NameAmir Ghorbani

I grew up in Iran ,and like many, was forced to adhere to restrict religious practices. I began questioning the logic and the origins of Islam in my teenage years but did not have the courage to think life without God nor any access to books offering a world view without God or Islam. not until I was 17 and came to here to study, then my eyes opened up and mind got the answers I was looking for. I told my family about my atheism after I finished my uni and they did not take it lightly and I expected that to some degree. It placed a lot of stressing and anxious thoughts in my mind after their reaction to my decision. I am very happy to have found this community, I was recommended to join by my lawyer and I would love to meet all the amazing people here, that I am not alone in my struggles and to share my thoughts, feelings and my story with a community that knows the challenges and the risks we face all too well. Would love to attend some events and take part in activities.