CEMB members who publicly renounce Islam are but the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerable others who are unable to openly say they are atheists and agnostics. To apply for membership visit out Join Us Page

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IranMahmood Mohammadi

من مطالب سایت شما رو خوندم وبه این مطالب مدتهاست فکر میکنم ولی منبعی نداشتم

IranM Nasim

من اینجا بس دلم تنگ است و هر سازی که می بینم بدآهنگ است... اینجا

United KingdomShirin Alizadeh

سلام.شیرین علیزاده هستم دین اسلام رو کنار گذاشتم و دو ماهه به انگلستان پناهنده شدم

Iranmahshad kherad

چه چیزی جز اینکه من زنم... با هر عنوانی که خطاب شوم،چه دختر،چه مادر،خواهر یا

Iranmahshad kherad

چه چیزی جز اینکه من زنم... با هر عنوانی که خطاب شوم،چه دختر،چه مادر،خواهر یا

Iranmahshad kherad

چه چیزی جز اینکه من زنم... با هر عنوانی که خطاب شوم،چه دختر،چه مادر،خواهر یا

IranMasi Ha

به نظر من هیچ خدایی وجود نداره ، و من به هیچ دینی معتقد نیستم

United Kingdomporya gheysari

با سلام برای عقیده که من اتهیست هستم احتیاج به سازمانی دارم که حمایت از

Veronique Denyer

You have my heartfelt support in everything you do and aim to do to bring

MalaysiaHaley Anastasia

Would like to know how the life of ex Muslims in the UK, are they

United KingdomShumail Mangi

Would like to join to meet like minded people who can relate to the experiences.

United KingdomRaghib Ahmed

Would be nice to meet and talk to other ex-muslims like me.

EgyptIbrahim M

Why I spen t my life in praying and reading Quran ? F or what?

CanadaMichael Brings

While I am not an ex-Muslim I am an active atheist, and thus would like

United KingdomMahi Bhuiyan

When you find out religious & god is nothing more than a human idea to

United KingdomJane Frank

When I was 15 I realised I didn’t believe in God. Growing up in a


When I born, they choose may name, my religion and my ethnicity! I was a


When a super miraculous is used to explain a miracle, then what explains the miraculous

PakistanGhulam Mustafa Lakho

What am I? You may let me to get help from Sachal Sarmast the Sufi


Well, the reason for joning this group is to find out the people of same


Well, since my childhood I had lots of question regarding Allah, Muhammad and Qaran. The

Bengal Moe

Well, I\'m 22, been apostised over 6 years ago. Ever since, I\'ve felt isolated, I

EgyptAmr Elkatawy

Well, I'm an ex-muslim agnostic living in Egypt

IndiaAli Raza

Well I have given a deep thought about religion Done a lot of research It

ScotlandSaif Ali Raja

Well I am saif Ali raja.. I am an ex Muslim and an atheist for


well happy to join you to feel not alone and to be supported in case


We have finished our new site Islam-documents.org (which is the improvement of the other islam-documents.com,

PakistanVaheid Edricce

We are two ex-Muslims from a city in Pakistan that is a centre of the

Middle EastFadi

We are all born wild and free until our families and societies start feeding the

United KingdomNazm Mh

was born and raised in a strict muslim family. was taught about islam as religion


was born and brought up muslim but I dont believe in Islam anymore supporting with

Sher Shah Jogezai

Wanted to join CEMB and meet me fellow free thinkers n athiest n share my

United KingdomMohsin Ali

want to work for the people who ruining their life in Islam as I wasted


Want to meet more ex muslims 🙂

SwedenQamar Rajpoot

Want to matter & exist to speak out , which i have always have had

United KingdomFaizan Mohamed

Want to be part of a community of like minded people who I can talk

United KingdomNeil Denham

Very impressed with the organisation's values and campaigning for human rights. Protecting people, not religious

Happy Humanist

Until recently my work involved considerable contact with members the major faith groups in London.

United KingdomMuhammad Tayyab

unfortunately I was born in a muslim family. But im glad and feel good that

South AfricaJohn Sharp

True atheist and leader in actions. Also gay so cannot let loose a religion that


To: Salima AkhtarMy dear unknown friend, i\'m joining this site to be able to answer

United KingdomFardin ESFANDIARI

To whom it may concern, I am a first generation immigrant from the Islamic Republic

Henry Bankes

To support the great work that you do. If here is anything I can do

United KingdomHasan Yilmaz

to provide a voice to our community and be counted I feel that Islam and

Jash Hey

To meet like minded souls.

United KingdomMazharul islam

To meet like minded atheists and help others renounce their religion. As threats grow against

Saj Ahmed

To join like-minded people, in creating a rationalist, freethinking, god-free and peaceful future!

United KingdomNikasha K

To get support from other ex-Muslims who've been through this and feel like I'm not

United StatesIqbal Nouyed

To get in touch with the ex-muslim community to find a sense of belonging ,

United KingdomShamira Dheen

To find/ meet/ talk to, like minded people who share a common cultural and religious

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