NameVeronique Denyer

You have my heartfelt support in everything you do and aim to do to bring to the wider community your message of leaving religion behind; of seeking a safe haven within the UK\'s shores. I hope it is enough. To advertise yourselves as individuals on your site has my admiration and my fear for your safety. You are very brave people who have embraced reason and left faith - that is difficult to do even in the UK where you can be open to attack. You are obviously not totally safe even here. Hussain is not safe. I applaud his stance and his strength. I wish there was something more I could do. Your support for him as one of your members is necessary as is the support of the British Humanist Association, all individuals and every other organisation that propounds freedom of religion and speech. I hope every freedom loving individual in this country will support you and your members against those in political power who can destroy one of your lives so thoughtlessly and without conscience merely for some political and/or economic gain.