Nameabdu elsamad Abdullah

I'm proudly a Sudanese ex-muslim unluckily live in Khartoum crawling with those stupid Muslims.
I've been persecuted and violated by those Muslims on a regular basis for just issuing subjective statement about quran and prophet Mohammed. as nothing they have to disprove my claims they've started to do bad stuff to me such as cracking my Facebook bage. threatening to applying apostasy.
I'm so done living in such communities
And I've read-heared and found your commission and effort you've done so far impeccable.
So actually I need to get the hell outta here.
And I'm here seeking little guidance from you guys.
How to get a visa
The money it costs to get there
The hostel and it's cost and such things.
And ultimately changing nationality.
And I've seen a video for an activist I think she barley make it there... Asudanese nahla Mohammed. And thanks.