My story is long and it started 10 years ago. I know you are concerned with human rights issues and here is my side…do with it as you please.

I lived a horrible abused life in Saudi Arabia. I have a blog that describes it all. I came to Canada in 2003 on a medical scholarship to specialize in Anaesthesia. I was sent by the KFNGH (back then) in Riyadh. 2 years into my training I was sexually assaulted at a department held social event by another Saudi Anaesthesia trainee who was from the same hospital I was from.

I decided to not report the assault out of pure fear of my scholarship and position getting terminated by the Saudis. But I did go to the Anaesthesia department head here and informed him of what happened. No one understood my reluctance to inform authorities…as such I was disbelieved and no actions were taken by the hospital and department members here to prevent him from further harassing/intimidating me which he continued to do.

Finally, after a prolonged stress leave from the hospital I went to the police and informed the head of the Saudi Bureau here at the time (Dr Mitwalli) of the assault. Within 2 weeks I got a letter from the Attache as well as the Saudi minister of higher education both terminating my position as well as funding followed by a 200,000 dollar bill for money they believe I owe them for the terminated scholarship.

I refused to go back and I refused to pay. Meanwhile I met my Canadian husband, married him and immigrated.

I went to the humans right commission with a complaint against the hospital, the Saudi attache and the man who assaulted me. I also was following up with the police while trying to go to school to start a new career in Massage therapy.

Over the next few years the police essentially forgot about my case (they dropped it) and ended up closing it allowing my attacker to walk free. I should probably tell you here that the Saudis did not terminate his position or funding. Only mine.

What happened with my human rights complaint? It was dismissed due to lack of evidence as the police were negligent in their job (I eventually received a 5 page apology letter from the police stating their negligence) and I still have it.

He got to finish his training and then he got to do a fellowship in Ottawa then he got to go back to Saudi to practice like a king. My career and life as I once knew them were ruined while he became a star. I suffered endlessly because of this injustice…financially, mentally, emotionally, socially…you name it.

My family, of course, disowned me as I have shamed the family name. Nothing new…

I went on with my life and I accepted all the injustice till February 2013 when I received a phone call from the police stating that the man who assaulted me is about to re-enter Canada and they wanted to know if I wanted to press charges. I said yes.

So, he entered Canada and was arrested only to be let go again as no charges had ever been laid against him. He has a Canadian lawyer now and we have a hearing date to face each other in court in early January 2014.

Why would he even bother attending this court case? Because his degree is Canadian, and if he does not show up and a guilty charge is handed over he will lose his lovely licence that he got from the Royal College here.

Why am I contacting you?

Aside from sharing my story, I am doing a fundraising campaign to help support my family (I have two young boys) during the trial stage. I have to travel and take unpaid time off work to face this person off in court. I want to have my day of say and I want that last shot at getting my own justice.

This is my campaign for those who wish to donate.

I have paid to so much and now I can lose no more…

So here it is. My story is before you.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your interest.

Iman Willoughby