To: Salima Akhtar
My dear unknown friend, i\'m joining this site to be able to answer you. Your story reminded me of the struggle I was going through some years ago. I was brought up a Catholic Christian and I lived in a deeply Catholic social circle. Ever since I remember I had that question in my mind: How do I know our religion is the true one? I was praying to God to give me an answer and like you, I kept asking and searching, I read the whole Bible... and although it took some years an answer was given to me 🙂 Today I have a great peace of heart. Today I believe that there is God but he/she/it is greater than our pitiful primitive and full of superstition religions. Religions are for the fearful people who are afraid of themselves so they need to be told what to think. All those people: the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Buddha - they were great enlightened people, very spiritually developed, they were also extremely courageous and not afraid of causing controversy in their times, they were free thinkers, they were not afraid to rebel against traditions of their societes risking their security and lives for what they believed was true. In what way their \"followers\" are similar to them? They are anything but like the ones who they claim to be following. The Bible and the Quran are great books and there is a lot of wisdom in them but they are BOOKS, they are just an attempt to describe the One Who is Above Description; also they were written long time ago and many of their themes although important and valid back then, have expired since. In my search I found there is no wiser bible and no holier place than my own silent heart, it has never deceived me. All the best in your search, may you find your answer and your peace.