4 June – Monthly Online Support Groups, 6:30-8:00pm (London time)

If you are an ex-Muslim in need of support, please RSVP to hello@council-of-ex-muslims-of-britain-e5a565.ingress-baronn.ewp.live. Support groups are 90 minutes long. Five person groups are led by Dr Savin Bapir Tardy; larger group sessions are led by Marwa Wain.

16 June – Open Mic for World Refugee Day, 7-8:00pm (London time)

Livestreamed on Youtube and Facebook here: https://youtu.be/YSgJbKa97FE

This month’s meet-up will be an open mic session to hear the stories of ex-Muslim refugees and asylum seekers in order to mark World Refugee Day. If you want to speak at this event, please email Ali Malik who runs the meet-ups at ali.malik@council-of-ex-muslims-of-britain-e5a565.ingress-baronn.ewp.live.

27 June – Event on Persecution, Shunning and Survival: Being Ex-Muslim/Muslim and LGBT for Pride Month, 5:00-8:00pm London time

Livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube here: https://youtu.be/fBNkn4iUap4

With Jimmy Bangash, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain Spokesperson; Khakan Qureishi, Gay Muslim activist and Stonewall LGBT+ school role model and Diversity Role Mode; Lilith Khannum, Pakistani Trans Woman with migrant background; Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, French-Algerian openly gay Imam and founder of the first European inclusive mosque in Paris; Nadia El Fani, Tunisian Filmmaker; Nemat Sadat, Author of the Carpet Weaver and first public gay ex-Muslim from Afghanistan; Saima Razzaq, Birmingham Community Activist and first Muslim woman to lead UK Pride event; and Soheil Ahmed, Counter-extremism and LGBT Activist. Event will be chaired by CEMB spokesperson Maryam Namazie and Youtuber Fay Rahman.

Events in July include an online support group and a monthly meetup on 21 July with Maryam Namazie and Gita Sahgal on identity politics, racism and liberation. See other events here: http://ex-muslim.org.uk/all-events/.

We look forward to seeing you at some of our online events.