I fucking hate Islam. I\'m sick and tired of having to stop what I am doing to pray the \'five daily prayers\'. How they treat women is disgusting as well. I was also forced to learn the koran at an early age. Although I never actually finished it, I feel as if I have wasted an enormous amount of time memorizing false literature. We are now in the month of ramadan, the so called \'blessed month\'. I pretend I fast because of fear of either being disowned, killed and much more ruthless things islam brings. I try to sneakily eat food when I\'m alone and it\'s working so far. I come from a strict muslim somali family. I am the oldest child, 15 years old. Just two weeks ago two muslim twin girls aged 16 fled to syria to become martys. I just don\'t understand how they can throw their life away like that. I have never met any ex muslims before so I\'m hoping I will with CEMB