middle class girl from the Home Counties, my mum a nurse my dad

United KingdomBa Naam

A paki ex.Looking for like-minded community.Speaking out some things without fear

United StatesEhsan Ali

A Pakistani Ex-Muslim who comes from a center-right family...

United StatesEhsan Ali

A Pakistani Ex-Muslim who comes from a centre-right family..

United StatesEhsan Ali

A Pakistani Ex-Muslim who comes from center-right family..


Actually i am interested in helping people to realize the reality of humannature . by

MoroccoZakaria Lahmicha

actually i was a muslim, but now I don\'t believe in that religion anymore.because i

Saudi ArabiaA M

Actually, skip the religious belief in 2016, completely left religion, and change my life, am

pakistanJawad Iqbal

Actually, the All Knowing, All powerful, All loving God of your discription is logically impossible.


After 20 yrs of Islam, I finally gave up the prison for my freedom. My

PakistanAyaz Nizami

After a long study about Islam, I decided to become an atheist, and now I

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