NameBengal Moe

Well, I\'m 22, been apostised over 6 years ago. Ever since, I\'ve felt isolated, I literally can\'t make friends with anyone Asian. I am open with my apostasy, but, I don\'t ever talk about Islam and am always myself. I\'ve been disowned by family from the very beginning of my apostasy, solely due to the reason that I refused to pray. As I got older, I began looking further into the doctrine, realising how much I disagree with it.

However, I identify myself as a deist. I do believe in some sort of creator. But feel, religions are all corrupt! Especially Islam with its Sahih haddiths and the Quran, which contradict. It is a very insecure doctrine, so much for allegedly, being the \"truth\".

Also, I\'ve noticed, the more religious a person is, the more logically deficient they\'re in mind.