NameAaron Burhoe

I am a 19-year-old American atheist and a former Christian. I live in a society (and a nation) which is doubtlessly oblivious to the entire crisis which your organization stands against. My peers think me paranoid to be so concerned with international affairs. Furthermore, I know that the West\'s indulgence of Christianity, (creation museums, televangelism, legal indoctrination, etc) is the foundation of this crisis. If the Christians surrounding me can\'t admit that their own religion has gained a grotesquely unconstitutional representation in the US, then they won\'t be able to realize that Islam doesn\'t belong in politics either. I\'m the only person I know who\'s so much as read the Qur\'an, and I am no longer afraid to assert that it\'s the sickest, most frightening book I will likely ever read. It\'s morally appalling. I won\'t sit back and watch as the freedom my ancestors died for is shamelessly forfeited under the threat of Muslim violence. As a simple college student in New Hampshire, I want to commit any service I can provide to the benefit of this truly humanitarian organization.