Dear friend

It has been heart-warming to know we have been able to help so many as a result of your support.

* Assistance to 600 ex-Muslims a month

* Monthly support groups in London and Birmingham

* Monthly socials for isolated members

* Monthly meet ups, including on empowerment through art, female genital mutilation and male circumcision, leaving faith behind, shunning, mental health and apostasy and religion, misogyny and atheism… Ana Gonzales, a Partner at Wilsons LLP, conducts regular workshops on asylum rights and apostasy for asylum seeking ex-Muslims.

All free of charge.

Ex-Muslim after ex-Muslim has said:

“I have finally found somewhere that I belong.

“I feel at home here at CEMB.”

“I felt so alone until I found this family.”

In addition to assisting individuals wherever possible, we have co-organised an epic Celebrating Dissent Festival with De Balie in Amsterdam, campaigned against blasphemy and apostasy laws, brought attention to the adverse effects of child fasting during Ramadan, trained Malaysian government officials about apostasy, marched in Pride in London as the Imams of Perpetual Indulgence and more. You can see some of the highlights of the year on our website.

But there is still so much to do.

As you know, we have already begun crowdfunding to establish the first shelter for ex-Muslims in the world so that we can provide emergency accommodation in the UK to those at serious risk to their lives because of their apostasy from Islam. Thanks to those of you who have given so generously to this project. If you haven’t already and are able to donate, please help this important project. If you have an apartment we can use – even short-term – do also let us know.

With this crowdfunding campaign, we hope to provide a long-term and safe solution for those at greatest risk. Here is more information on the JustGiving campaign in case you can help (we have already reached 71% of our goal). We have also started a Patreon campaign for those who wish to support our efforts for emergency shelter on a monthly basis. You can also donate via our website.

Thanks again for your support.

We wish you a wonderful holiday and happy New Year and look forward to working together in 2020.

Warmest wishes

Maryam Namazie