When I born, they choose may name, my religion and my ethnicity! I was a muslim for long time befor I start to ask (you know asking certain questions is not allowed), where all these beliefs come from and what\'s the differences. I believe that all the religions are same, they simply makes you slave, slave for something you never meet and no one meet him/her, believing in something with super power (that just watching you and prepare him self to punish you and burn you) is just came when you fell week. I don\'t believe in God now, but is this easy? of course not, why? because others not accepting you as what you are. they want you to be like them, not just this for not believing in a religion which I did not choose the death penalty is my prize. the worse part is when you can say what in you mind and how you think!! how can I grow my child in this environment!? is this a life we live!?? and its not easy to seek asylum on this base. I hope some one here can help us.