A new counter-dawah project is seeking individuals interested in working with it or supporting it. Dawah (calling to Islam) is a huge industry which sometimes uses misinformed or misleading arguments that largely go unchallenged. When the U.K.-based dawah charity iERA tried to argue for the Qur’anic revelation of embryology, it said that converts left Islam after examining the counter-arguments, and the claims proved “intellectually embarrassing” for iERA. This was due to the successful rebuttals of ex-Muslims, Muslims and atheists. Groups like iERA benefit from dawah by getting their followers to make donations to their missions, especially during the month of Ramadan.

The counter-dawah project aims to provide an organized, informative and engaging platform, both online and offline, for counter-dawah work that challenges misleading or misinformed claims relating to science and reasoning, among others. It will give individuals the opportunity to make informed decisions about dawah claims.

If interested, please contact Rula Spring at DawahWatch@gmail.com. Please tell us why you’re interested and how you’d like to contribute.