NameAbdi Ibrahim Saleh

I am an ex-muslim now atheist from an Somali family, I left Islam because of the barbaric primitive practices they do which opened my eyes to the true nature of this cult.

As a kid growing I used to despise Ayaan Hirsi Ali because my mom told me she is a liar and stupid pagan, as I progressed more and more and became more open minded I decided to check information on why islam gets that much hate, the theory of evolution and astronomy.

I then one day got a big eye opener at an islamic exorcism where they would abuse the \"possesed\" with whips, sticks and high volume Quran, me and my friends used to sell medicine to the \"possessed\" for ridiculous prizes.
Which made me doubt the religion and I felt so bad because what I saw in these peoples eyes was not djinns but severe mental illness, schizophrenia and epilepsy.